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One of my favorite things about the TES series is the sort of overreaching theme of the player character being claimed by a daedra and I don’t mean the daedric side quests. You had Azura in Morrowind, Sheogorath in Oblivion and Hermaeus Mora in Skyrim.

I just love the idea of the protagonist making a name for themselves, accomplishing these near impossible quests and becoming extremely powerful, being named the hero of the land

and then some daedric prince basically goes

Headcanons for Nico’s interactions with other campers before/during ToA:

  • So after the school year starts and pretty much everyone Nico hangs out with is gone for the most part, Nico by default sends most his time around Will.
    • Eventually Will is like “go make more friends”. 
  • Cecil spent weeks convincing Nico to help him with a prank because Nico is stealthy af. Nico had more fun pulling the prank than he’ll ever openly admit. 
  • After semi-regular spars, rivalry in capture the flag, and teaming up to save another camper from a random monster attack Nico and Sherman Yang are frenemies. 
    • Will somewhat regrets encouraging Nico to get along with Sherman because it always ends with one or both of them in the infirmary. 
  • Whenever Chiara starts ranting and cussing in Italian, Nico always makes snide comments back in Italian. They also trash talk each other in Italian before/during any camp games. 
    • Nico and Chiara once got into a stupid argument over something trivial. But no one knew that because they both reverted to Italian so all anyone could tell was that they were angry and gesturing wildly. 
    • Everyone was O_O 
  • Malcolm and Nico occasionally nerd out over Mythomagic strategy games.
  • One time Nico accidentally killed some plants around Demeter Cabin. He took a trip to the Underworld to ask Persephone to replace the plants. Miranda and Billy were impressed he’d go so far as to ask a goddess for a favor just to apologize. 
    • After that Demeter Cabin is quick to stick up for Nico if anyone starts being a jerk about his parentage or powers.
  • Austin was actually really intimidated by Nico at first but did his best not to show it because Will is just so happy when Nico is around. Slowly he warmed up to Nico (and vice versa), though Nico’s powers still creep him out.  
  • About once a month someone has to leave camp to stock up on supplies for the infirmary. Will is typically the one to go. Clarisse used to go with him but Nico took over that role when she left for college. (Will and Nico definitely use the trip as an excuse to go on dates.)
    • However, one time someone got hurt pretty bad right before they were supposed to leave so Will had to take care of that. Kayla ended up taking his place on the supply run.  
    • It was awkward at first because Nico and Kayla had never really interacted before without Will as a buffer.
    • Then some middle age creep starts hitting on Kayla. She’s just like WTF because spending the majority of the year in camp might prepare you to fight monsters but it doesn’t help you know how to deal with creepy old dudes. (Plus her bow and quiver were in the car.) 
    • Then the creep suddenly turned heel and practically ran away. Because Nico was glaring at him.
    • Kayla considers Nico her honorary big brother after that.      

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for the meta thing, have you done the dark one fight yet? y'know when emma finds killian after she turns him into the dark one and he just feels so betrayed? i love that scene!

The dark one fight is definitely one of my top favourite moments… because I am an angst whore.

Just a quick reminder - these are simply my thoughts and perceptions of the scenes, i’m in no way saying i’m right and i’m definitely not saying it’s exactly what happened. It’s purely my own interpretation and i’ve no doubt that most would probably disagree with my views. But please try to remember that these are only being made for fun and not to be taken seriously in any way.

Also this is probably the longest one i’ve done. You’ve been warned!!

And with that said, we shall begin!

He may be newly darkened, angry and hurting right now… but Killian Jones is still at the forefront. 

He still won’t see any harm come to Emma, even if he is upset with her right now.

He certainly won’t kill her to get his revenge.

Emma’s completely oblivious to just how upset he is. She’s just thankful it worked and he’s still alive.

But he soon clues her in. 

This is the first time we see Killian truly angry at Emma and expressing his feelings. And I think it’s great tbh.

This was one thing he asked of her, begged of her, and she refused him.

Emma’s trying to calm him, I don’t think she truly realises just yet what she’s done to him - she seems very relieved that her plan worked, and because it did, she’s more determined and sure than ever that they’re going to be fine.

They’ll get rid of the darkness together. 

This bit I find really interesting. 

He’s just asked her about excalibur, and Emma’s told him a lie. Rumple is of course meddling, but look at killian’s face there.

It’s quite similar to the face he has when he realises she’s after something from him on his ship.

