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SOLANGELO 3 for the concern meme! X

3. 'Do you actually ever leave your office and sleep?’

After the fourth night in a row Nico finds Will holed up in the infirmary, he’s had enough. 

“Do you actually ever leave your office and sleep?”

Will jumps, nearly knocking over the various bottles and books all over the desk. There are heavy bags under his eyes, further illuminated by the single lamplight. Nico leans against the door frame, unimpressed.

“Nico! Fancy meeting you here!” Will grins, but it does nothing to mask the exhaustion written all over his face. He still looks like a golden boy, just a paler version, whereas running-on-barely-three-hours-of-sleep Nico looks like a zombie in a bad horror movie. Nico finds this incredibly frustrating.

“Solace, go back to your cabin and sleep,” Nico says.

“I will,” says Will, “but I’m busy.”

Nico looks pointedly at the empty beds around them. Will deflates slightly. 

“I’m fine,” he says, turning back to the desk. “I’ll go rest after I finish this.”

Nico frowns. Will is already starting to sway on his feet. “Will,” Nico says, and the other boy pauses. Nico steps closer. He places a hand on Will’s arm. “Get some rest. Your work will still be here when you wake up. You’ve already made a lot of progress.”


“No. Or else I’ll get Kayla to kick your ass.”



Weary blue eyes stare down at flat dark ones, until Will finally releases a long breath. He closes his eyes, and then nods. “Okay. I’ll go sleep. But,” he says, catching Nico’s hand when Nico moves to draw back, “can you come with me?”

Nico squeezes his hand. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

♡ trans will solace who gets flustered and a little emotional whenever little brother austin comes to him for “yknow like… guy stuff. man stuff. advice, maybe”

◇ trans will solace who is more comfortable giving kayla The Talk than he is austin because “how do i tell him about stuff i dont even have??” “will are you a doctor or arent you” “oh!!! i forgot!” “[eye roll]”

♧ trans will solace who catches someone (a patient who is brought in after being injured) binding unsafely and tells them how dangerous that is and that they’re safe here and sends them to mr. d to “grab a binder - don’t worry, he’s basically our patron. he’ll help you.”

☆ trans will solace who becomes the Designated Helper for all trans kids at camp. he doesnt mean for it to happen, but it does, and he doesnt mind. cecil ribs him one day, joking “they ought to make another cabin out there, eh big guy? a cabin to put all these babies that youve adopted” “some of them are older than me, c.” “but youre still an excellent papa to them.”

♡ trans will solace

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Thanks Kayla! <3

1. There’s A Nap For That

“I’m sorry,” Raven interrupts, “sometimes you nap?”

“That’s not weird!”

“Depends on how often sometimes is.”

“Like,” she stops to think, “three times a week, tops.”  | The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically.

2. Then I Heard Your Heart Beating

The thing is, there are a million really good ways Bellamy could nearly get himself killed. Productive ways, like, dying a radiation soaked death while trying to save his friends from sporadic nuclear meltdown. Or, like, dying a bloody death at the hands of a wild boar on a hunting trip gone wrong. Less grandiose, but still broadly understandable. Really, the possibilities are endless. | Canon-verse. Hurt/Comfort. Just an excuse for Clarke to vocally appreciate Bellamy, because someone needs to do it.

3. Set My Heart Aflame (This Is Not A Game)

Whoever this arsonist is, Clarke has to wonder if they’ve got something out for her in particular.


The loud, deep voice rings out as she turns away from a witness and back toward the house—kitchen now no longer on fire—to see her least favorite firefighter, cocky grin settled on his sweaty, unfairly handsome face. “Fancy seeing you here.”

She loathes him. |A Bellarke Firefighter/Detective, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers AU.

4. Freckles and Constellations

Clarke doesn’t really think about whether or not she’s ever touched Bellamy Blake, mostly because it’s weird. But also because they’re hardly even friends. He’s just the guy she sometimes works with at the library. His freckles are nice. | Based on a soulmates prompt where soul marks blossom at the place you first touch.

