Lately i have been asked whether i still wear my jeans, “yes i do wear them!”. Jeans and tees are pretty much my everyday stuff though people found my recent pictures in monochrome outfits. Excuse my lack of update on those jeans! So here they are my most rotated jeans hanging on my closet. As i said before I love my jeans as much as all black everything, jeans are timeless and black is infinite.  

and please allow me to quote Mister Yamamoto himself.

YOHJI YAMAMOTO: “Let me talk like an old man. Young people, be careful. Beautiful things are disappearing every day. Be careful.…You don’t need to be [shopping at fast-fashion stores], especially young people. They are beautiful naturally, because they are young. So they should even wear simple jeans and a T-shirt. It’s enough. Don’t be too much fashionable.…The brand advertising is making you crazy. You don’t need to be too sexy. You are sexy enough.”


Official Opening Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat (Through The Glass).

It was such a pleasure to be at the official opening of Tenue de Nîmes new store located at Haarlemmerstraat 92-94, Amsterdam. This denim boutique has stepped up to the next level and blown everyone away. It also inspired me to make a little series of through the glass story. 

For more details, halloffade did select and publish some of my pictures on their site or you can check my facebook out for the complete set, enjoy!