I will be honest, the last part “not both violation” did not make complete sense to me. If I am understanding you though it sounds like what you are saying is feminism is a movement for women who are victims of something, or in your words, violated. If this is the case then would it mean that feminists do not have concern for men who are violated in some way? To me that would be saying that men who are victims of something do not deserve the same treatment, or their problems are not of concern. If that is the case then that seems terrible to me. To say that a man getting raped or abused is of less value than a woman getting raped or abused is ridiculous.That would, to me, mean that feminism values women more than men and are not interested in equality in any way, they just want females who have been violated to come back to a level where they feel ok. I am not sure if I worded that last sentence quite right, but I made my point. Again, I could be misunderstanding your point, but that is what I got from it.

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like if you say " that man shouldn't be treated inferior" then that's consider masculist" if you say " that women shouldn't be treated inferior" then that's consider a feminnist. if you say " both men and women should treat each other equally" then you're both a feminist and a masculist (basically a equalist). Understand what i'm saying?

I do understand, and I don’t think you’re wrong, but I do think that the goal of modern feminism as a whole is (or at least should be) to create equality between all genders. Therefore, it’s still technically wrong to say “I believe in gender equality, therefore I’m not a feminist.”

I understand that people might have different views on this than I do, and I’m not trying to start a fight. I just wanted to share my opinion.

So, my sister pointed this out to me, if Stiles does get badly injured but he a) refuses the bite, or b) Derek or Peter refuses to give it to him, Couldn’t he just instead take some of his pain away, giving him that extra time to be saved, to escape?

Of course this picture is done with shipper goggles on, haha, and is kinda cheesy, but what the hell, enjoy anyway.