Ira Keane is a character from Kaylie McDougal from her upcoming (hopefully soon) robot-detective webomic. Please check her out! HERE

I had to draw this character. Sorry it’s so rushed Kaylie! I’ve been wanting to draw you something and you created this amazing char and I just had to draw Ira ñomñom. Yo Kaylie! Please make a color sheet of this hottie!! ;)  I just had to makeup the colors and environment, I went with crazy city light colors xD

kayliesaurusrex answered to your post “I’m thinking about setting myself up on some cam website but doing it…”

being a camgirl will make you hate men even more. + it’s nearly impossible to make any $ without showing your face, or nudity

I almost can’t imagine hating men more but you’re probably right.  I would be doing it more as research/performance for my art and less as an actual money making endeavor. I guess I’m just really curious about what could happen and what kind of interactions might happen that I could then turn around and present in an art/gallery setting to further the conversation of how shitty men are and how much we should all shun them.

all right i lied!! here’s another one!

i realized i forgot Lupe’s facepaint so i did this other one real quick which i’m much happier with even though i didn’t fit in her bionic arm.

again, this is Lupe from kayliesaurusrex’s super awesome dinosaur apocalypse comic Dinogeddon!! gotta draw Shock next but i might end up doing a string of Lupe drawings instead. XD