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Released(20 pt2)


Knocking I wait before twisting the nob. “Stanley…you ok baby?”

She looks up from a book taking off her headphones. “Yeah I just ignore her now.”

Sitting I sigh. The fact that my two oldest are having some kind of disagreement hurts me. Am I not doing something right as a parent?

“What’s going on with you two?”

She sighed setting her things aside. “I’m trying to look out for her but for some reason she thinks I’m taking over her life or something. Her words cut deep and it’s getting really hard to keep my sanity and be the bigger person.” Her eyes tear up.

“What started all of this?”

“Just a uh…disagreement on a topic.”

“Something to do with school or a boy maybe?”

“Something like that but I can’t say I don’t want to betray her like she already thinks I do. Just because she’s being mean and what not doesn’t mean I have to send that same vibe back but I know this will come to a end soon.”

I always thought I was the parent my kids would come to and just talk. Uh these teenage years are killing me already and they just entered it. Figuring being in the house right now isn’t gonna have her opening up. Since I need to make a quick run I asked Stanley to come with me. As I drove I noticed her tense body language.

Mona is a very spoiled girl…had been since she was born. Chris and I tried our best to raise her to be basically what she isn’t right now. The last thing I wanted is her to be this cold hearted person but a parent can only do so much. At a certain age the child starts to make decisions on their own and eventually learn important life lessons.

“Do you think we took you in as charity?”

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