I was feeling icky so I decided to do my eyebrows and makeup and take pictures

I was just going to post the first one (normal smile face) but then I was looking through the pictures and noticed this SUPER SRS MODEL FACE. I look so silly hahaha I am not cut out for this :P

(edit just realized it looks like I’m naked. I’m wearing a tank top I swear)


whatever I feel cute today (and my hair is like SUPER fluffy) so here’s a Kay face before I leave for Easter family times

look at my dress!! it has polka dots and cats on it. this is the kitty dress I’ve mentioned a few times. :P

this length! or maybe a tiny bit shorter! like with the layers!!! and the fluffy!

obviously it’d be with my current hair color and since my bangs are very different now that will make the layers look different but you get the idea right?

(this picture is like 4 years old what the heck)