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Taggy thingy

Thanks for tagging me, @oneclumsydragon !

1) Write your name in song titles:

Still We Dance On (Emily Smith)

Ukulele Anthem (Amanda Palmer)

Kill the Director (The Wombats)

Anything Goes (Cole Porter)

You Was the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve (Johnny Boy)

No Man’s Woman (Sinead O’Connor)

Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah Hoo (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

2) Why did you choose your url? Two of my favourite books/book series.

3) What is your middle name? Don’t have one. 

4) If you could be a fictional being, what would you be? Metamorphmagus (like Tonks from Harry Potter) I think. That’d be the superpower I’d choose anyway.

5) Favourite colour? Gold? Can I say gold? Or white. Or maybe jewel colours? Ugh ALL THE COLOURS.

6) Favourite song? You what mate? ONE song?

7) Top four fandoms? DISCWORLD. Uhhh…many things. Marvel. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (and Murder Mysteries in general). Fashion/Art. Can I have that?

8) Why do you enjoy tumblr? It’s diverting and generally enjoyable to browse and maintain.

9) Tag nine people. NINE? Ok, heads up @alliedtomatoes @achillesofficial @stevengrantrcgers @comethefupinorfupthefupoff @mlle-de-maupin and anyone else who wants to do it!