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For starters, I love the Daemon!AU you wrote for KHR. Right now, I'm imagining Xanxus and the first time he sees Bester go up to Tsuna and how shocking it must be for Xanxus to have Tsuna casually pet and accept Bester. I also want to see how Xanxus' guardians react to Bester walking up to Tsuna and begging to be petted.

Okay friend. So it doesn’t quite unfold like that.

Because easy as it may be to forget with how shameless Tsuna and his guardians are, it is actually a HUGE social faux pas to touch someone else’s daemon. Like, I mean, it’s so taboo that you could probably be sued for doing it without the person’s permission.

It’s a very intimate act that’s usually only done by lovers, which is why others often react so extremely at seeing Tsuna and his guardians interacting with each others’ daemons.

Xanxus isn’t exactly the very affectionate type, so I can’t really see Bester initiating contact with Tsuna first, and with Xanxus being as volatile as he is, Tsuna definitely wouldn’t initiate contact with Bester first.

So all this is to say that Natsu is the one to initiate first contact.

Tsuna’s 18, and it’s only been a month or so since he and his guardians moved into the Vongola HQ.

Over the past few years, he and Xanxus have slowly gotten over their rocky first meeting and have come to see each other as Family.

Xanxus still growls and grumbles and swears and throws things, but since Bester and Natsu can often be seen napping together or grooming each other, it’s pretty obvious that Xanxus and Tsuna are actually a lot closer than they seem on the surface.

And in the first month that Tsuna’s been living in Italy, Xanxus hasn’t tried to maim him even once.

Which Natsu must take as an unprecedented success.

Because one sunny spring day, while Xanxus and Bester are just lazing around in a patch of sunlight, Natsu walks right up to them and plops down next to Bester.

Xanxus ignores him, because this isn’t exactly an unusual occurrence, and he closes his eyes again, about ready to doze off, when he feels someone nosing curiously at his feather piece.

He ignores it, assuming it’s Bester.

Then that someone starts nibbling gently at the feathers and at his ear, and Xanxus opens his eyes to snap at his daemon to knock it off

And he’s met with a goofy face and a golden crown, instead of his own daemon’s white mane and perpetual frown.

He jerks out of the way with a strangled string of colourful swears, startled.

Natsu keeps looking at him curiously, leaning forward to follow Xanxus’s hasty retreat.

He buts his head against Xanxus’ shoulder, begging for scratches, and it’s at that moment that Tsuna walks through the living room (where they are) to get to the kitchen.

Xanxus expects him to make a whole deal of the situation.

But Tsuna just looks at them, smiling in delight.

And as he passes, he gives Bester a brief scratch behind the ear.

A brief, fleeting touch, only a few seconds of contact.

Xanxus feels something hot run through his body.

He’s not used to anyone else touching Bester. He’d expected to feel outraged, violated even.

But he’s surprised to find that he…doesn’t mind it. And neither does bester.