It’s been what feels like centuries
since I last saw you or heard your voice
But somehow the memory of what we could’ve have been 
Is still constantly in my mind

Asking to forgot you is the same as being asked to rewrite my DNA
I can’t forget how you made me feel
How we connected, the way you grinned at me
and I thought for a moment I might get to be happy

But happiness isn’t something that’s in the cards for me
I blew with you and with everyone else that I’ve ever wanted
I am a master at sabotaging my own happiness

—  I loved you and it ruined everything, especially me by Abby S

If you have watched “Firefly” already, you don’t need any explanations.
If not - what are you waiting for? ~_^
“You can’t take the sky from me.”
―  The Ballad Of Serenity, Firefly OST

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NOT a Disney Girl: strong female characters who are not Disney’s

Here are just a few strong, badass, and generally awesome female animated characters who are NOT from the House of Mouse:

Anastasia/Anya from Anastasia

She’s street-wise, sassy, and smart, as well as beautiful in both hand-me-downs and dresses. She broke the idea that “princesses can’t be tough” before Merida even got a shot. What more could you ask for?

Kayley from Quest for Camelot

She rides a horse, uses a sword, and goes on a quest to save Camelot. She becomes the first lady-knight, and she was sporting the tunic/leggings combo before it was a thing.

Tzipporah from The Prince of Egypt

This movie is full of strong women, but Tzipporah was always my favorite. She’s sexy, strong, clever, and doesn’t put up with anybody’s sh*t. Don’t believe me? Go watch it again.

Chel from The Road to El Dorado.

She uses all her assets to get what she wants. Shady, sexy, and smart–she can hold her own in a scam. Far from the goody-good-doing princesses of Disney.

Akima from Titan A.E.

Steampunk, kick-ass, beautiful pilot who stole my heart when the “Steampunk” genre was still in its infancy. Also, she’s Asian and she has purple hair. I wanted that hair, guys… I wanted it so bad.

I’m glad Disney is choosing to portray more empowered female characters–but they’re not pioneering this movement. Notice that these movies are mostly from the 90′s and 00′s.