kaycalee asked:

How do you get to meet Dylan? :)

By being a good stalker? Lol. I don’t know if I’ll get to meet him. But he’s here in Atlanta filming a movie and I went out exploring today and found the set (but they weren’t filming at the time), so I’m going to continue to go back until I manage to catch them filming and hope the stars align so I can meet him. 

kaycalee asked:

Do you guys have any pictures of Riker wearing the turquoise blue Hollister hoodie from the Glee tour I believe. I can't find any good pics of it

We are posting these photos completely randomly from a folder of well over 6,000 R5 pictures, so we won’t really know what pictures we have until we post them on here. Just check back here and I’ll do my best to locate them! 

kaycalee replied to your photo “New York Style Color Necklace With Heart Charm (Exact)- $19.95 (On…”

You are amazing for finding this! What length do you think hers is? :) and she got a pink heart with no gem?

A while back on the website they had the option to get a pink charm, but It’s since sold out. :( You can get the red one without the gem and it will be pretty close.   The length on her appears to be about a 14-16 inch chain but it really depends. A 14 inch chain will fall differently on each person who wears it. :)

kaycalee asked:

I use your directory like every day and I noticed sometimes things aren't in the directory when they were before. Do you sometimes take them off and stuff?

Hmmm. I’ve only added to it? Let me check and see what’s going on. 

Edit; It seems like it’s all there? Is there a certain place you’re talking about?