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written lyrics:

what’s the definition of a woman/ if she is to wo(e)-man/ the definite reasons/ teach me… /what’s the definition of a woman /if, female, is, (fee)male /what do i owe him? ..what do i..owe him? /teach me… /what’s the definition of a woman/ if a lady is to a gentleman/ teach me… /why i always need man.. /even in definition… / woman.. female…hero-ine./  teach me.. /what’s the definition of a woman/ did i.. “miss” something…

written by kaylebleechan; as performed & interpreted by Abby Esplana (xabbyrose)

note: i asked Miss Abigail Rose to interpret/express a hook i’ve written- how she expresses it is up to her. ballad blues rhythmic- her- interpt. And to even add her own verses hooks, take out or even extend whatever line to her choosing. And if it may, i would even add extra verses. Hrm, i think this would interesting dont you think. :) to see how she will vocalize/sing  i’m speechless. 


with the writing,
of your body’s native-
language. anguish-desire
by the unknowing
mind sex
by readings-
the vocabulary of your lips,
the terminology of your hips,
the punctuations, moan, glimpses, glares, touch- taste
the mental trips-

the fucking. mental. trips-
the thoughts of thoughts that are being thought
with the simple of senses, touch. taste. sight. hearing. smell. 
the innocence of pleasures guilty=
trip me

have and use
please, with rule
tear, push - shove. 

Tease, til we make fun-frisk
Strip, each. pair. til it tears
Bite, biter..such a biter, like you ‘stole’ something…
Rape, feelings, cause I didn’t want em’, learn to accept yes
Undress. With eyes-

victim of Pecks. Heck,
tear. drop. sweats.
Dropped pants. Freak, You freak!

Lick, like ice cream cones on a summer day, 
winter, spring, fall til’ the last drop. 
Suck, like you’re the worst.

Deep. Deeper.  
A bit deeper. Like spiritual poetry.

FUCK. Like you’re pissed off.

trip. -me. 
fucking, trip me. 

by kayleb.

i cant heal your harm, but i can hold your armed. i’ll be okay with you escaping in hurt(red) just not in hatred and, as long as you dont run miles in your heart- because you can’t- rely on the heart beats, the moments that takes your breath away, why would you fall for something, something that almost kills you- that takes your breath.. so don’t fall, find the highs- that builds your heart rate- one, through ten, and cloud nine’s not as dope as the tenth. So don’t fall in love- cause you’ll rise in hate. arrive in a place just. the. opposite. ‘lust’ in the 'love’, so you can 'fuck’ the 'hate’- let’s discover uncover your herbs- your natural healings- because crying only takes you nowhere, smiling takes you somewhere, the eyes with some wear- only makes it dressed for fearless- you’ve accomplished heartbreak, now let’s fail at “repairs by re- pairing”, just- repair. don’t replace. the stitches in a heart is evidence of (ex-)perience- the 'scars in the tissues’ -old make-ups - control-alt(ernatives)-delete. refresh your pages and 'right’ your book, bookmark your favorite scenes, highlight the words you don’t know and discover something new… something- knew… novel… is loven backwards. so it’s only right, that forward- is something… novel.. as in- new/knew. as in.. knew/new. novel.

- kayleb

God Damn by kaylebleechan

info: this piece is about that moment, like minding your own life business and someone crosses your path. that someone? just happens to fulfill all your eye candy desires. and you start fantasizing. sizing her up. drinking a fanta that happens to show up out of nowhere at the same time! fanta-sizing. in all unseriousness, all that sums up to you saying: GOD DAMN! my mind is horny. my horny is horny. what the fuck is going on!

Fitted. The attire clean cut, admitted. I’m looking. What’s the saying. Fresh. So fresh, so clean. The outcast, forecast, got weathers not a bother. Today’s a good day. A good way, say, maybe the ties a bit too tight. Loosen. Maybe the shoes a bit too shined. The clothes a bit too creased. -Cease- fire. 

Before I could- close enclose my enticements, the moon decides to do one, a one-man wolf pack groove- howlin’, fucking howling’ for you. Head cocked, walk halt, stopped. 

Slow. Lean



Deep breath. Deep breath.

I’d be damned if God had a role in-  up his sleeves. The heavens, got damn good taste, but hell if I could get a bite of- Hold up, miss. All these thoughts playing in my head, i wouldn’t mind- them playing thoughts in yours. Take a moment, play out a fantasy, that’s not mine, but be it a crime, you’ve entered into into my lines, not a pick-up but a pick me up. This is your fault. If- this is one of God’s tricks up his sleeves, this must be a treat. If man was created in the image of God, woman, miss, you must’ve been- the imagination. And, i’m imagining. This aura aroma whatever spell is spelled out here, can’t image a nation without creation. And created you did, this fantasy racing through membranes. Let me get all poetic if i could be romantic but damn predicted i’d rather be handsome, to hand some and- sum, if words could please, my tongue- must be pleasurable. Mmmn. if words could please, my tongue- must be pleasurable. Eatable? Licking your lips type readable. So… can i get a bite? 

I don’t know, where this is going, or what plans has created to-do lists for us to enlist. Because all i know, is, we’re somewhere in between here and over there. I think you need to come closer, to get a bit of here and over, no there, just over- here. under here’s fine too. flirting? am i flirting, skirting for under-meants- you got cleavage-tease, i got cleverage- leverage, please. not the kind you beg, but please, you know, completes. 

Fitted. The attire clean cut. The collar shit- looking good- better, on you. Just saying. I’m- just saying.  Shrugs. Cheese. and intentional reverse psychology initiating intentions. Intended. My. God. Damnn. Un-dammed. Prayers, answered. God Damn

what’s the word for being simply attracted to the individual.

to someone as a whole, not as of their talents or their genetic pool. but they are as a person. ambition. drive. health. care. humor. understanding. analytical mind-fucks, heart fucks, bodily fucks. . the foundation that makes their individual. stripped of all talents, of all accomplishments, but their code. there should be a word for that. 

for the un-prejudices of attraction