after a prank war gets started up between gryffindor house and slytherin house, some of the muggleborn slytherins have their mum owl them their slenderman morphsuit and they sit outside in the setting sun staring up at the gryffindor tower every night for a month and it terrifies all the gryffindors so badly that prank war ends for the year.

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how dissapointed are you that the fallout MMO got scrapped?

not very.
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Hey, started seeing all these Asks about Fallout 4, and I’ve actually been keeping up on this for a regular basis. Bethesda bought the title for Fallout 4 awhile ago when they bought it from Interplay, who owned it through the creation of the first three computer games (1, 2 & Tactics). The reason we haven’t got Fallout 4 yet is because Interplay decided to rear its ugly head and sue Bethesda over the Fallout franchise, but the judge gave Bethesda the go-ahead to continue development

yes. this was in january, for anyone not keeping up.
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Fallout 3 or New Vegas, and why?

new vegas. the mojave is an amazing place (in real life, not just the game. seriously gorgeous.), and i think the faction system was more interesting than karma. the game also felt more detailed to me, with the companion quests and iron sights and quantity of quests.

As much as I love Fallout 3 (mostly just because of Moira, but shhh), New Vegas is my favorite of the two. I feel like it was more interactive, had more choices, and was overall a better experience.

The companions were also a lot less boring, in my opinion, so that was a huge plus for me. I constantly spend so long deciding which companion I want to take with me at the time. A lot of the NPCs in Fallout 3 seemed very generic and boring to me, and the groups/factions didn’t seem very distinct or fleshed out. In Fallout 3, it was more like, “oh hey these people are here”, whereas in NV, it was like, “THESE people do THIS because they believe in THIS”. As such, I feel more strongly about the NPCs and groups in New Vegas because they spoke to me more than the ones in F3. 

The music seemed to fit the game more as well – wandering through the desert with country tunes (not that twangy, backwoods shit you hear nowadays) just seemed so right to me. 


Stealing Time

Maybe you didn’t murder them.

But you stole from them. You stole a son from a mother, a daughter from a father, a brother from a sister. You stole a husband from a wife and a child’s parent. You stole from a family and left  hole that will never be filed or replaced. 

You stole their children’s safety. Their support. You stole their laughter and their joy. You stole every dollar that they would have made. You stole their confidence to survive. You stole their advice and their time. You stole a soul and left a hollow. 

You stole innocence, words from their mouths, love from their hearts. You stole their trust in the community. You stole pride and bravery. You stole the ability to walk home without fear from a city, a country. You stole a member of the community. You stole the next President, you took from us that workings of a genius, the speech of a philosopher, the the cure for cancer. You stole a Nobel Peace Prize.

You stole family game night and now in its place lay a mother weeping as she stares at the bills piling up and the foreclosure sign in the front yard, as her children’s stomachs growl as they lay in bed. 

You stole the air from their lungs as they lay six feet under. the soil and dirt and cement. You stole their memories they were going to make, the love they would have spread, the tenderness they would have wrought. You stole a friend, a teacher, a leader, a boss. You stole from them with no regard for what you might take. You stole without remorse or tears or any sort of sympathy for the pain you have inflicted. 

Cedric appeared as a ghost several years after Hogwarts is rebuilt and like the true Hufflepuff he is, spends his time helping students with their homework and keeping an eye out for teachers and prefects while pranksters set up their stuff. Sometimes he’ll even talk about the Triwizard Tournament, if you catch him in a thoughtful mood.

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What a Writer's Google Search History Looks Like:
  • 16th Century medieval weaponry
  • What is drywall made of?
  • Complete process of skinning a bear
  • How to make a saddle
  • How long can a person survive without food?
  • How much compression does it take to kill a human?
  • Baby names & name meanings
  • How to curse in nordic
  • How many gallons of water are in the average pool?
  • How much blood loss is too much?
  • Anatomy of a horse
  • How do gills function?
  • Why don't dogs have green eyes?
  • Common Italian cursewords
  • Anatomy of wings attached to a human
  • Average population ratio of civilians to soldiers
  • Peerages
  • Climates of Pangea
  • How much electricity does it take to kill a human
  • Military rankings of russia/usa/england/france/etc
  • Every religion ever
  • Common material used in pants in the 18th century in Engalnd
  • Average human heights over time
  • Process of becoming a doctor in 19th century England

In a way, it all started with Cisillia, though if we got technical about it, then it started with God and the big bang and all the events that led to Cisillia… But that’s just too long and I don’t think I have the patience to try and explain it.

