Not my art, but kaymurph’s artwork! Awhile back, I commissioned a picture of one of my favorite characters of all time, Rika Furude! She’s absolutely lovely in her style.

You can follow Kaymurph’s art blog and see more of her work here! Go, go!

(EDIT: Kindly do NOT remove the caption/description I have written for this post or any of my other posts. Thank you.)


i made this artworks 4 u

I hope you like it cause i consider you to be the Yoko to my Nia— only when they actually liked eachother and are besties. Not like when yoko was jealous of nia n stoof.anyways, thank you so mucho for the artwork! i LOVEEEEE it!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 you really helped make it obvious that Octo and i are just meant ot be. he is the simon to… well me!!<3 u//v//u

lets talk more! =^-^=

bendoverboy asked:

If you could meet anyone from tumblr right this second who would you meet 8D

to name specifics, well, there’s you for a start (you are so lovely and amazing, a real life forest princess, like the human incarnation of a maine coon)… and sera (who i actually met on dA; we’ve been friends for about 8 years now, she is so funny and sweet and smart), vivi (who is insanely talented and cool and great), brittany (SO COOL AND AWESOME, i can’t wait to return to MN and chill w you and danielle!!), kristin and kristin (you are both just SO ROCKIN), and like a MILLION OTHER PEOPLE. like seriously. there are wayyyyyy too many of you and you are all so great and you make my life so much brighter!!

there are also really cool art heroes of mine here on tumblr and i’d really like to meet them too, but i think i might be too embarrassed to do anything other than faint and die!!

A quick little doodle thing for kaymurph, who just got into Calarts! Like many people on Tumblr, I really admire her and while I don’t know her personally I’m super excited for her. ; w; Calarts is a great school and I know she’s gonna do really well! Also I just like drawing Pokemon and foofy hair. 8D