What Happens When People Play The Same "Pokemon" Game?

When the team behind this social experiment thought of this, they probably knew what was going to ensue chaos – lots of it.

TwitchPlaysPokemon is a livestream channel that takes in commands from the chat box in order to manipulate the sole character in the game. For the experiment, the Gameboy version of Pokemon Red was used and ran on an emulator. An IRC bot translates the buttons said in the chat box into key presses.


“Dengeki Daisy’s” Author Launches New Manga Series

With Dengeki Daisy over as of October 2013, Kyosuke Motomi embarks on a new manga series titled QQ Sweeper. The new series will be serialized under Shogakukan’s Betsucomishojo magazine starting March 13.

QQ Sweeper has the tagline “brush away all the soot of the heart,” which heavily implies the shojo & romance nature of the series. The manga follows Kyuutarou, a boy who cleans until there is no speck of dust left. One day, a girl appears before him and asks to become his apprentice. 

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Best Anime of 2013: Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori was refreshing and mind-boggling for an anime series. It made me think and wonder about how life could be that orderly, but at the same time, unethical. It isn’t an anime that made me go “oh lol” or “oh wow” or “are you kidding me?” and that made it stand out among the series that ended in 2013.


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“Free!” Second Season PV Released

When the last episode of the first season of Free! said, “See you next summer,” it’s quite timely that the second season will air this summer of 2014.

The promotional video above was released by Kyoto Animation during the AnimeJapan 2014 event. To fit in with the parting message from the first season, the PV features Haruka saying, “As promised, I’ve arrived.”

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"Maid-sama!'s" Fujiwara Begins New Manga Series

With the end of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Hiro Fujiwara has decided to venture out towards a “military history”-themed series.

The aforementioned series will be titled Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka (translated Will Yuki Fall Into Hell?) and will start serialization on February 24. The first chapter will appear in Lala Magazine with 55 pages and a color image.

It will revolve around a girl named Yuki, who has lived in the rural area of Kyoto. She has six childhood friends and they all share a secret that no one else should know. However, on Yuki’s 16th birthday, her fate starts to change.

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