5. Cloud Diner

Clarke Griffin dreams about the same boy every night after her father’s death. He helps her through tough times and she returns the favor. There’s no way he’s real, right? | Another soulmates AU because that’s my entire aesthetic.

And definitely check out all of Kayla’s writing as well!

so i’m finally finishing the septimus heap books after all those years and???? can you believe the redemption arc my boy simon is getting??? he got MARRIED and he has his family back and he learned to love his little brother and i’m just so happy

Tom Holland x reader

I don’t want to go home alone.

part 2

Words; 1024

Warnings; Flirting, kissing, drinking

“Where are you going?” I ask my friend Kayla, who forced me to come to a party with her. Someone had broken into my house last night and Kayla thought it would be great way to cheer me up. As an idea it was a great one, but the fact that now she was drunk and ready to ditch me.

“Y/N, hey, I met this amazing guy!” She says while she drags me to sit on the sofa.

“What guy? You were supposed to come back to my place after this.” I yell because the music is so loud.

“Look, this dude, Harrison, he’s so hot! I was thinking about leaving with him.” She says while looking around, clearly more interested about finding this mystery Harrison than spending time with me. Suddenly she lifts her hand and waves. I turn around in my seat trying to see the two guys walking towards us through the sweaty people grinding against each other. I quickly turn back to look at Kayla, but before I can say anything, I feel someone hopping on the couch right next to me, leaving me with very little space to sit in. I lift my gaze to see a face that I recognize immediately. Tom Holland, actor and pretty much the most beautiful person carved by the gods.

“Hi, I’m Tom.” He says leaning closer to my ear so that he wouldn’t have to shout. Feeling his warm breath against was already enough to give me goosebumps.

“I’m Y/N.” I say and pretty much just keep staring at him. His lips curve into a slight smirk, probably having something to do with the fact that I’m currently biting my bottom lip, admiring every inch of his face.

“And this is Harrison!” Kayla yells and wraps her arm around the blonde dude. Now that he is standing in front of me I realize, THIS is the Harrison she was talking about? I give him a slight nod and turn back to talk to Kayla.

“Are you seriously going to leave me here? You know I don’t want to go home alone after what happened.” I yell, getting slightly anxious.

“What happened?” Tom asks before she could say anything.

“Her house got robbed last night.” She answers. I turn to look at my hands, playing with my fingers while trying to calm myself. Anxiety is the worst.

“I can come with you if you want.” Tom says with a slight smile.

“I know we just met but if Harrison is ditching me and your friend here is going also- “ He starts to explain but I cut him off.

“That would be nice.” I say, looking directly into his eyes. There was something about the way he was looking at me, like he was assuring me everything was going to be okay.

“Great, well, we will call a taxi and be on our way.” Kayla says and hugs me, before grabbing Harrisons hand and pulling him outside the apartment, leaving me and Tom alone.

“Do you want to leave right away?” Tom asks, breaking the silence.

“I think I’m going to need a few drinks first.”

                            I keep giggling while I watch Tom struggling to open my front door, it being still a bit in need of a fix after the lock guy messed up and now the door is twice as hard to open.

“You need to kick the bottom of the door.” I say and push him slightly out of the way to kick it, and it finally opened. I still have my hand on his muscular arm, feeling it tensing when I take a tighter grip to keep me from falling.

“How can you be this drunk when I only saw you drink one beer?” He asks and helps me get inside before kicking the door shut.

“I took maybe three shots when you turned around to help the girl from walking against the glass door.” I say while taking my shoes off.

“Besides, I’m not that drunk, I’m just very clumsy person.”

“Whatever you say darling.” He says. The way word darling just slides off his tongue, amazing.

“You were great as Spider-man.” I tell him out of nowhere. Tom just stops and turns to look at me.

“You knew who I was?” He says and crosses his hands against his chest. Dammit, how his arms can be so distracting.

“Who wouldn’t? I have had a crush on you ever since Civil War came out!” I say without thinking, not even looking at him. I walk to the kitchen to grab a glass and fill it with water.

“A crush on me, huh?” Tom says and starts walking closer to me. The smirk on his face tells just as much as I need to know. He stops few inches away from me. I take a step back, only to bump into the kitchen counter.

