I love hearing the sound of your voice in the late hours of the night. When I should be sleeping but instead our secret talks keep me up. I don’t mind that I’ll be tired or that it’s getting late, all I really want is to stay curled up in bed, listening to the soothing sound of your sweet voice in my ear. Making me want to be by your side, wanting so desperately to kiss you goodnight. And when we finally say our goodbyes, all I want is for it to be in person. To lightly kiss those lips goodnight and fall asleep happy.



Hi Ate Kaye! Eto lang mareregalo ko sa’yo kasi ‘di ko rin alam pano kita mareregaluhan. Wala akong pera pambili ng gusto mo tapos papadala ko pa diyan sa NZ. Hahahaha. Joke lang! :))) Advance na ang greeting at gift ko sa’yo kasi kung hihintayin ko pa mag-22 baka matabunan na ko ng iba eh. Para makita mo na agad. :”> Gawa ko yan with LOVE and EFFORT. Kasi I LOVE YOU EFFORT. Hahaha! Okay, ano ano na sinasabi ko. :)))

Wish you all the best. More birthdays to come! Ummm. Wish ko sa’yo.. Good Health. Iwasan mo na pagpupuyat, sayang ang beauty mo teh! Hahaha! Sana mahanap mo na ang para sa’yo. :”“”> Yhieeeeee! :)) Happiness! Hahaha. Sana palagi ka maging masaya. Ayokong nalalaman na sad ka. Since hindi kita nakikita. :)))) More blessings and Long life. \:D/

Thank you sa time na binibigay mo sa aming mga followers mo and sa amin ng PLs. Hindi ko alam pano ko makakabawi sa kabaitan mo sa amin. Hindi ko nga inaasahan na magiging parte ka ng buhay ko. (Whoooo! Dramahan na. XD) Pero seryoso. :D Tsaka hindi ko aakalain na magiging friends tayo.. more like sisters na din. :”> Nagsimula kitang makausap at makakulitan nung tinanong ko kung sino yung nasa video mo, yung greetings. Hahahaha! Nagtanong lang ako non tapos inasar mo na ko kay King. Hahahaha! Di ko makakalimutan yon. :))))) Hanggang ngayon naman eh. Nagulat talaga ko kung bakit mo ko inasar nun kasi tinanong ko lang. Nang dahil don, ayun! Basta si King ako na naaalala mo. Hahahahaha! Kilig naman ako :”>

Hahahaha. Basta, kulang nga to para mapasalamatan kita sa lahat. :) THANK YOU >:D< Sana makita kita sa December. May utang kang kiss sa akin. Hahaha!

Basta kapag may problema alam mo naman kung sino pwedeng matakbuhan eh. Yun lang. Enjoy your day sa 22! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Ingat ka palagi. God Bless you. Iloveyou, Mahal kita! >:D<

Sana magustuhan mo ang munting regalo ko. :)

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Tumblr Appreciation: Part V

I chose those whom I have not talked about yet. I hope others would understand that I can’t describe you over and over again because I might end up saying the same things. I can’t tell something about those whom I haven’t followed yet, too. I’ll make it up to you guys next time. Anyway. here are some blogs you might want to check:

emptypassengerseat - I met Kuya John during the recent MOA meetup. He’s a really cool person and I like him for being very approachable and all. His post are something you would like to listen to. I like how his blog is something easy going. There are no dramas. You get good vibes and you get lessons. Plus he gives away shirts!

helloperidol - I met JC just days I guess after she followed me. What I like about her is that when she approached me, it was like she already know me. I like it when people talk to me in such a way that I don’t have to feel shy because they are already the ones reaching out. She’s like that. Also, her hands are the hands of an artist. Man, you gotta check the door to her room. I wish I could doodle like her.

shegotmyattention - The first time I met Yenko, wow, he’s really tall. I was just intimidated by that because he’s way taller than me and he’s really young. We met during an activity where you talk to a person for a few minutes and you go to the next. I thought we would exchange URLs and just that, because I never found him ‘round the dash. Good thing I got reconnected with him because he’s a really cool guy. He’s friendly and his posts make him worth the follow.

paresatbp - For one, his posts make me wanna go out and eat. Ruds is your friendly photographer who is really cool and all. All he needs is something to say about all the food and you have a food blog that could make all your followers go out and dine the moment they see how you capture all those yummy treats. The party-goer that he is, he is really on the go and is friendly to everyone. He’s got really promising writing skills, too.

kayepooot - She’s my twin. We’re born on exactly the same year and day (happy birthday in advance). Well, we all know who she is but what I like about her is that she is really well grounded and she is really approachable. She has her own spotlight and she gets known as she is. She is a strong woman and I met her thanks to my hopelessly romantic oneliners. I hope she’s not fed up with all my drama.

loveagirlwhosings - I wanted to include Ghen here because, recently, her accounts have been being hacked over and over again and that is not funny. Whoever the person is, you gotta know that she’s a really nice and sweet person and you don’t have the right to do things like that to her. That is so not acceptable. I hope it won’t happen ever again.

khamylleworld - She is one of the people I knew recently. She is really kind and she values her friends. I am happy that she’s trying to build connections here because this is one good venue to share memories with people. Keep that up!

heyimellaa - If I would have three slots for my Tumblr crushes, I’ll give one spot to her. Chibi is really sweet, funny, and cute. I really appreciate, as I would always say, how Ella welcomed me as a friend the first time I saw her. It felt like we are really close. That is because she is the type of person who welcomes people to her life with open arms. I am always here for you and I hope you will be the best of whatever you are.

theoneyouvealwayswanted - I am including you here to tap you and tell you not to deactivate. You see, Tumblr is your well of personal memories. You have to hold on to the people who still want you here. Guys, please let her know what Tumblr is really all about so that she would stay. :)

chunkybuyoy - Well, everyone knows him. Arthur is one of the more well-known people here, but he’s among those whom you could count on. He is funny and jolly. Girls, you gotta check him out because he will rock your world. HAHA. He is a down-to-earth type of person whom you can still talk to despite his being known by many. That’s the right attitude, right? Go get him for his kindness and his TTHs. :p

sansuperb - My friend San here is one of those undiscovered treasures of Tumblr. He has the intellect and his posts are made with heart. He has oneliners that could really hit you. He has a good command in English and he is good looking, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, he gets famous. Also, he never gets my URL right. :p