Cisillia was the weakest ruler of Queenslend in over two dozen generations of queens, mostly due to her upbringing. The council that had always been in place to aid the Queen had become corrupted slowly through the generations and now a bunch of crotchety old men didn’t want to take orders from a woman. So Cisillia was raised to sit and look pretty on a throne rather than as a warrior or a true ruler, as her ancestors before her had been.

She married through an arrangement her uncle and guardian had set up when she and her husband were just children. She bore Nico six sons before dying. But that’s where it all gets a bit weird. Queens die giving birth to the next Queen. Something about passing their souls along to the next one. Legend (and their religion) states that the Queens contain aa fragment of God in their soul and to pass this along they must die before the next ruler can be born.

For unknown reasons, it’s always a woman.

But die Cisillia did, and much to the panic of the entire country of Queenslend and some other societies of Atlas, she died without giving birth to an heir. Oh sure, some Queens before had died in battle or other extreme circumstances, but in those cases the  next female in the family who was born who held the closest blood match generally was born into power.

But Cisillia wasn’t killed in battle. She didn’t even have a building fall on top of her or drown or, you get the picture. No, one month her health began to decline and with little warning she bid her family her love and she died. As custom the council spread her ashes from the balcony in the Queen’s room, but there was no heir, and Cisillia had no brothers and her sons were too young to bear children of their own.

So Queenslend was left without an heir. At least, until the next one was born, but there was no telling when that would exactly come to pass. 

I tried to write a prologue from Max’s point of view. This is what happened. I like it, but not for a part of the book, so I’m putting it here. 


Okay, so everyone knows I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and anyone I get close to I will generally sort into a house (or ask them what house they’re in). Lately I’ve found more and more people who get annoyed with this question. A friend of mine linked me an article about how it’s almost insulting to sort people into houses because of this mentality of the “good” houses and the “evil” houses and how flat their characteristics are. But I don’t think that’s true at all. Sure seen through the eyes of a children’s book, Slytherin is the evil house and Gryffindor is the good house, but tats through the eyes of an 11 year old who grows with those super imposed stereotypes which are only reinforced because of how segregated the houses are. 

Taking a step back though, all four houses have both positive and negative traits and characteristics and just because you find your home in one house doesn’t mean that you can’t relate to another. 

This link also brought up the argument about the coloration placing a bias on how we see the houses, but that’s truly invalid. In Star Wars Red was the color of the evil side and green represented the valiant Jedis. This is applicable to many other movies and books as well. As for the metallic colors, I think they were simply assigned by what looked best with each color. Silver could have easily been paired with Ravenclaw’s blue, but green doesn’t look very good with bronze or gold. Pairing it with black would give it an even worse connotation of evil, which Rowling avoided by giving them silver instead. You can’t pair Yellow and Gold or Yellow and Bronze, which are all too similar in color, so black makes sense here. That leaves Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Gold would look nice with Blue, but pairing Bronze and Maroon/Red is far too similar in colors. At least this is my own personal thought process when going through these colors.

Now to get onto the houses and their traits. I’m something of a sorting hat myself because of how good I’ve gotten at sorting people, but like the sorting hat, just because you could fit into one house does’t mean you can’t fit into another and a lot of this is, like the series states, not what’s inside, but the choices you make, that really matter. If you want to be a Slytherin, EMBRACE IT! Gryffindor? Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re just picking Harry’s house. 

Gryffindors are mainly known for their “daring, nerve and chivalry,” as well as their courage, pride and heroism. They certainly sound like the heroes of the story in this context, but you should also know that many Gryffindors are reckless and arrogant and will often rush head long into things without thinking them through, neglecting their common sense and putting too much faith in their intuition. 

Slytherins are “those cunning folk [who] use any means to achieve their ends.” Their positive traits encompass ambition, cunning, and intelligence. More negative traits include cruelty, selfishness, and greed. I pulled these from a site which had compiled a list of all the different traits.I don’t exactly agree with the one listed for Slytherin, however. Once a friend of mine explained the difference between a Slytherin and a Gryffindor is one wants to save themselves and their own (their friends and family), while the other (the Gryffindor) wants to save everyone. In a way the Slytherins are the more practical of the two, even if that somehow manages to list them as selfish. Greedy can often go hand and hand with those with too much ambition, so this negative trait makes sense in the list. Slytherins aren’t often cruel without reason, but they distance themselves emotionally because they don’t want to be hurt and their stand-offish nature can often come off as cruel and sarcastic. 