“I mean, not like obsessed kind of crush, but just a slight admiration of your skills.” I lie. Or at least try to, I’m a terrible liar. Tom leans in to whisper in my ear “I have skills that you have no idea of.” Just one sentence was enough to send chills down my spine, making my knees feel a lot weaker suddenly. I feel his right hand against my arm, fingers rising up to my neck, his thumb lifting my chin so that I look at him in the eyes. I didn’t know what else to do but take the glass in my hand and drink from it, making Tom laugh.

“I’m trying to seduce you here and you’re more into drinking some water.“ He says, his smile wide but he still doesn’t move away. My heart starts beating much faster than it did before.

“Your plan is working, I didn’t tell you to stop.” I whisper, looking at his lips, and back into his eyes, now getting darker and his smirk coming back. He places his hands on my sides, pulling me so that our bodies have no space between.

“We’re both glad that you didn’t.” He says and crashes his lips against mine.

The Best Of Me Is You

Title: Fingers crossed- Billie Ellish 

 Trying this AU that i thought about at 1 am and didn’t let me sleep until 3 i swear i’ve wanted to try out angst for a while so tell me what you think

au based on the last couple-ish episodes of Season 1 of decendants of the sun And i hope you guys like it Ari xxx

When you’re dating a Captain of a United States Special Forces Unit, you have to get used to a lot of things. 

Will Solace was used to his boyfriend, Nico, being gone for weeks without a word. He was used to their dates being interupted by a call for a mission. He was used to worrying to his wits and promises of a quick return. 

Because Will knew somewhere out there Nico was saving the lives of millions. He was a hero that was keeping the peace in some distant country. 

When you’re dating a Captain of a United States Special Forces Unit, you have to know that they might not come home one day. 

That was something Will could not get used to. 

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Warm Me Up pt. 21

songs I listened to: Wasting all These Tears- Cassadee Pope, Echoes of Love (yes still), Here Without You- 3 Doors Down, Through Glass- Stone Sour, So Sick- Ne-Yo, Water Under the Bridge and Turning Tables- Adele

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click here for Ch. 20

Classes were relatively easier now. It wasn’t so hard to keep up. And now, with Spring break, Will finally had some breathing room. Sadly, breathing room also meant thinking time. And he didn’t want that.

Paolo, Alex, and Cecil were sitting in the café with him. Alex and Cecil were going back home. Paolo would be staying, because a trip back to Brazil was too expensive for just a week. While they chattered on mindlessly, Will’s eyes drifted to the door on the side of the café. Then to the pillar outside. To the smoke clouds from the people sitting outside, happily talking to their friends.

“Okay, my ride’s here, I have to get my things,” Cecil said as he stood. “I’ll see you all next week.”

They waved at him and Alex squirmed anxiously in his seat. “I guess I have to go back some time, right?”

“Remember, you have us here. We’ll welcome you with open arms the second you get back,” Will offered.

“And a lot of cookie dough and blankets,” Paolo added. “We’re here for you, Alex.”

“Thanks guys.” He took a breath and gave them a thumbs up. “Wish me luck.” He left the café and Will watched as he zipped through the crowd.

Suddenly, a hand was on his forearm. He looked over at Paolo who was looking at him curiously with black eyes. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing,” he muttered. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I know you. And I can read your expressions. So spill.” Will rolled his eyes and began folding a napkin mindlessly. “It’s him, right?”

“It’s stupid,” he muttered. He shook his head and tossed the napkin aside. “I thought that by giving him his stupid sweater back I would be able to let go of everything else. The last little bit of hope and, by default, whatever emotions I have left.” He felt a burn in the back of his eyes and sighed as he shut them, putting his forehead in his hand. “But then, I see those stupid marks on his neck and… it hurt. It still hurt. Now I have this image in my head of some random guy kissing him, and… him kissing that guy back. And it hurts.” His voice broke and he groaned in frustration.

After a second, Paolo nudged him and pulled him up from his seat. “Come on,” he said. Will frowned, but followed. “We’re going for a drive.” He hauled him to Will’s car and asked for the keys. Will gave him the keys uncertainly and got in.

