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Ok so I was reading this one luke fanfic and the main character's name was Kayla or something but everyone called her Kay, and I kept imagining you as her through the whole book and then somewhere it mentioned "blonde curls" of the girl and I was like "back the fuck up bitches kayleigh has dark hair" and then it hit me that it was not you but an imaginary character so now I ship you and luke so hard like get together already #kayke for lyfe

im so WEAK i luv u omg

Introducing LaRue!

She is a Luts KDF Winter 2013 event head faceup by the ever amazing Kayke on a DreamingDoll Little Elva body with horns from I don’t even know.

I also want to welcome all my new followers! And apologize for what may or may not happen here. I’m working on finishing some photos of apothecary things and will have some more tutorials as well as some sale offerings. It is hard to get the small amount I need for like one item. So keep your eyes open and thanks for blowing up my phone with those reblogs! <3

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My friend told me she ships me with Luke & I'm like you can't. She said why & i said "bcos kayke" & she like "you mean cake?" I'm like "no, kayke" & she got all confused. Kayke is life & anyone that disagrees is lying.

omfg I luv u so much