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“She had a full quiver on her shoulder, and her short ginger hair was dyed with a shock of bright green, which seemed to defeat the point of wearing camoflauge.”

First Day of My Life Epilogue

This chapter will conclude this story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. I had a blast and I am beyond excited to have been able to write this. 

Special thanks to @paperbacktrash​ for the gift ideas as well as her unwavering support.

Another thanks to @cabbiescabbagecab​ for allowing me to borrow some aspects from her head cannon post so long ago. 

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There are no Tower of Dawn spoilers in this chapter but I can tell you there is some smut. It might just leave you asking for more. ;)

Two days later

Aelin was sprawled across the couch with her legs draped across Lysandra’s lap nursing a wicked hangover. She groaned piteously and removed the pillow she had been holding over her face. “What is the point of being Fae when alcohol still affects you like this?” She threw the pillow across the room at Aedion, who had been dozing on the couch opposite. He jerked awake at the impact.

He glared at Aelin but winced as the sudden movement reminded him of his similar predicament. “That’s what happens when you drink for two days straight, cousin. You can’t expect to come out unscathed, not while I’m around.” His eyes closed again and Lysandra snickered.

“Perhaps you two ought to have shown some restraint. I don’t think Darrow will ever get over seeing Aedion sprinting naked through the palace halls.”

Aelin chuckled, “I don’t think I ever will either. I may be emotionally scarred for life.”

Aedion grinned sheepishly. “I didn’t think he’d be up. I blame you, Aelin. It was your dare.”

“I have no idea as to what you are referring to.” Aelin smirked before stretching out across Lysandra, taking care not to nudge Lysandra or make her uncomfortable. Lysandra shifted to accommodate her legs. Aedion’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as we watched the delicate exchange but any questions or accusations were cut short as Rowan strode in, carrying packages of various sizes.

Fenrys slinked in behind Rowan, with Gavriel and Lorcan following. Rowan set the packages down on the floor, in front of where Aelin was laying. “Wedding gifts,” He presented, a smug grin plastered on his face.

Aelin sprung from the couch, wincing only slightly from her headache. Rowan grabbed her to steady her and planted a kiss atop her head. “Rowan, presents!” Before all but shoving him out of the way. He chuckled at her sudden enthusiasm and nudged Aedion into an upright position so he could take a seat. Fenrys and Lorcan pulled up chairs and completed the circle.

Aelin eyed the pile before grabbing the very top one and resuming her seat beside Lysandra. Gavriel leaned forward expectantly. His gift first, then. Aelin gently unwrapped it and uncovered a beautifully crafted figurine. It was very clearly of Rowan and Aelin, wrapped up in each other. “I carved it myself after you had settled back into your duties. When we knew for sure…” He paused, clearing his throat. “When we knew for sure you were home to stay.”

Aelin clutched the figurine to her chest. “It’s beautiful, Gavriel. Thank you.” She gently handed it to Rowan for him to inspect. The detailing was flawless. The time it must have taken… Aelin watched Rowan’s massive hands like a hawk, it seemed so delicate and fragile in his possession. He smiled softly, before setting it down on the small end table next to him and leaning over to clap Gavriel on the shoulder, words deemed unnecessary by their many years of wordless communication.

Lysandra leaned forward for a better view and Rowan gently handed the carving over to her. Rowan then reached for the next package. He shook it a little and weighed it, almost teasingly. Aelin grinned at Rowan, forever treasuring the image of him opening what she suspected was his very first gift. Lorcan rolled his eyes. Aelin thought she heard something muttered that sounded like “mates”. She shot him a glare.

Rowan undid the twine bindings and unwrapped two beautifully crafted daggers. Fenrys spoke up, “Connall and I got you both a matching set. One Rowan sized and one Aelin sized.” His eyes glittered mischievously as he cast his gaze on Aelin. Aelin stuck her tongue out.

Rowan took the larger dagger and handed Aelin hers. He balanced it across his palm. It was weighted perfectly. He examined the hilt. It was masterful craftmanship. The grip was steel and had an almost scale like look, as though snakeskin had been preserved in metal. He noticed the fire coloured stone set in the middle of the guard and as Rowan rotated the dagger, he could have sworn flames were contained within. Aelin was admiring hers with the same intensity. As a master with daggers, she couldn’t help but marvel at the flawlessness of the blade. Not a nick or scratch on it. How could she ever bare to use such a beautiful weapon?

Fenrys snorted. “I take it you like them. Usually you can’t shut up.” That was obviously directed at Aelin.