He’s reading her.

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[►] Helping each other with their outfits is just the cutest thing! I also love how Ian tries to stay in character for the camera, but Anthony could absolutely care less and just keeps talking to Ian the same as he always would. I think that maybe Anthony got so lost with Ian that he just completely forgot about the camera, but whatever the reason it’s absolutely amazing.

a different look at stellia

do any of you actually feel like, rather than “being good” in the area of life indicated by a house stellium, you struggle way more than others? i feel like it’s because there’s so many planets in the way. we have to work through them first before we can take care of that life area. i think kayla from @astrologanize feels like this about her 3rd house stellium and i feel like that about my 11th house stellium… having an empty house may be a blessing after all because it makes it a lot more simple to approach that area of life. however, stellia do show a huge potential for growth and development.

  • 1st house stellium: identity crisis
  • 2nd house stellium: struggle with finance and self-worth
  • 3rd house stellium: problems expressing thoughts and opinions
  • 4th house stellium: family problems, crisis at home
  • 5th house stellium: struggle to find passion (regarding hobbies or sex)
  • 6th house stellium: health problems, struggle to organize daily life
  • 7th house stellium: struggle with relationships
  • 8th house stellium: struggle with intimacy and sharing secrets
  • 9th house stellium: struggle to find a belief system
  • 10th house stellium: indecisive about career, struggle with authorites
  • 11th house stellium: struggle to find belonging and fit in
  • 12th house stellium: struggle with alone time and selfless service
Newsies in College (Hometown Location Edition)

Specs and Romeo are from some tiny town in the Oklahoma.

Jack lives in Florida and hates it.

Crutchie is from Cornville, Arizona (I swear this is a real town look it up).

Spot is still from Brooklyn.

Race is still from Manhattan.

Blink is actually from Santa Fe and never stops trying to get Jack to believe it’s not as great as he thinks.

Mush is from Connecticut.

The Jacobs siblings live in Canada, just over the border (everybody is surprised at how aggressive Sarah can be since Davey is a living Canadian stereotype {apologizes constantly, uses “eh” un-ironically, soooo extremely passive-aggressive}).

Katherine is from the rich end of Boston (she’s and avid Red Sox/Patriots fan and that’s the main source of conflict between her and Race, who loves the Yankees/Giants. He always tries to drag Spot into it but Spot couldn’t care less.).

Buttons is from the middle of nowhere in Idaho.

Itey is a Spanish exchange student who’s English is good but sometimes his slang is off and it’s hilarious.

Skittery is from Seattle and hates people who say Seattle is gross because of all the rain.

Finch is from Minnesota, and boy can you tell as soon as he opens his mouth (bayg, tayg, pop not soda, it’s bad).

i have a couple of friends who are just walking memes and i love them sm

Warm Me Up Ch. 32


Thank you so, so much. Remember, feel free to ask @tiny-angry-demigods​ all the questions <3 

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The next morning Nico woke up slightly confused to an empty bed. He sat up and frowned, panicking for a split second before the bedroom door opened and Will came back in. “Hey, sleepy head,” he greeted.

“Hey,” he answered, fighting the urge to pull him back into the bed. But Will did that on his own. Nico bit his lip and took a breath as Will sat beside him.

“You freaked out when you didn’t see me, didn’t you?” he asked with a smile. Nico frowned and couldn’t bring himself to look Will in the eyes. Then Will pulled Nico’s chin up and smiled. He leaned in and pecked his lips lightly, erasing the embarrassment. “I made us breakfast,” he murmured.

Nico smirked and leaned forward. “Really?” Will nodded and cupped his face. “So… you and me… we’re…?”

Will chuckled and ran his hands through his hair. “Will you go out with me, Nico?” he whispered.

He couldn’t help the smile that spread on his lips. He leaned forward and kissed him, toppling him back against the bed. Will laughed against his lips and wrapped his arms around him as he kissed him back. Finally, he pulled back and smiled. “Yes,” he breathed. “Yes. Of course, yes.”

“Just to be clear… that was a yes?” Nico laughed and kissed him again and again and again. He missed him. He missed kissing him whenever he wanted.

“Say it,” he murmured.

Will hummed and caressed his face gently. “Say what? Yes?”

“No,” he answered. He leaned down, speaking against his lips. “What I am to you.”

