Suddenly it’s 2 am on the free way and your cigarette butt blends into the crowd of streaked break lights
Like fire ants marching
The painful memories fall and fade behind you with the embers you ash out of the window
We all go marching three by three
The broken ones,
confused and causeless
Theres one thing we share besides the road,
There’s somewhere we’re all headed but we’re not quite there yet
And in unity we taste our invincibility: Driving too fast for the past to touch us
—  Kayma
tülbent muazzam rahat bir şey, şal ya da eşarp gibi bozulma derdi, kayma derdi yok. ben moda olmasından yanayım. hele hele oyalılar ayrı bir güzel.

Oh, dad. King of corny jokes, thrower of baseballs. This year, give him the gift of art with a print tailored to his interests.

1. Escape by David Iwane 2. Mountain Light by Tordis Kayma  3. To Dust by Adam Priester 4. Lejr by Swen Swensøn 5. Campfire by Jazzberry Blue  6. Udendors by Swen Swensøn

1. Portrait of Lord Ben (after Degas) by Vincent Carrozza 2. Father by Alessandro Pautasso  3. Dark Side Vader by Paul Hollingworth 4. J'Essuie Ton Père by Hello I’m Wild 5. Bounty Hunter by Victor Vercesi 6. Stormtrooper by Octavian Mielu

1. My Bruce Springsteen by Chungkong Art 2. Queen by Tata & Friends 3. Walking Shadow, Guitarist by Jason Ratliff 4. Heroes by Butcher Billy 5. Hendrix by Enrico Varrasso 6. Put Your Records On by Bianca Green

1. Baseball by Nikita Abakumov 2. Lucha Libre 2 by Scott Partridge 3. MJ by Van Orton Design 4. Balotelli by Chadwick Trammell 5. Messi by Alessandro Pautasso 6. LeBron James by Roland Banrevi


Pillow Fight Selection of the Day by Order

Morning Glory by Tordis Kayma - Get it
Sunflowers Forever  by Micklyn - Get it

LA Cute trendy, painterly art by CharlotteWinter - Get it
Waikiki Tropic {Blue} by Schatzi Brown - Get it

Cat Worshipperby Azrhon - Get it

Giraffe Movemberby Huebucket - Get it

More Issues Than Vogue Black and White NYC Manhattan Skylineby RexLambo - Get it

I’M NOT ALWAYS A BITCH (Black & White) by CreativeAngel - Get it


Dinner and starbucks chillin with nana and kayma. Then bullet journalling and spoopy spoopy times. Tonight was good. I have never had so many people i love and cherish all so close together. ( nana. kayma. mawtin. katie. ariel. david. ) tonight was good. Plus, Lane calmed way down. Life is good.

October 15th, 2016