Aelin’s eyes flashed. “Be careful, little wolf. I have a fancy new weapon in my hands and I’m sure you don’t want to see just how skilled with a dagger I really am.”

Fenrys smirked. Rowan, knowing full well that Fenrys would love exactly that, cleared his throat. Both Aelin and Fenrys’ faces were instantly set with innocent smiles. He cocked an eyebrow. Right.

They handed their daggers to Aedion who was all but foaming at the mouth to examine the blades before Aelin reached for the last package. Lorcan leaned forward to help. “It’s heavy.” Aelin tried not to bare her teeth. Lorcan gave up and set the package heavily on her lap.

Aelin’s breath whooshed out unexpectedly. “You weren’t kidding. Holy rutting gods, what is in here?”

Rowan came over as Lysandra moved to help free Aelin’s legs. He lifted it easily and Lysandra scooted over to allow Rowan to sit between them. He unwrapped the package and revealed something that was shimmering.

“It’s chainmail. I thought you could both use a set. Lest one of us tries to stab you for being unbearable.” Lorcan deadpanned. Aelin laughed.

“I’m sure I’m top of your list Lorc, but you’ll never touch me.” She taunted him.

“Insufferable. Just as I said.”

Rowan pulled out the bigger piece and held it closely, inspecting the faerie forged links. Not a flaw. Lorcan had spared no expense.

Lysandra leaned in, inspecting the fine work. “It’s… green.” She said, mesmerised by the colour and the beauty.

Aelin pulled hers out to confirm. “It’s not only green, it’s Terrasen green. Just a hint, but it’s there.”

Lorcan leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head, clearly going for nonchalance. “I hadn’t noticed. They didn’t say when it was made, nor did I specify.”

Rowan cocked one eyebrow in disbelief. Aelin snickered. “Sure, and Maeve never took me prisoner after having me whipped by a sadistic asshole.”

The room went quiet, as though all the air were sucked out. No one spoke and Aelin continued examining the chainmail shirt in her hands. She finally huffed an exasperated breath before making eye contact again. “You can’t tiptoe around me forever. It happened and I survived. Now that I’ve accepted it, you can too.”

Aedion’s face had gone pale and Rowan had stilled with predatory focus. Lorcan and Fenrys were staring at their hands, not sure of how to react. Gavriel’s focus was on Aedion, always on his son. Lysandra, perhaps the only one of the lot of them who understood that sort of torment and its impact emotionally, was the only one not phased. Aelin poked Rowan in the ribs. “Stop. Come back to me.”

Rowan’s breathing evened out and he turned his head towards her as her call breached the waging emotions warring inside his head. His eyes softened and he leaned over, tucking her under his arm.

Aedion cleared his throat, “Right. Well, then. What else?”

The tension in the room eased and Gavriel spoke, “There are two more gifts. We didn’t bring them in here so you’ll have to gather your wits and leave these couches to see them.”

Aelin sprung up enthusiastically, setting aside the chainmail and dragging Rowan with her. Aedion stood up and was dizzy for all of one second before Lysandra swept in and tucked under his arm, giving him support. Fenrys and Gavriel led the way, Lorcan trailing the group. Aelin and Rowan were led to the kitchens.

“Oh, good. I hope it’s cake.” Aelin exclaimed.

Lysandra giggled, “So do I.” Aelin grinned knowingly and Aedion’s brow furrowed once more in suspicion. Lysandra poked him and he snatched at her hand and brought her fingers to his mouth before nipping at the tips of them. She yanked her abused hand back towards her and stuck out her tongue, in a very Aelin-like fashion.

“Mature, you two.” Rowan sighed.

As they entered the kitchen, they saw that Dorian was standing there, hiding something behind him. “Good morning, or is it afternoon? Someone should teach you how to have a proper party and not feel the effects the next day.”

They all shared a sheepish grin. “Anyways, I present to you, Aelin and Rowan…” and he stepped away from what he was hiding.

It was a chocolate sculpture. Aelin came closer and sucked in a breath. “It’s Terrasen… in chocolate form! Oh, this is absolutely delightful. Please tell me we can eat it.”

Dorian started laughing. “Of course, I am very aware of your adoration for chocolate and I could never keep you two apart.”

Aelin squealed and Rowan eyed the chocolate dubiously. “Are you sure we won’t get sick from this much sugar?”

Lysandra nudged Rowan aside, “Poor sport. We’ll make a sweet-tooth out of you yet.”

Dorian snickered before playfully punching Rowan. “I’m sorry, it had to be done.” The girls were both practically salivating at the sculpture.

“Before you ladies dig in, there is one last gift. Vaughan is waiting for us at the stables.” Lorcan reminded them.

Aelin and Lysandra shared a disappointed look before turning to follow the procession out of the kitchen, Dorian now tagging along as well.

They made the long trek down to the stables in relatively good time, Rowan suspected it was because Aelin and Lysandra were itching to be back in the kitchens but knew better than to ever suggest such a thing. Aelin glanced back at him, as though she knew exactly what he was thinking. She likely did.

The sun shone down on the party, warm and inviting as they entered the yard to the stables. Vaughan was across from them gentling a pure white horse that Aelin had never seen before. Her jaw dropped at the mares’ beauty. Her flowing mane was the same brilliant white that made up her coat and her tail.

Aelin approached and the rest of the group hung back, exchanging quiet words over the beautiful specimen before them. Vaughan smiled and gestured Aelin forward. “Happy wedding, Aelin. She’s all yours.”

“Mine?” She breathed, offering her hand for the horse to examine. The horse nuzzled at Aelin’s hands, her soft muzzle inviting Aelin closer. The delicate flare of her nostrils clued Aelin into the breed. “An Asterion mare? How?”

“Wendlyn breeds them exclusively for the Fae there. As Maeve no longer exists to prevent trade, I saw her and I thought she’d be perfect so I couldn’t help but bring her to you. I heard what happened to the last you had, such a loss.”

Aelin smiled sadly as she remembered Kasida and how she had ridden her to her final battle with Erawan only for him to steal the life from her beloved horse and cause Aelin to come crashing down at his feet.

She shook away the invading memory. She was present here and now. That was all over. “Does she have a name?”

Vaughan shook his head, “She is young and she will need training. She is yours to shape. She has spirit but I don’t suspect it will be a problem for Aelin of the Wildfire.”

Aelin was lost to the horses’ beauty. Rowan’s eyes crinkled happily with the knowledge that his wife was able to find joy with such beautiful creatures once more.

He addressed Vaughan jokingly, “Where’s mine?”

Vaughan clapped Rowan on the back. “After putting up with you these last few centuries, I took it upon myself to make that your gift. I really don’t think you need anything else.”

Rowan roared with laughter and Fenrys, Lorcan and Gavriel joined in. The others took turns approaching the horse, all wanting to meet her - with Aelin’s blessing of course.

After the stables, Aedion and Lysandra made their way back to their shared quarters. Lysandra was quiet and contemplative and Aedion couldn’t help himself any longer. “Something is different, Lys. What’s wrong?”

He drew her up short and pulled her into a hug, staring into her beautiful green eyes. “Nothing is wrong, my love. Everything is just right, just as it should be.”

Aedion shook his head softly. “I’ve noticed things Lys, and I’m starting to think I’m crazy because you would tell me but –“

Lysandra planted a kiss upon his lips to silence him. He kissed her back, sweeping his tongue across her bottom lip and she opened for him. He dipped his tongue in her mouth before groaning. She broke the kiss off lest it go any further.

“You’re going to be a father, Aedion.” She said, breathless from the heat of the kiss.

Aedion’s world stopped. He was at a loss of words for a moment. He looked into Lysandra’s eyes and the whole world clicked back into place. He saw the woman he was going to marry, the wonderful little girl they already had and the future child his beautiful fiancé would bring them. He placed a hand across her stomach and Lysandra blushed. “Are you happy?”

Aedion couldn’t help the tears that welled over. “Beyond, darling. I am so very happy. This is incredible news. We have to tell Evangeline that she’ll have a little brother!”

Lysandra’s gaze turned shy, “Brother?”

Aedion smiled sheepishly. “Or sister. But I’m picturing a beautiful boy. Either would be wonderful.”

Lysandra melted against him once more before stepping back and grasping at his hand. She led him towards the door to their room and not breaking eye contact, sinful promises dancing in her eyes.

As she opened the door and he closed it behind them, those promises began and would not cease for some time.

Aelin grumbled as she and Rowan made their way back to their suite. “I don’t want to pack. I want to stay here.”

“We made promises, Fireheart. Many foreign dignitaries are expecting us to tour and to receive us as their guests. We have to build trade agreements and play allies with our neighbours.”

Aelin sighed. “It’s just so boring. Curse Darrow and his need for everything to be done now, now, now.”

Rowan closed the door to their room and reached to gather Aelin’s hands. She turned to face him and he drew her closer to him. He brushed an errant strand of her hair behind her ear and she leaned into his touch, breathing his scent deeply as her eyes closed.

He kissed the tip of her nose and her eyes shot open. Fire blazed within and Rowan’s heart thumped unevenly, the challenge to tame those flames already difficult to ignore.

She stood on her tip toes, offering her mouth to him and he couldn’t deny her. His lips brushed lightly across hers and she shivered at the contact. Rowan kissed an icy line down her jawline and as he reached her neck, nipped at her. She groaned and Rowan’s control was lost. He bit her neck, claiming in his way, and her fingers clutched at his back begging for more.

“I’m sure we could – we could, ahhhh…” Aelin moaned as his canines scratched lightly along her collar bones. “We could put off the tour for a couple of days.”

Rowan ripped her tunic off her, exposing her breasts and cupping both in either hand. “Or weeks.”

Aelin was grabbing at Rowan’s pants, undoing them with little regard for any material making it. “Months?” She was breathless as Rowan’s mouth took over where his hands had been. “Ahhhh.” She was moaning again and Rowan was leading her backwards to the bed, his tongue leaving burning trails from one nipple to the other. She felt the backs of her knees hit the bed and Rowan was lifting her, dropping her unceremoniously into the middle of the bed.

He removed his tunic as well and then spoke firmly, “Even centuries.”

Aelin made no further argument as he removed her pants, his eyes burning with desire and need as he beheld his mate in all her beautiful and naked glory. He groaned as he traced a finger from her breast down and across her abdomen and then further down to her core.

As Rowan’s fingers met with the very spot she wanted him, she pulled him down atop her and they commenced the beginning of their forever.


They were both so lost and as they wondered in the world, trying to create one of their own, they found each other. Aelin, a woman to be feared, found a man who wouldn’t fear her. Who would instead strengthen her. Rowan, a man who could have been Prince, saw a broken soul but didn’t blink an eye at the thunderstorm that surrounded her. He was hers and she was his. 

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Chicken Soup

‘what happened after the three days in the infirmary’ shit I suddenly want to write.

also, ignore the title.

“Well, this is a surprise. Who would have thought that of all people to catch the flu, it’s you”

Will Solace sneezed and blew his nose before dropping the tissue on the trash can near his bed. Because of course, being sick doesn’t excuse him being unsanitary and messy with his surroundings. 

Another sneeze.

A sly smile curved up at the edge of Nico’s lips. “What a sight”

“Shut up, di Angelo. Go ahead, laugh at me why don’t you” The son of Apollo’s voice sounded groggy and tired.

“What do you really want me to do? Shut up or laugh?” The son of Hades spoke with sarcasm and stepped closer earning him a glare from the son of Apollo.

“Stay right there, di Angelo! Don’t you dare get any closer” Okay, that sounded a bit louder considering the fact that he was sick.

“Okay wow, never would have thought that you mind personal space that much” Nico stopped and lowered his face down a little, staring at the infirmary’s floor. Will looked at the demigod and maybe, it was the effect of him being sick and on medication that had him feeling the sadness and rejection from Nico more than he might have on a normal basis but nevertheless, it made him feel rather guilty. 

“Sorry, that sounded a bit harsh” Will spoke, his voice considerably lower “I just don’t want you to get sick, Nico”

“A little flu won’t hurt me, Solace”

“It would. I’m your doctor, di Angelo. Listen to me, I would know what’s best or you” Nico rolled his eyes at those words but didn’t say anything  to contradict “You’re whole body, including your immune system is still at risk. Just because you’re out of the infirmary, doesn’t mean you’re fully recovered. Please don’t act all stupid and irrational” 

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I based this spread off of Nicole’s ( @queenofchalices ) personality and dedicate to her. She’s always so positive and as far as i can remember, kind, caring, helpful, wise, and one hell of a diviner. Its an honor to be on the same website as you Queenie, keep being yourself! -Indigo Moon

The Glass

1) Where does the problem originate?

2) How have you contributed to it?

3) How have others contributed to it?

4) How will it affect your life?

5) How will it affect the lives of other?

6) How will it help you?

7) How will it help others?

8) What was the situation like, right before the problem?

9) What was the situation like, right after the problem?

The Bourbon

10) What can you ease your hurt?

11) How can you make a difference?

12) How can you ease someone else’s  hurt?

The Ice

13) What could get in the way of solving the problem?

14) What could help you solve the problem?

so I texted my parents asking for tips on opening a champagne bottle, to which my mom replied:

“point the bottle away from people”

which seems like the best advice I could’ve received tbh