kayla for blacklist

paying rent and doing laundry to celebrate halloween because adult responsibilities are spooky scary

you know, at this point, I could almost just leave my icon alone until december when it becomes relevant again

so I texted my parents asking for tips on opening a champagne bottle, to which my mom replied:

“point the bottle away from people”

which seems like the best advice I could’ve received tbh


so 2015 was kind of a mixed bag but, on the plus side, it was the year that yielded some excellent pictures of my cat

okay but was she screwing the milkman?

oh man i’m making dinner and it includes both quinoa and kale

who have i become



@tinkleburgh (in regard to this message in which I was told to drink plenty of water), thanks for the reminder and I decided to take you up on the good advice

(also after that ask I became acutely aware of how chapped my lips were and it was driving me up the goddamn wall)