PJO Ship Aesthetics: Kayla Knowles/Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano 

Slow and steady stroke
Stubborn, beautiful
Careful as I go
In this wild and wicked world
I go

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I have this Otayuri headcanon that Yuri will just sit in Otabek's lap facing the opposite direction and they'll both be in looking at their phones contently and quietly

I actually love this! I have always thought that Yuri and Otabek just have his comfortable chemistry–all the while magnetic. Like, both have quickly fell into this relationship for what it is, but with how they mesh perfectly together; it wouldn’t surprise me at all that this is a staple of their ‘friendship’ early on. 

Yuri is clingy without realizing, always making his home in Otabek’s lap when the opportunity arises. Most of the time Otabek doesn’t even look up from his phone, one arm just circles around his waist, pulling him closer while the other continues to hold his phone up as he thumbs down his twitter feed. Every then and again looking up at the little nudge to his side to gaze at a fluffy cat picture Yuri’s fawning over or laugh together at stupid meme that shouldn’t be funny but is.

ive been seein shippy stuff w kayla w members of the 7 or older characters which makes me Uncomfortable so heres some headcanons about my favorite Canonly Younger Than 13 Years Old kayla knowles

1) kayla is absolutely a complete gremlin. she gets into more trouble than most members of the hermes cabin (mostly because they dont get caught) and she absolutely loves it. she always has scabs and bandaids and bruises and when she asks will (jokingly) to heal them, he says “what, so you can get more?” fondly and when austin asks if he can do it, she just grins and says it gives her more character~

2) she dyed her hair green hoping it would camoflage her better for when shes using her bow up in the trees, but oddly enough, a shock of neon green with bright ginger roots isnt exactly good for hiding. she doesnt mind so much, green is a cool color

3) she always has her bow. shes so proud to be the child of TWO of historys best archers, her two amazing fathers, one am olympic gold medalist, one a LITERAL olympian. her father is so proud of her (“wait which one?” “both”)

4) she’s considered joining the hunters. its so tempting it hurts sometimes, but the look on her siblings faces when she mentioned it once and the thought of leaving her father and her goals of competing in the olympics stops her every time.

5) she and austin have a close relationship, being so close in age. she and will are close too, but will has a habit of trying to be The Adult for them, which means she doesnt know him as well as she could. she still drags him out to practice shooting with her, and she tries to help out in the infirmary when she can. she finds she doesnt have the natural healing touch that most cabin 7 campers do, but she doesnt mind. thats never been where her future lies. will and austin say they’re proud of her anyways

6) one day kayla asks out of the blue “hey will?” and will stops humming as he sterilizes equipment and says happily, “yes junebug?” she doesnt hesitate, just jumps up on the counter hes standing by and asks, smiling, “how did you figure out you werent a girl?” he raises an eyebrow and doesnt look offended. “why? you thinking maybe youre not a girl too?” she scoffs and throws her hands in the air, eyes wide. “who the heck knows!!!!!!!” will laughs for a solid 10 minutes before he has the strength to blow a raspberry against her cheek. she yells out “youre worse than my dad!!!!” but she doesnt mean it. she loves them both - loves her whole family more than anything.

  • Neurotypicals™: You can't headcanon that character as autistic!!! These 'autistic characteristics' you're pointing out are stereotypes, which OBVIOUSLY aren't true of any autistic person, despite whatever any autistic person says!!! [Here are some extremely ableist arguments in favor of my viewpoint!!!] You, an autistic person, are clearly fetishizing autism despite how you have brought up logical, canonical evidence to support your idea and are hurting absolutely no one!!!
  • me, slowly collecting every character I can get my hands on into my overflowing bin of headcanons, starved for representation to the point of emaciation: I Will Not Stop Until I Have Consumed Everything You Love

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Brian Connelly for the headcanon thing :)

i’ll try

• brians a huge nerd and loves to secretly listen to movie scores and John Williams. basically all the Star Wars tracks make him feel pretty fucking epic.
• Brian LOVES falling asleep on his roof (especially with Noah) with pillows and blankets looking at the stars with his red flashlight and space books. his mom and noah forbid it though bc YOU ALWAYS MOVE AND COULD FALL OFF YOU IDIOT
• Brian would destroy anyone who dares to challenge at…wait for it….science quizzes.
•and since he’s a competitive lil shit he’ll smoke anyone at….pacman
•everyone hates him for it
• the only person he really texts is Noah
• he uses ;) all. The. Time.
• “oh god loOK AT THIS SCHOOL MURAL. Reminded me of you ;)”
• “Brian that’s a nude”
• even when he’s at home he’ll just randomly text Noah at 1am
• “dude. Look outside ;)”
• “it’s rain”
• “yeah. Maybe you should come over and warm me up ;)”
• on cold nights like this his preferred hot beverage is noah sweetwine
• when he’s in a slump and space feels a little too distant for comfort he always ALWAYS goes to Noah
• at times like this he feels like he’s an annoying boyfriend but some support + ‘I love you’s + puns later he feels whole again
• he really prefers a career in baseball you feel bc being an astronaut means being away from noah even more and he can barely stand being away a couple hours away during weekdays so how? would? he? deal?
• brian loves sunny weather bc it reminds him of home
• leave the singing to neither of the boys bc let’s face it
• brian unlike his artist boyfriend cannot draw for the life of him
• “do you like my sketch?”
• “dude wow that’s a very nice sky landscape brian. The clouds and trees and even rain? I’m impressed”
• … . ……….. . “it’s puppies”
• sometimes being away from Noah for such a long time leads him to mindlessly doodle his eyes or body or face on his papers but it ends up looking like a 4 year olds scribble anyways so he never mentions it

send me a character and i’ll give you a list of my headcanons

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Can you making out headcanons for Keith and Lance. I am in love with your blog btw!!! It's awesome!!!

