kayla laws

Character creation 1

Name: Kayla Shields
Age: 27
Height: Variable (6 inches [Micro form] 6 feet [Human form] 60 feet [ Mega Form] 3 Miles [Mega Form] Endless Growth [Ad infintium]) Weight: Useless at this point to describe. Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Hair color: Brown Physical description: Wears glasses. Cup size: 34 DD Special abilities: Advanced intellect Brief Bio: Intern to Dr. James who was working on a means of breaking the square cube law. Kayla transferred the Doctors good works to her phone the night before Dr. James experiment turned the entire lab to the size of a dollhouses dollhouse. Using the information of Dr. James experiments on her phone she created an app to be able to change her own size. She can’t change anyone else’s size. So she can’t help the Dr. But she tries. Enemies: The Gnib corporation.