I need help and i hope that the faberry community and fan fiction community can help me locate this story by an author that has previously taken it down but i am aware that there are downloadable copies of what i need.

the story is called: The Empire and it was written by Kaycee89 and i am in need of the second half of the story. I am currently at the part where Patrick walks in on Rachel and Quinn demanding to know about green hair and blue skin after the Finn threatening Rachel flashback.

Can anyone please help me get the second part of this amazing story as i would love to read it until the end but i can’t seem to find a downloadable second half.

Secret Admirer

Author: KayCee89

Summary: Quinn Fabray gets a secret admirer in the unlikeliest of ways.

In a week alone I went from being in a relationship with a boy, to falling for two girls.

I honestly thought I already posted this fic…No matter.

I greatly enjoyed reading from the POV of Quinn. Her mind is just such an amazing repressed lemon. This is just such fun writing, admittedly not the most eloquent writing, but for some reason…it’s captivating. From the hawt scenes with the Secret Admirer *coughRachel?cough* to the sweet moments between Rachel and Quinn.

Go read it.

Recently completed: Secret Admirer

Original post: Secret Admirer

This story started great. While the writing wasn’t as eloquent or gripping as others, it was still fun to see whether Quinn can find out who her Secret Admirer is and see the growing relationship between her and Rachel. Also, the fact that she couldn’t really quite choose between the two added to the drama. [Even though we definitely knew the “S.A” is Rachel :) ]

My only problem with this story is that as the chapters progressed, the quality of writing suffered. It became dialogue heavy, the writing became lazy, and I felt that the story was rushed to be ended. 

Nonetheless, I congratulate KayCee89 for completing Secret Admirer, first story I believe.