Ira Keane is a character from Kaylie McDougal from her upcoming (hopefully soon) robot-detective webomic. Please check her out! HERE

I had to draw this character. Sorry it’s so rushed Kaylie! I’ve been wanting to draw you something and you created this amazing char and I just had to draw Ira ñomñom. Yo Kaylie! Please make a color sheet of this hottie!! ;)  I just had to makeup the colors and environment, I went with crazy city light colors xD


So as you guys may have noticed we are offering Variant covers for Illegal issue 1 as stretch goals on the Kickstarter.  Here is some art drawn by the artists we picked.

The first one is oraculardream She is at stretch goal $30,000.

The second one is astrejlau. She is at stretch goal $55,000

The last one is kayliesaurusrex. She is at stretch goal $60,000.

So if you would like to see Variant covers drawn by these lovely ladies please pledge! Every dollar is another step closer to unlocking the stretch goals!