kayla the orca


Kayla, SeaWorld Orlando - 7/31/2014

I tried to get some info on what the marks are in these pictures, but I never got a response. I’m not making something out of nothing, just thought it would be useful to share. Note that this isn’t some sort of reflection off the pool, as I noticed it in Underwater Viewing, and I was lucky enough to be seated right in front when they asked her to slide out and do a bow. If anyone has any idea feel free to share - obviously it’s not something you see everyday on a killer whale.

“My dog was taken from her mother as a baby/puppy and given to me. Here we are 10 years later and I guarantee you she would miss me more than her mother when I die. Kayla is captive born and is very attached to her trainers and I bet that if she misses anyone its Dawn.”

Anthropomorphism? Check.

Comparing domestic pets to wild apex predators with completely different social structures? Check.

Idealizing a one sided relationship between trainer and Orca? Check.

Complete idiocy? Double Check.

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An Hour with the “pod” at SW Orlando - 7/31/2014

My video was actually totaling about 56 minutes of footage, and I have sped it up 16x. (I’m sorry if it is a bit fast, and shaky. *trying*)

Anyway, to quote the wonderful sayonaraseaworld : “SeaWorld Orca:  Logging in the corner of a chlorinated pool with its mouth hanging open as other whales neurotically swim in circles around it, praying for sweet death.”


***One gate may have been open at one point, I can’t see because the water was super cloudy.***

Funny because,

1. Corky was an Orca that was captured when she was very young. Ergo, did not know how to care for her calves causing them to die.

2. Kayla the Orca gave birth to Halyn. Kayla, like Corky, was inexperienced at raising calves due to her captivity. She rejected Halyn.

3. Kalina was the original Baby Shamu. She was taken away from her mother Katina at 4 years old and forced into a tank with stranger orcas. When Kalina was reunited with her mother, Katina ignored her. Every calf Kalina had given birth to was taken away from her.

4. Taku, the calf born to Katina. Stayed with his mother for 13 years. But was allowed to mate with his mother, creating SeaWorld’s first inbred calf, Nalani. Then, SeaWorld separated him from his mother.

Reasons I hate SeaWorld.