A smile spread on Will’s lips and he took a deep breath. “A pain in the neck.” Nico frowned and pulled back, glaring at the blue-eyed, freckled faced idiot beneath him. He laughed, his eyes sparkling and tilted his head. “Mm. An angel?” he amended. Nico raised an eyebrow and clenched his jaw. Will chuckled and pulled him into a kiss. “My boyfriend,” he whispered. “You’re my beautiful, perfect, wonderful boyfriend.”

“Uh-huh,” he murmured. He pulled himself up, covering Will’s face with his hand as he did. “I’m still not forgiving you for that pain-in-the-neck comment though,” he said as he went into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his face before going to the living room where Will had set out waffles and eggs with a cup of hot chocolate.

“And now?” he teased in his ear. Nico rolled his eyes and turned to wrap his arms around him. “Come on, let’s eat.”

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spiderman!michael having a ton of adrenaline running through him after beating up bad guys and getting to your room and being super horny as well but having so much trouble getting out of his suit and he’s cursing and you’re giggling and shushing him because your parents are downstairs and he ends up tears the suit a little to get it off and i don’t even know where i was going with this fuck


Okay so finally here is @alexfierrno  ‘s birthday present…just a couple days late.

Will didn’t quite know what was going on. All he knew was that it was very dark, and that somebody was crying. Slowly, he sat up in his bed and looked around, seeing several of the younger kids being comforted by the oldest campers. He quickly got out of bed and walked over to Kayla.

“What’s going on?” Will asked in a hushed whisper, looking at the crying camper Kayla was comforting. She couldn’t have been more than seven, her long blonde hair messed up in what appeared to have been pigtails earlier in the day.

“We don’t know. Most of the younger kids are affected by something. We’re not sure what it is yet. It’s not a type of illness, though. It’s almost as if they all had the same nightmare,” Kayla replied before wrapping a blanket around her younger sister’s shoulders. Will was pretty sure her name was Jessica.

Will looked around the cabin again, trying to find any obvious differences, even going as far as to look out of the windows. “Hey, Kayla? I think I may have found the reason here.”

She got up from Jessica’s bunk and walked over to where Will was standing by the window. “Look. It’s so dark outside. All the torches are extinguished and there are no stars in the sky. It’s all cloudy like it usually gets during the day when it storms, which is why the cabin is way darker than usual,” Will said, pointing to each thing he described while talking.

Kayla gently let her head fall onto her opened hand. “Of course. Children of Apollo are scared of the dark, especially the younger ones. Why didn’t we think of that?”

Will thought for a moment. “I have no idea. We’re probably too tired to think straight-”

“As if you could ever do anything straight,” Kayla muttered. “You’re bi.”

Will looked at her with a slightly pointed look, which was quickly replaced with a small smile. “Haha, very funny. As I was saying, you guys should turn on all the lights we have while I go talk to Chiron.”

Kayla nodded and hurried back to where the rest of the older kids were trying to calm their smaller siblings while Will pulled on a hoodie and went towards the door, flipping on the light switch as he passed it. “I’ll be right back. Just gotta have a word with Chiron.” He glanced at the clock. “At 3 am, I really hope he doesn’t mind.”

Will shuddered as he walked through the dark camp towards the Big House. Even he, who was 15 and dating the Son of Hades, was still uneasy of the dark. It was just impossible to not be scared unless Nico was there. He shook his head to clear his mind as he stepped up to the porch and went inside the house in the direction of Chiron’s office.

“Will? What are you doing here?”

Will looked to the left, seeing Nico and Chiron sitting inside the Big House’s living room. He went inside the room and sat down next to Nico on the couch.

“Cabin 7 is having a bit of a problem, sir,” Will said, smiling a bit as Nico’s hand found its way onto his lap before intertwining their fingers. “We had a- I guess you can say problem with the darkness.”

Chiron leant forward with his brow furrowed. “Could you specify a bit more? Maybe it ties in with Nico’s experience tonight.”

Will looked over at his partner – Nico had come out to Will as genderfluid just a couple weeks earlier and Will didn’t want to misgender Nico on purpose even if he had been told that it was okay if Will just used he/him when he wasn’t sure.

“Well, everything went as normal up until I think about 25 minutes ago. Kayla, Austin and I got woken up by our younger siblings being obviously upset about something. We couldn’t immediately find the problem before I noticed my own anxiety because of how dark it was. Most of the nightlights in the cabin were off- even if we had turned on all of them before going to bed. There were also no lit torches outside or stars in the sky.”

