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five things i’m into as of october 8, 2017

  1. the trailer for pacific rim: uprising
  2. this burgundy cardigan I got from goodwill
  3. the new character creation ep for the adventure zone: commitment
  4. trader joe’s ginger beer
  5. stardew valley

hey folks – I’ve got writer’s block on most of my in progress one-shots and multi-chapter fics so if you’ve got any fic requests, feel free to send them in

( a couple notes: a) these don’t have to be limited to bob’s burgers prompts, and if you want to know other pairings/shows I’d be willing to write for, feel free to shoot me an ask b) I’m not super into writing smut so? something to keep in mind c) I’m not going to make a blanket guarantee that I’ll do every request bc it might not be a pairing I’m into or something I’m comfortable writing d) go into this w the expectation that they probably won’t be posted immediately )

i think that’s it? anyway have fun and please give me some inspiration

( if you’re curious re: other things I’ve written, here’s my ao3 account )

anonymous asked:

corn mazes?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

oh god uh i’m gonna rephrase this as “secret hobbies” bc I’m honestly not sure i’m good enough at anything for it to qualify as a talent (like if you think about the question as “if you were gonna enter a talent show, what would your talent be?” the answer is, I would not enter because I don’t have any)

secret hobbies include: knitting/crocheting/cross-stitching, rock climbing, nyt crossword puzzles, writing (that one’s probably the least secret), jigsaw puzzles

okay but was she screwing the milkman?

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I don't have a resolution for this year but last year I decided to start going out by myself and honestly it was the best decision EVER. I started going to the movies alone, having nice lunches and dinners alone. It was so wonderful and relaxing (after fighting some nerves in the beginning) and it really taught me to love who I am. Self care is so vital. And if someone wants to do this and gets nervous just get your phone out and scroll through your fav sites before your meal comes, it helps! <3

oh man, listen, i love this a lot

paying rent and doing laundry to celebrate halloween because adult responsibilities are spooky scary


so 2015 was kind of a mixed bag but, on the plus side, it was the year that yielded some excellent pictures of my cat

oh man i’m making dinner and it includes both quinoa and kale

who have i become