just a reminder that this video still exists

One piece asks:
  • 1:Favorite member of the Straw hats?
  • 2:Favorite plot arc?
  • 3:Favorite devil fruit power?
  • 4:Favorite pairing?
  • 5:Favorite episode?
  • 6:Brotp?
  • 7:Least favorite plot arc?
  • 8:If you could introduce Luffy to one character from another anime, who would it be?
  • 9:Favorite villain?
  • 10:Least favorite villain?
  • 11:Favorite Marine?
  • 13:Who do you think is the most attractive character in op?
  • 14:Which one piece character would you ask to marry you?
  • 15:Which character's voice can you not stand?
  • 16:Going Merry or Thousand Sunny?
  • 17:What devil fruit would you eat if you could?
  • 18:Favorite non-devil-fruit-eater character?
  • 19:Favorite devil-fruit-eater character?
  • 20:Favorite side character?
  • 21:Favorite non-straw-hat pirate group?
  • 22:Whitebeard or Gold D. Roger?
  • 23:Favorite from the monster trio (Zoro, Sanji, Luffy)?
  • 24:Least favorite nakama?
  • 25:Your favorite head canon that you have or have heard?
  • 26:What do you think that [enter nakama name here] does when they're not off fighting?
  • 27:Favorite opening?
  • 28:Saddest moment?
  • 29:Funniest moment?
  • 30:Favorite non-nakama character?
  • 31:Dub or sub?
  • 32:Favorite OP movie?
  • 33:Favorite haki power?
  • 34:If you could give one character a power of haki, who and what would it be?
  • 35:Saddest back-story?