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Headcanons for Nico’s interactions with other campers before/during ToA:

  • So after the school year starts and pretty much everyone Nico hangs out with is gone for the most part, Nico by default sends most his time around Will.
    • Eventually Will is like “go make more friends”. 
  • Cecil spent weeks convincing Nico to help him with a prank because Nico is stealthy af. Nico had more fun pulling the prank than he’ll ever openly admit. 
  • After semi-regular spars, rivalry in capture the flag, and teaming up to save another camper from a random monster attack Nico and Sherman Yang are frenemies. 
    • Will somewhat regrets encouraging Nico to get along with Sherman because it always ends with one or both of them in the infirmary. 
  • Whenever Chiara starts ranting and cussing in Italian, Nico always makes snide comments back in Italian. They also trash talk each other in Italian before/during any camp games. 
    • Nico and Chiara once got into a stupid argument over something trivial. But no one knew that because they both reverted to Italian so all anyone could tell was that they were angry and gesturing wildly. 
    • Everyone was O_O 
  • Malcolm and Nico occasionally nerd out over Mythomagic strategy games.
  • One time Nico accidentally killed some plants around Demeter Cabin. He took a trip to the Underworld to ask Persephone to replace the plants. Miranda and Billy were impressed he’d go so far as to ask a goddess for a favor just to apologize. 
    • After that Demeter Cabin is quick to stick up for Nico if anyone starts being a jerk about his parentage or powers.
  • Austin was actually really intimidated by Nico at first but did his best not to show it because Will is just so happy when Nico is around. Slowly he warmed up to Nico (and vice versa), though Nico’s powers still creep him out.  
  • About once a month someone has to leave camp to stock up on supplies for the infirmary. Will is typically the one to go. Clarisse used to go with him but Nico took over that role when she left for college. (Will and Nico definitely use the trip as an excuse to go on dates.)
    • However, one time someone got hurt pretty bad right before they were supposed to leave so Will had to take care of that. Kayla ended up taking his place on the supply run.  
    • It was awkward at first because Nico and Kayla had never really interacted before without Will as a buffer.
    • Then some middle age creep starts hitting on Kayla. She’s just like WTF because spending the majority of the year in camp might prepare you to fight monsters but it doesn’t help you know how to deal with creepy old dudes. (Plus her bow and quiver were in the car.) 
    • Then the creep suddenly turned heel and practically ran away. Because Nico was glaring at him.
    • Kayla considers Nico her honorary big brother after that.      

One of my favorite things about the TES series is the sort of overreaching theme of the player character being claimed by a daedra and I don’t mean the daedric side quests. You had Azura in Morrowind, Sheogorath in Oblivion and Hermaeus Mora in Skyrim.

I just love the idea of the protagonist making a name for themselves, accomplishing these near impossible quests and becoming extremely powerful, being named the hero of the land

and then some daedric prince basically goes

a different look at stellia

do any of you actually feel like, rather than “being good” in the area of life indicated by a house stellium, you struggle way more than others? i feel like it’s because there’s so many planets in the way. we have to work through them first before we can take care of that life area. i think kayla from @astrologanize feels like this about her 3rd house stellium and i feel like that about my 11th house stellium… having an empty house may be a blessing after all because it makes it a lot more simple to approach that area of life. however, stellia do show a huge potential for growth and development.

  • 1st house stellium: identity crisis
  • 2nd house stellium: struggle with finance and self-worth
  • 3rd house stellium: problems expressing thoughts and opinions
  • 4th house stellium: family problems, crisis at home
  • 5th house stellium: struggle to find passion (regarding hobbies or sex)
  • 6th house stellium: health problems, struggle to organize daily life
  • 7th house stellium: struggle with relationships
  • 8th house stellium: struggle with intimacy and sharing secrets
  • 9th house stellium: struggle to find a belief system
  • 10th house stellium: indecisive about career, struggle with authorites
  • 11th house stellium: struggle to find belonging and fit in
  • 12th house stellium: struggle with alone time and selfless service
Newsies in College (Hometown Location Edition)

Specs and Romeo are from some tiny town in the Oklahoma.

Jack lives in Florida and hates it.

Crutchie is from Cornville, Arizona (I swear this is a real town look it up).

Spot is still from Brooklyn.

Race is still from Manhattan.

Blink is actually from Santa Fe and never stops trying to get Jack to believe it’s not as great as he thinks.

Mush is from Connecticut.

The Jacobs siblings live in Canada, just over the border (everybody is surprised at how aggressive Sarah can be since Davey is a living Canadian stereotype {apologizes constantly, uses “eh” un-ironically, soooo extremely passive-aggressive}).

Katherine is from the rich end of Boston (she’s and avid Red Sox/Patriots fan and that’s the main source of conflict between her and Race, who loves the Yankees/Giants. He always tries to drag Spot into it but Spot couldn’t care less.).

