K needs support for his teeth. The funds will be used for dental surgery costs + related expenses. Gratitude for support, love, donations!

Please Support K’s teeth. In 2012, he received incomplete care which has now resulted in necessary urgent dental work—- 3 root canals & crowns!

Since 2007, K. Barrett has faced a chain of oral surgeries— impacted wisdom teeth that resulted in painful allodynia on the chin and jaw, decay into 3 root canals, and 3 longstanding abscesses that weren’t receptive to anti-biotics only to be treated w/ oral surgery.

Along with this dental history, K. was attacked and injured at work in november 2009. His longstanding traumatic experience resulted in extensive nerve damage to their right foot, arthritis, bone shifting/foot fractures as well as a sprained thumb and wrist now with arthritis, nerve damage, and carpel tunnel syndrome. This same result is now true for his left foot. Treatment under worker’s comp has been slow, grueling, and often, dehumanizing. 

**He has received two foot surgeries since 2012 and now is awaiting a third for the his left foot that has been hyper-compensating for his permanent disability. The Worker’s Comp system is an excruciatingly painful and dissonant climate for a Transgender Person of Color. 
I am exhausted and taxed mentally, emotionally, and physically to the point where pain heightens. Often times, WC doctors, surgeons and professionals will accompany gender shame or victim-blaming without understanding the particular difficulties that someone with several identities has to face professionally.

The money you offer will be solely for the costs of:
-three root canals ($725 each, total $2,175)
-three fillings ($650 each, total $1,950)
All completed by NYU School of Dentistry

Help K. continue his dedication to theirself and communities in struggle with less pain! For more info on K’s work & dedication to community, please see:
http://www.transjusticefundingproject.org/who-we-are/#2013 Grantmaking Panel

Please help and ease strain for K. during this taxing time. We appreciate any love, intentions, goodness, and donations that you can offer.

#SaintHarridan model and mentor @brownroundboi on bodies, beauty, fashion, and health in @curvemag. Awakening and affirming. So proud of our community and these conversations.

[Description: an online publication shows the word, “curve” in bold red & subheader “the best selling lesbian magazine.” In black headline lettering, “When Health & Fashion Intersect By Kelli Dunham, RN, BSN”] I’m quoted & featured in a mainstream gay/lesbian publication. Where’s my rainbow card of immediate freedom? Where’s my marriage equality of L Word fame? Just kidding. I’m brown & trans. Thanks to Kelli for this poignant piece! ****Performer Kay Ulanday Barrett modeled for @saintharridan in the show and later explained why it was important to participate: “In mainstream, I’m told that being pudgy, brown, disabled, trans, I’m told those aren’t desirable. I’m told I don’t exist. That’s kills people like me everyday. However, when I have options to engage my dapper, I’m drawing from my style, my influences & interpretations,  I can be my authentic self. Some people say, that’s just a shirt or hat, what they don’t get is that shirt has utility. It brings my community & i closer to comfort, closer to the love work we connect to… The messaging I’ve received as a queer boi is clear: able bodied, white, skinny, & american bodies are the standard. I counter that standard with my patterned bow tie, beads, cane. With tools & clothing that honor me, I channel my own brand. I harness the art of communities that embody a style that pays no mind to the rules. We can alter the rules….In fashion, in lesbian & gay spaces, my brown bois, migrant bois, femme bois, fat bois, sick & crip bois aren’t celebrated. Being on that runway, wearing apparel that reflects me for just 2 minutes can change the image of fashion, and by proxy celebrate all our complex gorgeous selves.”
#qtpoc #qpoc #transmenofcolor #dapperq #kaybarrett

[Description: black text reads–
tools to survive mercury in retrograde

“clasp knees to your chest. lullaby it out. love. let her go. want. let them go. don’t eat all the pastries in the fridge. the problem isn’t that you are not enough, the gift is that you are incredibly all too much. hum yourself through, your spirit will do it for you. if crumpled up, now is not the time to underestimate yourself. the fetal position is a damn fine place to write.”