Chiron stroked his beard as he thought for a moment. “Peculiar. The ‘no stars in the sky’ is easy enough to explain. I forgot to inform everyone about the storm that will be going on until dinner time tomorrow. As for the torches and nightlights, I don’t know.”

“Could it be some prank Hermes and Hecate pulled but it backfired?” Nico said, absentmindedly playing with the hem of a sweatshirt he had stolen from Will. “He/him by the way,” he mumbled softly enough to Will so that Chiron wouldn’t hear it.

“I mean of course that it is possible.” Chiron looked at his watch. “I think it should be okay to have a small counsellor meeting now. It’s 3.15 am, but I have a feeling that nobody in Cabin 7 will sleep before this is fixed. Do you two mind finding the Stoll brothers, Lou Ellen and Clovis?”

“No, we’ll be right back,” Will said, standing up before offering a hand to Nico who took it with a small smile.

“So, what do you think happened, Tesoro?” Nico asked as they left the Big House in the direction of the Hecate Cabin. “You just woke up and the younger people were crying? No explanation as to why all the lights were out at all?”

“No, I don’t know if there is an explanation at all. At least we couldn’t find one.” Will glanced towards the Apollo Cabin. “Do you mind if I quickly have a word with Kayla and see how they’re handling the situation? I can’t imagine that it’s easy for three or two teens to calm down a dozen of younger kids who are afraid of the dark.”

“No, not at all. I understand. It’s your family. I’ll wait for you outside,” Nico said with a small smile before sitting down on the porch of Cabin 7. Will smiled and let his hand run through Nico’s hair before entering the cabin, walking over to his own bed.

“Everything under control here?” Will asked as he dug up a pair of warmer socks he could wear outside, since November nights were cold. Kayla looked up from the book she was reading for the younger kids- all of who had stopped crying for now but were clutching various blankets and teddy bears as if they were a lifeline. “I think so. Nobody’s crying anymore, and I’m hoping the exhaustion of being awake at night takes over soon enough.”

Will nodded. “Okay, good. I’m off again. Talked to Chiron. We’re calling in a small counsellor meeting with Nico, Lou Ellen, Clovis, me and the Stoll brothers. We’re gonna try to figure out why the torches and nightlights aren’t working. Also, there is a storm going on until tomorrow, which is why the sky is so dark and cloudy.”

“I hope you can figure it out. We need to get some more sleep before the morning,” Kayla said before returning her attention to the book.

Will nodded and left the cabin again, looking at Nico playing with a skeleton cat on the porch. “Aww, it’s cute. Did you summon it?”

Nico looked up with a fond smile on his face. “I did. I needed a distraction while you were inside. But anyways, who are we going to wake up first? Lou Ellen?”

“I think that would be the best idea. Then she can help us wake up and keep Clovis awake as we get the Stoll brothers.” Will took Nico’s hand and started to head in the direction of the Hecate Cabin. As they walked, Nico let the skeleton cat collapse into a pile of bones which eventually disappeared into the ground.

“So, do we just walk inside and wake her up silently? Or should we just knock until someone opens the door?” Nico asked as they approached the cabin.

Will thought for a moment. “I know Lou Ellen pretty well. I think it should be okay to just go inside to wake her up. No need to wake the whole cabin for nothing.”

Nico nodded and opened the door, holding it open for Will as they walked inside. “She has bright purple hair now I think,” Will whispered. “She should be somewhere close to the back of the cabin, from what she had told me.”

After a couple seconds, Nico tugged at Will’s hoodie sleeve. “Is that her over there? The one standing behind one of the bookshelves?”

Will took a step forward and called out, “Lou? Is that you?”

The figure turned around and Will caught the glimpse of bright purple hair before it was suddenly right in front of him. “Heyo there, Will, Nico. What are you two doing here at 3.30 am? Also, can we talk outside? I don’t want to wake my siblings up. Would be unfortunate seeing as most of them are exhausted from all the magic we did earlier.”

“So, what we’re basically doing is trying to find a reason for why all the nightlights and torches went out?” Lou Ellen said, pulling part of her hair into a messy bun. “And this was crucial to do at 3 am because…?”

“Because no one in Cabin 7 can sleep until the problem is solved, which is why we’re bringing Clovis with us. Maybe he knows a way to help the younger Apollo kids with their sleep problems,” Will explained as they walked into the Hypnos Cabin to wake up Clovis. “It has started to become a problem. We have several kids who are terrified to go to bed at night.”

