As a Taco Bell Shift Lead in a town of self entitled snobs (to put it nicely) I could probably keep this blog afloat with stories, both customer and co-worker related, in the two years I’ve been there. Add in the five years I worked concessions at an arena & amphitheater, the horror stories would be never ending.

My favorite recent incident was this past weekend. In the middle of my rush I had a customer complaining that we messed up her order and she didn’t have a receipt or know the name of who she talked to on the phone but swore she wasn’t lying and we messed up her big order the other day. That was actually her dad’s order. We asked her what the order was to ring it up, since we have to believe customers are telling the truth no matter what,and she proceeded to tell us how she ordered Cheesey Gordita crunches but they were just tacos with the Spicy Ranch sauce, no flatbread, and she gave them to her kids and the sauce burnt their mouths. (The sauce is barely spicy). And how her steak smothered burrito was just beans on the inside. A 2-3 minute ordeal just to get her to tell us what food she needed. Finally she told us her “messed up” order, and it was almost $40!!! She got all that food no questions asked for free. The whole time sitting at the drive thru window looking beyond guilty, as if we were going to call her out on her lie at any second. And I soooo wish I could have. So I’m still busy as hell, short handed, and the phone is ringing. I answer it and this girl claims she just ordered a quesarito and a party pack, and upon opening the box when she got home her ENTIRE party pack was covered in ants.

We’re in Michigan, in the early early stages of spring, it’s barely 40 degrees and WAY TOO COLD for ants to even be out. I apologized, offered to refund their money and replace their order, and asked if they could bring it back so I could get pictures because that’s a serious issues and I have to make a report of it. The girl didn’t know what to say, clearly knew she got caught lying, and claimed she didn’t want to bring it back and asked why she had to. Her boyfriend then snatched the phone and started screaming and yelling at me, cussing me out over it. Saying they didn’t want to come back and sure as hell didn’t want anything from our restaurant if their order was “covered in ants”. He said they took pictures and would send them to my supervisor himself. I told him politely I couldn’t give him that phone number, and that anything I could do for him would require him to come back to the store. He continued to bitch at him and eventually hung up.

All that was only an hour into my 9 hour shift.

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When in doubt combine them all to make one giant URL.

I used to have really big urls [I mean as big as tumblr would let me before we had such a small character limit for urls], I think that’s why I have such a huge dislike for them now.

[No joke, go into my about me and you can see most of my urls I had. Lol]