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I'm sorry but all I need is for the whole pjo crew to meet the mcaga crew and piper is the one that looks at them and the first thing she thinks of is who likes eachother. Like I'm sorry but I need them (them being feirrochase and blitzstone) to awkwardly talk it out with the pjo crew

don’t worry bro i got you

  • ok so magnus is visiting camp half blood with sam, alex, hearthstone and blitz
  • b/c i mean like who wouldn’t want to see the magical camp 
  • (I’m wearing my chb shirt while writing this omg)
  • and percy and magnus have already met from when they needed his help 
  • so they get there, after a long car ride of arguing over whose baseball team is better between magnus and annabeth and percy agreeing with annabeth 
  • but magnums dads back him up
  • and alex totally does too b/c i mean she’s a magnus baseball fan ok and she threatens to kill percy and everybody goes silent b/c these demigods can’t die over and over and be back for supper? 
  • so its really awkward for a second 
  • and i mean alex did just offer to kill percy in honor of magnus and his baseball team
  • annabeth grins breaking the tension with ‘you can try but its gonna be hard’

  • when they get to the camp nico stares for so long and will and jason are hanging out with him 
  • and piper is talking to kayla and austin how nice 
  • annabeth and magnus are still talking about baseball 
  • and alex walks behind magnus and just plops his head on top of magnum’s because he’s tall enough to and he can 
  • so he’s awkwardly walking behind magnus just leaning on him so weird but very domestic 

  • blitz is great friends with lacy automaticaly and hearth just stands by until a kid runs up to him and starts signing 
  • and this fucking little kid is so happy because nobody here knows sign language but chiron and he’s not always here 
  • now hearthstone, blitz, magnus and sam are all signing to him and he’s so in love with them 
  • and magnus translates for alex duh 

  • nico is still fucknig staring so creepily but i mean 
  • ‘they’re fucking dead Will what the fuck jason go fly up to a tree with them and drop them i want to see what happens will they still be dead?? will they die and not be here??? are they ghosts??’
  • and will is like ‘or you could go speak to them’
  • Jasons just like i got this and picks nico up b/c no way is he walking over there alone, 
  • “my uh, friend, here wants to know wether you guys are dead or not’ 
  • will is trailing behind laughing his ass off 
  • and alex is straight up salty to them like ‘are you dead? thats not a nice thing to ask excuse you’ 
  • jasons just baffled b/c I’m mean that was rude it was a valid question 
  • and piper is here now like ‘my bf meant to ask are you dead?’
  • ‘oh yeah we are’ 
  • than piper goes ‘and your bf?’ referring to magnus
  • and alex just says yeah b/c he docent notice  
  • (the whole car ride back magnus is grinning like so I’m your boyfriend huh
  • ‘fucking shut up maggie you’re so dead later’)
  • and nico is just wow ok this is the first other lgbtq+ people he has actually met and they’re a couple so he jumps out of Jason’s arms and stands next to Will holding his hand so much more confident in himself
  • (jasons jealous so he also holds nicos hand ok) 
  • and wills grinning proud af b/c this is so rare and nico’s confident right now ok its amazing 
  • and ‘what about you guys are you dead?’
  • ‘no but were together as well’ blitz says looking magnus dead in the eye to be all fatherly like you aint fucking getting away with this without talking to us about it ok 
  • and hearthstone is too busy to read lips just still grinning at magnus and alex  

Pairing: Solangelo
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1459
Summary: Everyone assumes that Will is this bright and cheerful person who doesn’t have any problems. Little do they know that he has terrible nightmares like every other demigod.
A/N: No one ever gives Will nightmares, it always only Nico and Will has dealt with some shit, okay, so have some hurt/comfort where they BOTH have nightmares.
For @ylakerrananimehomo as part of the pjo discord valentine’s exchange. I’m sorry your original gifter couldn’t get you something in time, but I hope you enjoy this!

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Malice and other black kpop promoter on twitter talking about the jackson/ben baller pepsi incident, what its like being a kpop promoter and the anti blackness and racism they receive from kpop companies when promoting their groups.
Heres a video where he and Kayla talked about it some of these things a few months ago: