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flowers-for-algernon  asked:

do you have any tattoos? if no, do you/any of your alters want tattoos? :0c

Hi! We don’t have any tattoos yet, but we would like to get at least one. One of the ones we really want is “Expecto Patronum” written across our wrists, one wort on each wrist. Harry Potter was such a big part of our childhood and growing up, so we would love to get a tattoo related to that. We also love the symbolism behind the spell, and how it casts away dementors with the happiest memory you can think of. It’s just such a strong image of our battle with mental illness, and we would love to have something like that to look at and hold on to when life gets hard.

- Kayla

His World, Restored

Summary: It’s thirteen years later and they still feel the affects of that day. Sequel to His World, Collapsed 

Words: 3017

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Domestic

Warnings: Mentions of Death, 9/11

Special Shoutout To: emejig16 & analester. Also to everyone who read and loved His World, Collapsed.

A/N: Hey, yeah so I’m alive. I took a break from Tumblr to recover from some things, but I’m better now! This fic isn’t suppose to offensive to anyone. It was written to honor the almost 3000 people who were killed.

Dan lays in the living room, watching tv with their newest addition on his chest. The little girl that was in his arms was just over two months old. It had been a little over thirteen years since Dan thought that he lost the love of his life and now so much has changed. On October 19, 2011, Dan and Phil officially pledge their love and devotion to each other in front of their friends and family. When they got married, their sons were eight and six. Four years later, they added two little girls to the mix and couldn’t be happier.

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Jason McCann imagine for Kayla

Kayla’s POV:

“Jason… Do I really have to stay here? You know that I hate being alone.” I spoke softly, because I didn’t want to push his buttons.

Again it was another “business” night, where they were making plans who they would kill next. But they weren’t only doing that. They were smoking weed, partying and drinking a lot of alcohol. After that Jason would come home being high and drunk. If I was lucky, he would be in a good mood and everything would be great. If not, he would be grumpy as fuck and that was the hell on earth. I hated this, because with the drugs Jason was not himself anymore. He could be an angel- or the devil. I was sick of this. I was sick of being his punching bag, sick of being lied to because of “business”, sick of being alone almost every night.

“And you know that I ain’t got time for this shit right now!” Jason barked at me while putting his gun in his waistband. He was furious for no reason- as always. He was stressed- as always. And I was his punching bag- as always. He slammed the door of his save shut as he turned around to face me. His eyes were dark and there was no sign of emotion in them. Well, besides anger. I looked him deep in the eyes. He stared back at me. “What?” He said in a deep voice. It broke me to see him acting that way. I sighed and shook my head. “It’s nothing.” I looked into his eyes again. Now they were lightly grey as always, and I could see a bit of sympathy in them. But that went away as fast as it came, and his eyes were black as the night again. “Well then.” He said as he opened the door to walk out. Before he closed the door behind him, he stopped and looked at me. “Remember: you’ll stay here! You won’t go out and you won’t do shit until I’m back! Do you understand me?” He shouted. I nodded. “Yeah.” He nodded and closed the door. I heard him walking downstairs and grabbing his keys. The boys were mumbling something I couldn’t understand before they started their cars and drove to the old warehouse to discuss business.

I opened the door quietly, scared Jason would come back and bark at me again for no reason. I tip-toed downstairs and looked around in the house, making sure nobody was there. I sat down on the couch and switched on the tv. I was zapping trough the channels, but as always there was only crap on tv. I sighed and laid my legs on the table. My life had become so boring and lonely lately. Jason was controlling me. Well he wanted to- but I had enough of it. I had enough of everything.

I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me, still nervous if I made the right decision. I shook the fear off and started my car, making my way over to the warehouse- ignoring Jason’s warnings and rules.

Jason’s POV:

I started to feel a bit guilty about how I treated Kayla earlier. She didn’t deserve this. I could imagine how she felt. I mean, she was always alone and I barked at her most of the time I was with her. But I had my reasons. I just wanted Kayla to be safe. I couldn’t risk that anything or anybody would hurt her. She was mine and she would always be.

