Not my art, but kaymurph’s artwork! Awhile back, I commissioned a picture of one of my favorite characters of all time, Rika Furude! She’s absolutely lovely in her style.

You can follow Kaymurph’s art blog and see more of her work here! Go, go!

(EDIT: Kindly do NOT remove the caption/description I have written for this post or any of my other posts. Thank you.)


i made this artworks 4 u

I hope you like it cause i consider you to be the Yoko to my Nia— only when they actually liked eachother and are besties. Not like when yoko was jealous of nia n stoof.anyways, thank you so mucho for the artwork! i LOVEEEEE it!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 you really helped make it obvious that Octo and i are just meant ot be. he is the simon to… well me!!<3 u//v//u

lets talk more! =^-^=