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I don't have a resolution for this year but last year I decided to start going out by myself and honestly it was the best decision EVER. I started going to the movies alone, having nice lunches and dinners alone. It was so wonderful and relaxing (after fighting some nerves in the beginning) and it really taught me to love who I am. Self care is so vital. And if someone wants to do this and gets nervous just get your phone out and scroll through your fav sites before your meal comes, it helps! <3

oh man, listen, i love this a lot

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I only know you as the "Bob's Burgers gif maker on tumblr." Say a little something about yourself to remind us all that you're a human being haha

oh gosh I never know how to to talk about myself

well beyond tumblr my time is mostly spent a) watching more tv than I need to b) knitting/cross stitching depending on which craft is handy c) being upset over fictional characters d) being upset over my own uncertain terrifying and unpredictable future e) reading anything and everything f) wanting to pursue creative endeavors g) losing the motivation to pursue creative endeavors h) sleeping

and there’s a slightly more coherent and thoughtful ‘about me’ here [x]

(although honestly 'bob’s burgers gif maker’ probably sums me up pretty well too)