“Making out headcanons for Keith and Lance with their s/o?“

We also got an ask for kissing headcanons for a few others so those will be coming soon but anyway, here are the headcanons and some gifs under the cut.


-Keith likes making out to music, rock music specifically.
-Examples are: Obsession by InnerPartySystem, Dangerous Animals by Arctic Monkeys, To Lose My Life by White Lies, etc.
-Keith doesn’t like PDA so you only make out in his room, your room, or the living room when everybody else is out.
-He likes having you in his lap and holding you while you make out.

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ok but Arthur’s prosthetic arm

the arm randomly breaking or shutting down

people staring at or bothering Arthur about it and making him uncomfortable (but no worries the rest of the gang has his back)

furthermore Arthur being super insecure about the arm in general??? like no don’t even mention it maybe take a cursory glance at it but don’t look at it again it will send his nervousness levels through the roof

Arthur picking at it as a fidget when he’s anxious (to the point where he almost breaks it sometimes??)

Ben doesn’t even realize it’s a prosthetic he just thinks Arthur grew a new arm

Arthur building the arm himself and deconstructing/reassembling it while zoning out (meanwhile Vivi suggests he add lasers)

the gang gets stuck in a blizzard/etc and Arthur has to remove the arm completely to avoid skin damage (b/c frozen metal + skin = not fun)

Arthur lamenting not being able to go swimming since he’d have to remove the arm but then he would drown b/c he was already a poor swimmer to start with

Lewis being fascinated by the arm and watching Arthur take apart/rebuild/modify it (meanwhile Arthur is shrieking like the terrified idiot he is on the inside like “shit shIT WHY IS HE STARING AT ME DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG IS HE GONNA KILL ME not that i could blame him THIS IS HOW I DIE SHIT SHIT SHIT”)

Evil Arm tries to rip off the other arm?? or gets jealous of the prosthetic arm????? (plot twist the prosthetic arm develops a crush on Evil Arm & they run away together)

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when enjolras, combeferre, and courfeyrac met each other at age 15 they didn’t know each other by name or anything other than username. they instead knew each other as fir3andfr33dom, xxdancedragon32xx, and toppercentmothim playing world of warcraft

they met by absolute and total coincidence on a quest and managed to survive by grace of god and a convenient spell thanks to the paladin, courfeyrac. they decided that forming a guild would be the best method of approach considering that basically they all suck on their own and have a better success rate with each other around. so they begin to establish times as to when they can meet and begin to talk on messengers as well beyond just the game itself. there you’ll find them bantering about blood elves and the importance of freeing races whether they are fictional or not. it becomes a method of stress relief and motivation to finish work on time in order to play sometimes long into the night.

(combeferre’s mother has opened his door at 4 AM and found him wide-eyed and staring at his screen without once laying his head to rest on a school night and that’s nearly unheard of when it comes to her son)

(courfeyrac’s father has caught him screaming at his computer screen half past midnight, “son what are you doing?” “I CAN’T TALK RIGHT NOW DAD THE GREATER GOOD IS AT RISK.” so his father just shuts the door very slowly in acceptance)

(enjolras eats his dinner exceptionally fast and runs off to his room with haste without a complaint in order to catch the two online in time for their game and it’s extremely unusual for enjolras to not pick a fight with his parents over something childish)

as they grow up they become more and more interested not only on the game but also each other and talk more frequently just about everything rather than the severity of the mission the game once gave them. hell they even introduce themselves by name finally and it’s not just the game anymore, it’s friendship. they start with audio chats and laugh at each other’s voices that they’re hearing for the first time in four years, they talk as they do homework, or find news articles they don’t agree with. 

they eventually video chat and just look at each other for the longest time and finally can’t carry on a normal night without it
and they fall a bit more in love even if none of them are saying a damn thing and they probably eventually meet up when they’re in college somewhere so dorky and silly and it’s the best okay they probably all transfer to the same school and become even more inseparable

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I came to drop something happy so you forget the anon hate. Headcanon that Yuri and JJ are opposite to Victuuri, while Victor and Yuuri are gross and lovey dovey and just that couple makes you think "GET A ROOM"; Yuri and JJ are super petty to each other, they argue often (not in a serious way, more like in a "Im so full" "then im gonna eat tha-" "no, its mine you cant have it" kind of way), but they are 1000% supportive of each other, totally king and queen, they're sass matches each other's.

Yes, all my yes. King JJ & Queen Yuri, be still my heart. Their jabs at one another are always so dry and playful, people often wonder if they either hate one another, or are a married couple due to how they bicker at times, but at the end of the day they have one another’s back. Pushing each other to better themselves and work harder. I see JJ as someone that won’t run from Yuri when he is obviously troubled and in need of a little push, but I also see that he wouldn’t coddle him if it has something to do with Figure Skating and the like. After all, it’s the blood, sweat, and tears you put into something that makes it all pay off. Sassy boyfriends that love each other aside from all the venom they playfully spew in competition. 

I see that JJ also like to press a little PDA at times, but Yuri is always about being private; keeping their sweetest and intimate moments behind closed doors–so he might hiss and spit at his shithead of a boyfriend if he tries to cop a feel of his bum, or acts like a perv while he’s stretching (cause let’s be real, with how Yuri stretches, JJ wouldn’t be able to resist, it wouldn’t be right to pass up the moment). 

for nicodorrkangelo​ ‘s prompt

your highness / your grace also works jk TY TY

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