Our Story.

Kaylee and I have been together over a year now, we met on Tumblr in the summer of 2013 and have been inseparable ever since. Kaylee lives in America and I live in Ireland. After being in a relationship and struggling with the issue of distance for so long we finally want to do something about it and meet in person. 

The plan we have is that Kaylee will fly over after May 2015 when I’ve finished school and she’ll spend the summer with me and we’ll get to do all the stuff we’ve dreamed about doing together, BUT we need you’re help! 

We hope to raise enough money as we can to fund Kaylee’s flights, travel expenses and her living expenses while she stays here. Any money we raise will go towards this. Any donation is a helpful donation no matter how big or how small! We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this.

Also any awareness raised would help immensely so share this on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook etc as every little helps! 

Thank you.

anonymous asked:

Who is Kaylee?


Well I can’t even begin to explain to you how perfect she is. She plays guitar and she is a vegetarian and she is so great, kind and caring. She doesn’t mind my terrible accent or the fact I always fall asleep on skype. She has the most gorgeous smile i’ve ever seen. She makes me laugh and we can have deep conversations and then we can joke about with eachother at the same time. I trust her with everything and she always puts herself before others. She is so passionate about a lot of things and I admire that so much. She is really tall and beautiful, and the way it’s going now she is soon to be my girlfriend.

My girlfriend Kaylee was at warped yesterday and she met om&m and the rules were that you could get no hugs or lyrics written out. When she got to Austin she told him how much it would mean to me if he could write them out and he was so sweet about it and agreed and she got him to personalise it for me and Austin is my fucking hero and this meant so much to me. He wrote out ‘you’re not alone you’re with me’ i’ve never felt safer than i do while listening to that song and this meant the fucking world to me.

Kaylee made me look dumb when I thought my amp was broken but I had the volume on my guitar turned down. She is on amazon and it was telling her she had three items when she only had two and she was so confused then I asked her had she two of the same item and she did so we both look dumb together.