Buttons is from the middle of nowhere in Idaho.

Itey is a Spanish exchange student who’s English is good but sometimes his slang is off and it’s hilarious.

Skittery is from Seattle and hates people who say Seattle is gross because of all the rain.

Finch is from Minnesota, and boy can you tell as soon as he opens his mouth (bayg, tayg, pop not soda, it’s bad).


Alice and Mary talk about Rapunzel’s hair.

so I texted my parents asking for tips on opening a champagne bottle, to which my mom replied:

“point the bottle away from people”

which seems like the best advice I could’ve received tbh

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Hi Kayla, What do you think would be the pros and cons of dating each member?


Pros: manly, gentlemanly, capable

Cons: quiet. This is a con because if you two ever fought, it may never be worked out. He wouldn’t go out of his way to resolve things because he wouldn’t know how to approach the situation. If you don’t mind being the one that has to resolve your issues, you two will be fine.


Pros: sexy, charming, caring

Cons: flirty. This is a con because even if he doesn’t intend to be, I feel like Wonho has a very naturally flirty personality and situations may be misconstrued. But as long as you trust him, I don’t think he’d ever wrong you.


Pros: easy going, fun to be around, adorable

Cons: too energetic. This is a con because for some, people who are very energetic can be very exhausting to deal with. Or for people who are more serious, it can be irritating if that person doesn’t know when it’s time to play or when to be serious. But if you were to lay down the law with him, he’d understand and work on that.


Pros: can cook and clean, tidy, nurturing

Cons: too naggy. If Kihyun is as naggy to you as he is his members, it might prove to be a problem because then it’d feel like you constantly have someone breathing down your back. But as long as he isn’t too naggy around you, there would be no problems.


Pros: bf material, handsome, talented

Cons: confrontational. We all know how sassy Hyungwon can be, so in the case you messed up even in the slightest (not paying enough attention to him, not texting him back, being too close with a guy), he’ll confront you right away. If you’re sensitive, that could be an issue because it may cause problems, but on the bright side, you’ll never have animosity between you because he’ll always address it.


Pros: hard-working, considerate, sweet

Cons: works too hard. His career is his life and so that could prove to be an issue when he doesn’t come home enough or doesn’t contact you often. As long as you can deal with his busy schedule, your relationship isn’t at stake. It takes a lot of understanding and patience in this case.


Pros: funny, his voice, talented

Cons: too self-critical. I.M self reflects a lot and I feel that he would overthink a lot of things between you two. So if you were to get into a fight, he might be the type to jump to conclusions right away and he might feel you deserve better. But as long as you encourage him that he’s everything you want and need, he won’t think so negatively.

okay but was she screwing the milkman?

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i think it's just common knowledge that octavian is a trans boy it's canon i don't make the rules

ABSOLUTELY…. precious child… in a perfect world, they wouldve helped him, maybe sent him on a sort of “payed vaca” so to speak. he’s of course, sent to the apollo cabin, where he’s bossed around a bit, jokingly, since “we’re your great great great great great great uncles/aunts, arent we? respect your elders!” hes haughty at first, but he bonds with will, whos also trans, and he finds he does enjoy music. they help him find a place, help him when he has a hallucination by telling him whether its a real or not and staying with him throughout it to support him, so hes not alone. they dont mind - kayla thinks his attitude is endearing and finds she likes him, and austin thinks its super cool to have another ‘older brother’. octavian and will get along differently, but still well. octavian asks will how he manages to pass so well even when he doesnt bind and will shrugs, saying simply “theres a lot more to a man then his body, tav.” they help build octavians confidence, up until octavian is helping in the infirmary and one of them calls him “doc oc”. he demands to be sent back to camp jupiter immediately.

akdhaks can you tell i have a lot of feelings about him

scholaroftheoccult replied to your post: Characters I’ve roleplayed on Tumblr since I came…

viktor??? :eyes:

Long, long ago in the prehistoric times of 2012, Ancient Kayla was active on Tumblr and had multiple blogs. Veigar, Nocturne, Swain, Viktor, if it was villainous she roleplayed it. Viktor (and Veigar) she remembers most fondly, as her Viktor was decidedly an anti-villain: a man with noble aspirations divided by his ebbing emotions and flawed means of getting to that utopia he dreamed about. He was antagonized and at the end, became the antagonist.

Ancient Kayla became Past Kayla and is now Present Kayla, but he will always have a place in her heart.

Five years it has been since those days…

I am so excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda but my copy won’t arrive in the mail until sometime next week. I am liking the screen shots and stuff that I’ve seen so far but am sad that I’ve already seen spoilers (and pretty big ones at that). Still can’t wait to play and be able to talk @gitw and @muddled-thought about our space adventures soon though! I am also looking forward to the escapism I have coming up. Like a staycation.