I got out of the car and made my way inside the warehouse. Me and the boys sat around our big table, which was filled with weed and alcohol. I took my weed out and lit up my joint. I took a drag and blew out a perfect cloud of smoke. I felt myself relaxing as the drugs took their control over me.

“So. I found out that Mike was getting into our business.” John spoke up.
“Mike aka the brother of Kayla.”
I gulped hard. “What has he done?”
“Last time he visited us I saw him sniffling around in our plans. We have to kill him. He knows too much.”
“He is Kayla’s brother! She loves him. We can’t kill him!”
“We have no other choice! Or do you want to risk that he’s telling the cops what we are planning?”
I shook my head. “No.”

I suddenly heard the door opening harsh. We all turned around to see Kayla standing there, her face red of fury and stained with tears.
“You won’t touch Mike, do you understand me?!” She shouted. I got up from my chair and pinned her against the wall. She whimpered in pain.
“What the fuck are you doing here?! I told you to stay at home didn’t I?!” I shouted back at her. She nodded scared.
“Kayla! What the fuck is this?! You shouldn’t be here!” John shouted at Kayla. “I FUCKING KNOW THAT BUT IM TIRED OF BEING ALONE EVERY NIGHT!” She screamed.
I grabbed her hair and pulled her into my car. She screamed in pain. I locked the doors of the car, so that she couldn’t run away.

“W-what?” She looked scared.
“YOU KNOW TOO MUCH! LIKE YOUR BROTHER DOES!” She grabbed the hem of my shirt. “Please Jason! I beg you don’t kill him! He won’t tell the police anything and neither will I.” She cried heavily.
“I can’t trust your brother.”
“But you can trust me. Jason, he won’t tell the police anything of your plans, because he knows that I love you. He wouldn’t want you to go to jail. I swear.”
I looked her deeply in the eyes. They literately begged me to let her brother live.
I kissed her roughly and she kissed back. I moaned and she did the same. She wrapped her legs around my torso and I carried her over to the bed, never breaking the kiss. I pulled my shirt and my jeans off, doing the same with her clothes, so that we were sitting on the bed only in our underwear. I opened her bra and threw it across the room. I looked into her eyes, while I was softly biting her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Kayla threw her head back in pleasure, her soft moans filling the room. Her hands found their way to my hair and started to mess it up. I undid her panties as she undid my boxers. Kayla straddled her legs and I sat between them. “I love you Jason.” She whispered. “I love you more.” I said as I pushed my lips on hers, slowly entering her. I gasp came out of both of us. I went faster and Kayla dug her nails into my back. I went faster and faster, as I felt the sweat on my whole body. Kayla and me moaning as loud as never before. “Jason I-” We both screamed in pleasure as we released together. I pulled Kayla onto me as I wrapped the blanket around us.
“I love you. I won’t kill Mike okay baby?” She nodded. “Sorry Jase. I’ll stay out of business, I promise.” I kissed her forehead as she cuddled into me.

With his clothes on, you wouldn’t tell how many holes Jack had punched in him, honestly. That was his reasoning for sending his best friend a nude - showing off the work he’d had done on his hips, navel, and genitals, classy little piercings that generally gave off a feminine air. 

Jack laughed every time he saw them in the mirror, because really, he wasn’t all that feminine, but anyone who saw his torso wouldn’t know.

He’d stroked himself until he was hard enough to show off the more intimate bit of metal and leaned back, holding the camera of his phone over him. He bit his lip and snapped the picture, nodding a bit at how it looked before scrolling to find the number and hit send.

It took a minute, as always, to send a picture, but about halfway through the one thing he was not expecting was a text from an unknown number popping up.

[text] Hey, it’s Jamie. Got a new #.

Fuck. FUCK.

Jack scrambled to switch to airplane mode to pause the sending, but it was too late. His phone made a little wooshing noise and the picture was sent… Jack just hoped no one else had switched numbers to that one yet…


Live Performance recorded by Kayla Surico (kayla-surico)

Artist/Band: Foster The People

Song(s): Houdini, A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon, Call It What You Want, Pumped Up Kicks, Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)

Location: Hard Rock Live - Orlando, FL

Date: October 18, 2014