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Hi! I saw on snap chat that you ran out of powdered sugar. Not sure if you still need it but if you put regular sugar in your food processor you can turn it into powdered sugar, I do it all the time in my nutribullet. Hope this helps !

yeah I ended up googling it but thanks!

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I'm so glad you were able to get the help you needed for the surgery. Many blessings hope she's healing well!

thank you so much! 
and she is healing very well! she has a check up on monday to see how the healing is and she’ll have a red scar on her eye but i barely notice it anymore, She’s one happy healthy kid. 

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Depends on how close you are with your cousin, will this cause trouble in your family? Is there any chance that the…

they’re the only family we have in california. i don’t think it’ll cause trouble. she already booked the cruise months ago. she works for them and it’s her last vacation for 2 years. i’ll regret not going on the cruise because i doubt i’ll ever get to go on a cruise for free.