There is jumping, today, for this Diet Coke.

Something I actually really love about this outfit is that nothing is new except the shoes. I tend to get sick of my clothes and move on from them quickly, but these items have all become staples in their own way. That tank top is about to disintegrate from years of love! But just one new item — an inexpensive one at that — and the whole shebang is special again and exciting to wear. And these shoes are hella versatile: I can wear them to work because they have great tread and not too much heel for all day wear; I can wear them out because they are adorable; and I can wear them well into winter assuming there’s no heavy snow. (Heavy snow negates all fashion attempts in my world.)

Shoes: Alana by ShoeDazzle, $39.95 (free for me with VIP membership).
Jeans: the cheapest cheaps from Dots two years ago, $10.
Tank: from Goodwill, don’t know the original retailer.
Blouse: made by Target, purchased from Goodwill, $5.
Necklace: purchased on eBay many moons ago, $10.
Sun Goggles: “African” flea market, $8.
Dog: adopted from ACCT Philadelphia.

Thanks, y’all.