“Huh … What’s happening?”

“Be quiet, you two. We don’t need you to wake up the whole Hermes Cabin.”

“Okay, okay, Nico. No need to be mean even if it’s the middle of the night.”


“So, do you wanna tell me why we’re here at who-cares-about-the-time in the morning?” Travis asked, stifling a big yawn.

“Yeah, are we in trouble again?” Connor continued.

Nico gently shook Clovis’ shoulder to keep him awake. “No. We’re here to figure out a problem in the Apollo Cabin. We thought that it maybe had something to do with some of you.”

Travis furrowed his eyebrows. “Hm? Is this about the shaving cream on the bedsheets again? Or putting hair dye in people’s shampoo bottles?”

“You guys did that?”

“Well, ‘course we did, Nico, but it didn’t work out. You don’t use your own shampoo 99% of the time. You either use the one Hazel brings with her or Will’s. So like that was one of our few failed pranks,” Connor said, looking over a Will. “But it did work out, didn’t it? Mr William here did get his hair dyed bright blue the week you happened to be at Camp Jupiter doing stuff. Death Breath, you’re like the master at avoiding being pranked. It’s a talent honestly. But don’t worry, we will get you one day.”

“I’m honoured,” Nico muttered. “But anyways, back to topic. Problem in Apollo Cabin. All the nightlights and torches in the whole camp went out this evening after curfew. We wondered if possibly the Hecate or Hermes Cabin could be involved.”

“Would you excuse me for a moment? I’ll go talk to the nymphs and harpies to see if they noticed anything out of the ordinary. I trust all of you to not go crazy while I’m gone.” Chiron made eye-contact with everyone in the room – Will excluded – before leaving the room.

Will looked at Lou Ellen, who was in deep thought. “You said your cabin had been doing a lot of magic last night. Could it potentially be related to this?”

Lou Ellen looked up at Will, the slightly dazed expression gone. “Maybe. I mean, it was a prank war between us and Hermes. It’s very possible that one of our spells upset the lighting system in the camp. Unfortunately, if it was indeed our fault, it’s nothing we can fix before the morning. It would have been a group spell and those are hard to reverse. The Hecate Cabin will have to figure that out.”

Will nodded with a thoughtful look on his face. “Okay then. We will just have to figure out another way to make Cabin 7 sleep peacefully until morning. Do we by any chance have like battery powered lamps or flashlights? Maybe we could put those around the cabin so that it won’t be terribly dark?”

Connor and Travis looked at each other. “Yup, we know of a couple. There should be a couple crates stored in the basement for ‘emergencies’.”

Will stood up. “Well I think that this could count as an emergency. Come on you guys, we have stuff to carry-” He paused for a moment. “Clovis, you can just go back to your cabin. We’ll discuss this more on Friday during the official counsellor meeting.”

“And you’re sure this’ll work?” Kayla asked as they put up small lights and flashlights all over the cabin. Will looked at her as he handed another string of fairy lights to Nico who hung them up over the windows. “Not exactly, no. But it’s worth a try and makes the cabin pretty. If nothing else works I suppose we’ll just make a blanket and pillow fort and all squeeze in there or something. It’s past four am and we need to get some more sleep before camp wakes up at 8.”

Nico came up behind Will and hugged him before whispering, “Mind if I stay over tonight? I don’t wanna go back to my cabin after that nightmare.”

“Sure, no problem. We just gotta hang up these last fairy lights and then we’re good to go back to bed. I’m exhausted,” Will said, looking into the box. “just a couple lights left. Any idea of where to put them?”

“Over the door to the bathroom?” Kayla suggested as she pulled the covers over some of the younger siblings. “Or in the bathroom in case somebody has to go?”

Will slowly pried Nico’s fingers away so that he could bring the two last lights over to the bathroom before looking back at the members of his cabin that were still awake. “We’re done. Everybody, back to bed.”

As he laid down in his bed with Nico curled up against his body, he wondered slightly if this had been such a big deal as they had thought. Maybe this had been the wakeup call they all needed to realise the extent of what being trapped in darkness could do to at least the younger children of Apollo.

“Goodnight, Angel.” Will whispered into the inky mess that was Nico’s hair before drifting off.

Do You Hate Me? (Part 3/?)

