I’m bored so here’s El Guaco being gay with everyone on the dance floor

Except that being with @thatonenerdygirlinclass‘ OC @kaythemarshmallow isn’t gay (yes I have been reading/stalking your and @jellyboy-surs‘ rp and SCREW YOU YOU GOT ME SHIPPING THEM TOO, THEY’RE GODDAMN CUTE AND THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS GUAY [also I see you’re having an NSFW scene going on now. let me take my popcorn]) Guac’s harem just keeps growing

Anyway. My combobreaker OTP El Doucho in fiery latin american passion as always, and the super fabelnaf frankführer getting dazzling with his hot Mexican chevalier. (I imagine the Sauerco pic particularly takes place in the Liquor Aisle)