Kaylee Frye is iconic because her long time crush, when they were faced with impending doom, was like “you know… I really wish I’d had time to be with you” and she was like “wait you wanna have sex with me?? fuck this shit mate I AM GONNA LIVE TO SEE THAT TOMORROW” 

and like, honestly, same, I too would be 100% more motivated by my ongoing thirst than anything else


Check out the first 3 character posters for Browncoats: The Musical!! More soon to come!!

Do you guys think we should make these available as merch??

By the ever fabulous @adventuresofbuckybear, graphic designer extraordinaire!!


Since it’s International Women’s Day, here are some female characters from my favourite science fiction shows: Torchwood, Firefly, and Doctor Who

Starting from the top, left to right: Gwen Cooper, Kaylee Frye, Inara Serra, Martha Jones, Toshiko Sato, River Tam, Zoë Washburne, and Donna Noble.