Hufflepuffs are where those who “are just and loyal” find their home, “those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.” Hufflepuffs are well known for their hard work and their honesty and loyalty. More negative traits include their stubbornness, their often non-confrontational nature and their scary tendency to take the heads off of anyone who hurts their friends and family. Having grown up in a house stock full of Hufflepuffs, I can often spot them very easily and have my own love for the badgers. Sometimes they can be lazy and are similar to the hobbit in their love of the earth and hearth and their at ease in their homey environments and with their friends and families. Hufflepuffs aren’t afraid of hard work and don’t put physical labor beneath them, intending to do the best of any job they are given, though sometimes they’d rather spend a good quiet day with the family than toil it away all through the day. While it’s not often discussed, never cross a Hufflepuffs. They have claws and fangs and will quickly come to the defense of their friends and families and will back them and help them in any and every way possible.

Finally in good old Ravenclaw, “if you’ve a steady mind, those of wit and learning will always find their kind.” Ravenclaws are well known for their creativity, their wit, and their lust for knowledge. Less appealing characteristics include their sometimes dreaming or air-headedness and their lack of connection with reality. Often caught up in their own thoughs and daydreams, they are more logical than emotional and often will act the opposite of the Gryffindor and put too much thought into a situation, and not enough action. Ravenclaw is one of the least spoken of regarding the houses, in my own opinion. Many often forget they aren’t just intelligent but also creative. Ravenclaws have an unusual propensity to become entrapped in their own world, whether it be in their own head or in a good book. This often causes them to appear a little lost, as though their connection with reality is held down by a very thin string. Ravenclaws will often over analyze situations and not jump into action until it’s too late. Often described as studious, not all Ravenclaws are actually overachievers. They may study their own favorite subjects with an intensity that may startle others, but that doesn’t mean they’re all geniuses or all scoring the best grades, though their plethora of random knowledge and their good memories certainly don’t hinder their studying. 

In short, it’s not that all of the houses define you you must be, rather they give a general description of four major literature archetypes; The Hero (Gryffindors), The Caregiver (Hufflepuffs), The Creator (Ravenclaws) and The Ruler (Slytherins). This doesn’t mean you can’t have different parts of the different houses and thus their archetypes, but being surrounded by others of a similar type will often make you happier. Whether this be among the rough and rowdy Gryffindors, the loving and caring familial Hufflepuffs, the quiet and dreamy Ravenclaws, or the cunning and often sarcastic Slytherins.

I Wrote a Scene While Role Playing:

The large black cat settled in the nest beside his kits and cleared his throat. After all, the queens knew by now none of Briarbreeze’s kits would go to sleep without one of their father’s stories. 

“Once upon a time a young tom met a pretty she-cat and she was the most beautiful cat he’d ever seen. She was so smart that she knew how to talk to all the animals in the forest, and she was probably smart enough to talk to the twolegs.”

“Wow!” The kits exclaimed. “Really, Daddy?”

“Yes, dear,” He smiled and quieted them again so he could continue. “But she was so smart that she hid it, so she wouldn’t intimidate anyone. She was so strong and brave though, she became the deputy, and saved many lives. Well the tom grew up too, and he had kits and loved them.”

“That sounds like us!”

“Yes, doesn’t it? Well, the she-cat was sad, because no one loved her. They thought she was pretty, but they didn’t love her for her brains and her good soul, just her pretty coat. Everyone, except the tom who grew up loving her.”

“Why didn’t he tell her, dad?” One of the kits interrupted again.

“I’m getting to that part, sweetie. Well, so one night she was out in the swamp all on her own, crying, because she didn’t realize that there was another cat that loved her. He thought she was in love with someone else. Someone who had died moons before. And when the tom saw her crying, his heart her so much for her that he fell over and cried as well.”

Briarbreeze paused, his voice starting to shake with emotion, and then continued, “when he had the strength, he went to her and he said, ‘You, you my deputy, you are so smart and kind and wonderful and I love you for what’s on the inside because you aren’t perfect. I love you for all your faults. You have always been beautiful and even if you lost all your fur, you would be the most beautifull cat in the world.’”

“Awww, that’s so romantic!” One of the kits said, while another asked, “So what happened then, Dad?”

“Well, so the she-cat finally realized that there was a tom who loved her and knew her better than she even knew herself, and they became mates and had kits together. And all of the tom’s kits loved each other and they were just one big happy family.”

One of the kits realized maybe the story wasn’t just made up and looked up at Briarbreeze. “Dad… if you have more kits, we’ll love them!”

“Yeah, we promise!” The others agreed.

“That’s great kits, but I don’t think anyone is gonna have kits with me any time soon.” The older tom said.

He didn’t realize outside the queens’ den Foxflight was sitting and listening to his story with tears in her eyes.