This is my Rhaella Targaryen for the Collab of Ice and Fire! There’s still a little bit of time to get in on this if people want to (the art’s due on June 16th). If there’s enough demand there will be printed copies! I never drew a pregnant woman and I liked the idea of drawing her pregnant with Daenerys. Now to finish off my Thoros of Myr…

Link for getting in on it-

Link for pre-orders!-



Since I had a couple of people ask me (*cough* @starponywars*cough*) to make a guide for how I make my patterns I finally made one! Sorry it’s such a long post but I tried to keep it down to what I feel were the essentials.

Please feel free to PM/contact me with any questions about making patterns! If I have time I can help you out!


Cause it’s a bit chaotic with both of them at full opacity I’m popping both of these up. Felt like this was fierce yet elegant and badass enough for Katara. Will do something with Korra eventually. I think I’ll do both a blood and waterbending version. Work in progress.