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Listless Pride - One of a series I’d like to finish for conventions this year. Something non-fanart, though it’s loosely influenced by Maleficent.

Available in multiple forms on Society6 - I like her on the tote bags and t-shirts best. 

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Old Work Wednesday time! I think I’ve been forgetting to do them lately. Whoops.

Anyway, this rat was drawn in 2008 on an oekaki. (Probably Sako’s Oekaki? I can’t remember when that place died. I wonder if anyone else on tumblr was a member there…)

I remember using a reference pretty heavily though I can’t find it with a reverse image search. Bummer. It’d be fun to see side by side. :/

In any case, I like rats. I’ve had several as pets before. Much more social than hamsters in my experience. They’re really cool. <3