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A/N: Hey guys! this part will consist of a flashback, this flashback will tell you the origin of the story, I hope you guys will like it. I was writing this while listening to Little Mix - Secret Love Song (sigh), maybe that song could get you into the mood. Enjoy reading guys!

Summary:  (y/n) and Park Chanyeol used to be friends, chat with each other, until one day, he keeps ignoring her, what could possibly happened between them?

Warning: some curse words, mix of angst (mostly angst tho) and fluff, insecurity, grammar mistakes, bad english

High School AU

Park Chanyeol x Female Readers  

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

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Lego Home

Disclaimer: I own Kayla and Kya.

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When Kayla came home she wasn’t expecting this. There are so many other things that she could think of. House fire? Sure. Water Softener broke and flooded the house? Plausible. Coming home to a giant Lego castle in the front room with furniture flipped everywhere? Not something she was expecting. She sighed as she heard giggling.

“Hi mama!” called out a small toddler, peeking through a small “window” in the wall. “Kya…where is daddy?” Kya giggled as another pair of eyes glanced out sheepishly at Kayla. Kayla almost laughed. “Trying to be cute won’t save your butt Finn Balor.”  “Aw. But I’m adorable.” Finn replied crawling out of the Lego fort.

Kayla shook her head and smiled. “That may be, but why is the house a wreck? I leave for a few hours and furniture is turned upside down, a towering Lego fort, and last but not least, a small child who should be down for a nap right now.” Kayla crossed her arms at Finn raising an eyebrow. “Well….see…when ya married me love you knew about the Lego thing…” Finn trailed off seeing Kayla stare him down some more.

“The Lego love? Yes, I knew that. Did I expect you to continue with it? Yes, I did. Did I think you would have our child get into her own Lego obsession? Yeah, I could see that.  Did I think you were gonna destroy our house to build a giant Lego fort and keep our three year old from taking a nap? No, I can’t say I did.”

Finn pouted slightly, almost causing Kayla to waver.


She was the one who was gonna have to put a grumpy three year old to bed, not Finn. “Well, see love…we were takin a nap together! Right Kya?” Kya giggled. “Yeah!” Kya didn’t try to come out of the fort. Lovely. Now Kayla had to grab her out of there and be the bad guy.

“Oh really? It didn’t look like anyone was taking a nap in there when I came in.” Finn smiled. “Ah! But that’s where you’re wrong love! If you come into our lovely castle…”

Finn gently dragged her to the entryway of the fort. Kayla gave him a look. Immedietly, he went to the defensive….which meant he pouted until she gave in. Kayla internally swore. This man would be the death of her. And when she died, she made a promise to herself to haunt his ass as a Banshee!

As she crawled into the Lego fort, Finn swatted at her ass. “That’s my girl!” he said proudly. Kayla rolled her eyes and crawled in sitting next to Kya.

Inside, there were several large blankets, some pillows, empty and full juice boxes, and some snacks. It looks like they had been camping out in here. Kya smiled and laid down on her pillow and curled up in her blanket giggling. Kayla smiled at her young daughter. Finn crawled in and laid on the other side of her.

“You’re trapped.”

Kya giggled and clapped her hands. “Mommy trapped! Mommy trapped!” Kayla smiles and rolled her eyes. She was indeed trapped. Sure, she could always break the fort down; after all…they were Legos. But as she looked around the fort, she knew it would break the hearts of the two people she loved and cherished the most.

Well…Finn would get over it…at some point in their marriage…

She sighed smiling and lying down next to her daughter and husband.

Finn scooted closer to her so she could lie on his chest, as Kya crawled onto both of them with her blanket. Immedietly, she fell asleep on the both of them. The proud parents smiled at her, then at each other.

“What do ya think?”

Kayla pretended to think for a minute.

“It’s cozy I suppose.”

“That’s as close as I’m gonna get as a compliment of the best home ever?”


Finn shrugged gently and kissed the top of her head.

“I’ll live.”

Kayla started to doze off. As did Finn. However, before Finn could fall into a slumber, Kayla spoke up.

“You’ll also be cleaning up this mess by tomorrow or you’ll be living in here for the next month.”

Finn groaned.

“All my hard work! Not just mine…Kya’s too! This is our home!”

Kayla smiled and opened her eyes slightly and looked around the small fort.

A Lego home?

She loved it. Along, with her loving husband and cute-as-a-button daughter.

And she wouldn’t have it any other way.