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Daresay f/ Kayiel & Cody McClaine (The Verified) - “Daresauce”

When I heard this, they were just goofing around and the cut was what it was.  However, with all the empty space at the end, I was compelled to rock.  This is the one I just did several minutes ago with the scratchy throat.

Lyrics: K. Lai, J. Ito, A. Tandy

Instrumental: J. Dilla (R.I.P.)

Watch on comcclaine.tumblr.com

Classicc, Daresay, Kayiel (The Verified), Furis - “Christmas Figi Brownies”

This reminds me to do “Daresauce” tomorrow, but this is a Verified Third with some of his homies.


L'amour (The Verified) - “Uomi” (prod. by Clamscasino)

While we’re working on the project, a verified third decided to drop something with visuals from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to tie you over.