Jumbo This or That **Reblog and bold your answers**
  1. Jazz or Lyrical
  2. Tap or Contemporary
  3. HipHop or Ballet
  4. Solo or Duo/Trio
  5. Duo/Trio or Group
  6. Solo or Group
  7. Dance Moms or Dance Moms Miami
  8. AUDC Season 1 or AUDC Season 2
  9. Abby Lee Miller or Alexa Moffett
  10. Molly Long or Tiffany Rojas
  11. Abby Lee Dance Company or Murrieta Dance Project
  12. The Dance Spot or The Rage
  13. Club Dance Studio or Stars
  14. Mather Dance Company or Dance Precisions
  15. Dolce or Studio 13
  16. Jump or Nuvo
  17. Hall of Fame or Showstoppers
  18. Kar or Starpower
  19. Maddie Ziegler or Chloe Lukasiak
  20. Asia Monet Ray or Mackenzie Ziegler
  21. Jordyn Jones or JoJo Siwa
  22. Brianna Haire or McKaylee True
  23. Brynn Rumfallo or Dylynn Jones
  24. Jenna Valenzuela or Jaycee Wilkins
  25. Carlee Schield or Kelsey Millar
  26. Bostyn Brown or Emma Harris
  27. Sophia Lucia or Autumn Miller
  28. Lauren Kettering or Miabella Gonzalez
  29. Peyton Heitz or Kaylee Quinn
  30. Ava Siniscalchi or Bailey Sok
  31. Gwen Choi or Brianna Racewicz
  32. Alyssa Keeler or Haley Juarez
  33. Reggie Valdez or Joshua Kim
  34. Rihanna Quinn or Areana Lopez
  35. Kyla Laufer or Hayley Houghton
  36. Payton Turbow or Sophia Laufer
  37. Anaisa Gorbea or Paola Torres
  38. Charlize Glass or Sierra Neudeck
  39. Jadyn Saigusa or Michelle Cheng
  40. Kaycee Rice or Mia Diaz
  41. Sean Lew or Rorey Chavarria
  42. Sarah Shephard or Melia Mariano
  43. My Boyfriend’s Back or Single Ladies
  44. Werk  or Workin’ Girl
  45. Thin Mints or The Monster
  46. Wind It Up or Woman Be Wise
  47. Scream&Shout or Run The World
  48. Down by the Water or Sweet Dreams
  49. GNO or Little Party
  50. Schoolin’ Life or Spice Girls
  51. Bathing Beauties or Big Doll House
  52. Yacht Club or Adorables
  53. Wreck It or Holla
  54. Hot Like Wow or Grace
  55. Where Have All The Children Gone or I Can See The Kite Flying
  56. Children of 9/11 or You Raise Me Up
  57. Call Me Back or Italian Love
  58. Red or Dance Doctor
  59. Birthday or Cry
  60. Heartbreaker or Fame
  61. Requiem or Pulse
  62. I Like to Fuss or Great Balls of Fire
  63. Kill It or Titanium
  64. Vienna or Control
  65. Syncopated Soph or Tap Diva
  66. Habanera or Steppin’ Out
  67. Crippled Bird or Shelter
  68. Evolution or Come Home
  69. Pop Drop Roll or Shake and Shimmy
  70. Bowl of Cherries or Firework
  71. PYT or Control
  72. Titanium or Just the Way You Are
  73. Titanic or Anything
  74. Autumn’s Titanium, Sophia’s Titanium or Peyton’s Titanium
  75. Dreamcatcher, Sweet Dreams or Dream

”I would like to say thank you so much for all of those who truly support the girls. As I said I’m not on every social media platform posting as our family doesn’t have a lot of time for that. We barely have time to go and post a few photos or video clips to each of the girls Instagram accounts. I certainly don’t have my own social media platform. And we don’t always get to answering all the questions or the encouraging comments of support. But the girls and I do thank you! Fan interaction is very important. Because without support a dancer or a choreographer would be unable to share their passion. I find it very helpful that we can post occasionally on Tumblr. And that the majority of genuine fans can speak for the girls on other platforms. It really helps! So thanks !” - @kayleequinn5

@ dm fandom, please tell us more about how real dance moms is and how untalented and rude Kaylee is since you know sooooo much about her.

I also made this video a while ago supporting all the dancers who are portrayed negatively on the show. The Quinns weren’t included in the video because I obviously made it before the episode

I'm just now watching last nights dance moms ....

Nothing Kaylee is saying is rude or bratty to me. It seems like she’s not hypnotized by Abby’s name and the show’s success and the other brainwashed mothers don’t like it. All the convos she’s having are between her and her mother and I can say that I personally have said things venting to my mom that I would never have said publicly so it’s not fair to make that seem like she’s announcing it to the world. Also it never really seemed like they wanted to be there which I think made the other mothers confused because they think their kids are sooooo lucky. Overall I think the Quinn’s didn’t worship Abby like she hoped they would and all the mothers and Abby got mad about it so they attacked them and their character. Plus in the program book from the comp Kaylee’s name was under the older groups routine so it’s pretty clear that she was intended to dance with the older girls. Also I loved that walking away the girls were laughing, it just showed how un phased by the crazy drama they were. I will always be #teamquinn over #abbylee. Can’t wait to see their amazing dances with jpd this year that will show off the beautiful talented dancers that all three of them are!


Kaylee tribute vid

kayleequinn5 mollylong21








My blog is dedicated to you because you are one of my favorite dancers in the world. You are so extremely talented and blessed with your beautiful flexibility, technique, and adorable personality. Today is your day and I’m so glad that our fandom was able to have you to fangirl over and admire.



A video I made of Kaylee, she’s an amazing dancer. 


kaylee quinn on stitchers (in HD)

autieziegler’s follow forever!

I promised that I would do this a while back when I hit 1000 followers but I never did so here it is! I’ve had this blog since July 2012, and it’s been a really fun experience! You guys have all made it 10000000x better with your amazing edits, hilarious jokes (the jill meme is my fave), and interesting conversations. Sorry about the lack of edit/gif to go along with this bc I’m too lazy to make anything whoops. I love you all <3

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As many of you know I am leaving for the Air Force. I will have limited contact with the outside world, only communicating through letters. Which means I will not be on here at all unfortunately. But I will be back once I’m finished. This one is long overdue. But I will miss everyone, here’s some awesome blogs to check out while I’m away. I’m going to miss everyone!

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 If all goes well I should be back the first week in January. I’m really going to miss everyone and I can’t wait to come back and see how everyone, dancers and bloggers are doing! Be back soon.