Ok, now The List is 35 items long.

Thanks to the combined efforts of @dollsahoy, @queenofsquids, and @kayke-knadle, almost everyone has clothes.

If we ignore her heels sticking out the backs of the shoes, Chloe looks super comfy.

Lizzie’s shoes are ALL wrong, but her feet are a weird shape, so it’ll have to do. I think the small Obitsu body suits Lizzie.

The little maid dress needs some work. The ribbon is unraveled and there is some wrong-color stitching visible. But hey, she has clothes!
And….. Have I mentioned I have the fashion sense of a doorknob? Because I do. The 3-eyed-demon is hard to dress because my dumb ass superglued the Volks Dollfie devil wings to her back many years ago.

EHK Barbie’s dress doesn’t quite fit Moxie Teens, but it looks ok. Bijou still needs shoes, so I didn’t strike her off the list.

This Bratz wasn’t on the list, but she’s dressed, now.

Tariq (also not on the list) got a new shirt. He needs nicer pants and maybe a jacket to go with it.

I took apart the Lea/Mulan hybrid and Casey.

And I’m going to have to pick up one of the curvy/tall shoe packs because I’m out of Jenny shoes (2 need shoes) and maybe they’d fit Lucy, too. That would knock 3 more off the list.

She literally arrived right as I was heading out the door to work so I snapped this real quick shot out of the box. I’ll definitely be taking more photos.


And a huge huge thank you to @kayke-knadle for not only making her, but for sculpting the third eye in as well. I can’t wait to show you all what I have in store for her.