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But you must know that what I felt for her never even came close to what I felt for you. I craved your approval and love more than anything. And just the thought of losing you made me physically ill; it absolutely wrecked me. I couldn’t possibly fathom a world in which Emma Swan and Killian Jones were no longer best friends. And my heart ached for a world in which we were more.

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🖼 Aesthetic: CS + Florist!Killian/The Words AU

And all of the steps that led me to you,
And all of the hell I had to walk through,
But I wouldn’t trade a day for the chance to say,
My Love, I’m in love with you.”

Let my love be the light that guides you home.

For @lightsandmetaphors / @soggyhook

Percy Jackson & The Olympians moodboard #58

Kayla Knowles, daughter of Apollo (2)

“You know why the moon is so lonely? ‘Cause she used to have a lover. His name was wolverine. They lived in the Spirit World together. And every night they’d wander the skies together. But one of the other spirits was jealous. The Trickster wanted the Moon for himself. So he told wolverine that the Moon asked for flowers. He told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses. Wolverine didn’t know that once you leave the Spirit World, you can never go back. Every night the Moon searches for him, and every night he sees her in the sky and howls her name, but he can never touch her again.”

🖼 Aesthetic: Snow White and Prince Charming - for @raediation

You know the words, “Once upon a time,”
Make you listen. There’s a reason.

When you dream, there’s a chance you’ll find
A little laughter or happy ever after.

You are the music in me.