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The Flynn Legacy
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kayla: you want me to read u a bedtime story?

ariel: i already read one mama

kayla: o….k. you cant even read. well lets get u into your jammies.

ariel: i do it myself mama

kayla: ok,,,,,,,,,,,, do you want me to tuck you in & give you a good night kiss?

ariel: ………………….

ariel: ……….ok.

Call out post for Kayla

~happy callout post~

•too cute af like ho l y

•deals w our shit

•great friend and comfortable to be around

•lets me be on discord even tho I 100% shouldn’t be allowed on there


•she’s darkiplier-support-group bless

•PrOvOcAtIvE fUcK

•if I didn’t find this blog I wouldn’t be in this little darkiplier world, she’s the whole reason I’m here so thank you

•makes me and many others feel better and genuinely happy even if she doesn’t know it


anonymous asked:

DUDE!! I HAVE THE BEST IDEA FOR ANOTHER DARKIPLIER VIDEO!!!! Ok so it starts with normal mark,, then dark comes up from behind him and shit goes down. In the end dark wins and says "the key to keeping your ... friend alive is to listen to me" and he shows us 4 videos like in a date w Mark,, and it's the same video but you only get a few words like you have bad call reception and you have to price the videos in the correct order to get the message

oh god ~k


Characters - Dean x Reader, Gadreel

Word Count - 1,138

Co-Writer - @mrs-squirrel-chester (@mamapeterson)

Warnings - Angst, A whole bunch of psychological shit, Cliffhanger

A/N - I honestly can’t thank Mama P enough for her help with this. This was originally a drab req from @winchester-writes but it’s kinda taken on a life of it’s own. I never really write stuff like this so please let me know what you think!

You stared down at the candy in your cup; two pieces, every eight hours, every day. You never ate them though, they tasted like chalk and you weren’t allowed to chew them. Whenever you did put them in your mouth, you pretended they tasted good and then spit them through the bars that covered the window.

The man that took care of you was always nice. He was quiet and you could tell that he was hurt, it was in his eyes. He was tall with green eyes and a sad smile, just like the man from the other world. The nice man was an angel, you knew he was, even though he would look angry when you’d ask him. You knew it.

“Y/N, take your medicine,” The sad angel sighed, watching you as if you’d disappear if he looked away.

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Texts when Jimin forgetting your date.

First text scenario I have uploaded in awhile. I use a new app since I started a new blog and this took some time for me to readjust to my new app. But here it is… My first texts on my new blog.


guys, I have found the secret habitats of EXO. I’m going in.

UPDATE: There was tons of information. Building must have not been visited in a while. Papers still from Mama. Top secret information files were spotted on a map. Coordinates are located in Korea, plane has been requested.


Hey Tay Tay Sway! @taylorswift
So you probably don’t know this, or maybe you do idk! But you’ve been in my life since I was a senior in high school. I remember hearing your song on the radio right before school started in July 2006. I kept hearing it and then one day, late August, I decided to look you up on MySpace. I was instantly hooked. I printed out lyrics to Tim McGraw (because that’s what you did back then or maybe people didn’t, but I was obsessed with learning all the right lyrics.) I remember adding your music to my profile and everyday after school and work I would listen to your music. Soon you had an album out and I bought it. That album stayed in the CD player of my car for the rest of my senior year. In 2008, I finally got the chance to see you play live. By this point I was completely obsessed with you and your music and I stood up the entire show and people threw popcorn at me to sit down, but I didn’t. I was so captivated by you.
When Fearless was released, you posted this little hint that you might be at the Hendersonville Walmart so my then boyfriend, his cousin and I all drove to Walmart that night. That was the first night I ever was close to you. I left that night with an autograph and hopes that someday I would eventually get to talk to you.
That moment came 2 years later, at the 13 hour m&g. I didn’t say much to you then, I was just so overwhelmed. And tired. Oh also I should mention that two days before the 13 hour m&g, I was at the special performance of Mine (Taco Bell) and I yelled to you “I love you Taylor!” And you searched the room and found me, and said I love you too. I’ve never forgotten that. But anyways back to the 13 hour m&g. I was so overwhelmed that I told you the ridiculous story of me and my boyfriend driving to Hendersonville for the fearless release. I remember you telling me that I have beautiful eyes. And I remember going to my car. And crying. And driving home not believing that it happened. That I finally met you.
In 2011, I met you again in North Carolina. We chatted about The Civil Wars and I told you thank you for your music. That night you also sang Mine to me and Our Song and Fifteen. I still consider it a pivotal moment in my life, because I never thought I would have those experiences.
On August 13, 2012. This was a very important day for me. The Red live chat. And I’m sure you remember all that happened that day. Or maybe not. But I’m just so thankful that you trusted me enough to invite me over for dinner and to play me music from Red. Live. Just you and your guitar. You also said “oh girl, I remember your name.” And I’m not sure if you still remember it because you’ve seen and met a lot of people since then, but it’s Kayla.
We saw each other a couple of more times before the end of the Red tour. Some of my favorite moments include, you telling me “of course I remember you!” Hugging me after you were nominated for you Grammy with The Civil Wars and saying “I love you so much!” Which I so desperately needed at the time. And telling me Happy Birthday! In South Carolina.
At the Red After Party, I told you all about the friendships I made through you. And we hugged it out and you told me “friends forever!” I still really hope you mean that. ❤️
I’ve seen you a lot since the Red after party. Not sure if you’ve seen me in the crowds, but I’ve been there.
Thank you for giving me so many memories to look back on and smile. Thank you for being there for me when no one else was. Thank you for giving me life long friends, and short term friends that I needed. I love you more than you will ever know. ❤️
I miss you so much. And I hope I get to hug you soon.
Kayla Danielle aka K. Freddy if you’re feeling gangster

The Stickyfrogs received some lovely holiday letters from Kirby at @thewhimsyturtle and Kayla at K&R Reptiles today! 😀😀
Gumby and Voigt were very excited to help open the letters and read them out to everyone!
Kirby sent lots of treaties and a beautiful photo, and Kayla sent a letter all about her geckos! 🐢🦎😊🐸
The Stickyfrogs send you both a big thank you hug and an extra kissie! 🐸😊🐸