– Kay Ulanday Barrett.]

saturday to sunday working on poems. it’s a thing. #qtpoc #mercuryinretrograde #poem #qpoc #text #font #kaybarrett #selfcare #sickanddisabledqueers

[Description: red letters read- BuzzFeed, underneath black title reads: “30 Strikingly Beautiful Gender Non-Conforming/Gender Non-Binary Selfies” on www.buzzfeed.com Bottom panel shows a brown boi with short hair, glasses, who wears black & cream shell necklace.]

Shouts to the fabulous @brownqueerfatspiration, @beaverfuzz, @mxthmsvnshnyrd, @eddiendopu, @justbhawk, @jaytransformed, & the very missed, @markaguhar aka #calloutqueen. 💜✊ On blizzard day today, i woke up feeling sweetness, realizing I need storm food, & to this! Gratitude for @fatfemme for adding me on this list with such QTs and genderqueer and #gendernonconforming peoples. #nonbinary #qtpocsupremacy #qtpoc #kaybarrett #qpoc #transpeopleofcolor #brownboi #qapi

A few examples of workshops our communities actually need in real life #14

1) “Leave my bed FOR WHAT?! the myth of bootstraps, productivity, & worth.”

2) “White transmasculinity, bro: how qtpoc get “overlooked” for paid jobs, partners, & resources.”

3) “I eat meat (or not), stop being an asshole: the white skinny cis savior american standards on desire & health.”

4) “White social workers are the worst.”
4.5) “Why do white social workers want to study me/sleep with me?”

5) “Psst… you’re rich: how wealthy POCs take up space in qtpoc, not-profits, & our neighborhoods.”

6) “fuck your music festival: why womyn & cissexism are obnoxiously violent.”

[i was inducted into the #trans100 just recently. i am one of two pilipin@ people and possibly, one of the only who attempts to work on #disabilityjustice work being recognized. there are many fiery and bright #transgender community members who are committed to social change in every asset to society who aren’t recognized enough. I’m humbled to be included and know that so many strive daily for the rights and liberation of an extensive #transgender community in the u.s. there are hella people who brought us here, who may or may not have been recognized. special insta congratulatory shouts to @beaverfuzz, @fakerapper, @janetmock, @ninothefunnyman. #tpoc #tapi #transpeopleofcolor #queer #kaybarrett]

A few examples of workshops our communities actually need in real life #5

1) “Woo without boundaries: how polyamory is used as an excuse to be irresponsible*.”

2) “Stay at home & watch a netflix comedy of your choice without guilt.”

2.5) “This is why I stay home: how party kids & political protests embrace respectability & ableism.”

3) “How puppies, kittens, and waffles are awesome. Always.”

4) “Derailing is my middle name: when white guilt fucks with your mental health.”

5) “But what about my partner? How white love in qt/poc spaces colonises shit. AKA why we can’t have our own (read: nice) things.”

**check: previously used the word “dick” in which was dfab to dfab note, is transmisogynist. Noted, my mistake, my apologies, won’t happen again. Check made by @ojo-de-venado.

The painful reality is that our gender identity is under speculation, suspicion, doubt, and policing. But the current curiosity surrounding Jenner’s interview in the non-trans community creates a magical fantasy based on a very wealthy, able-bodied, American, and white experience that isn’t the case for many of us who struggle for survival and justice as transgender people of color.

The emphasis on Jenner’s announcement focuses on a limited portrayal of transgender lives; there isn’t one exceptional experience, but a plethora of pathways to be trans. I wanted to celebrate these different paths by interviewing two trans women of color who are artists and activists.

 I had a conversation with Katrina Goodlett, one of the founders of the Trans Women of Color Collective, a group working to uplift the stories of trans people of color.

I also spoke to Alexa Vasquez from Santa Ana, Calif., who currently works with Transgeneros en accion Santa Ana, a trans Latina group working for the empowerment of the transgender Latina women of Orange County, many of whom are undocumented.

things too late to text you, so in your dreams, i'll whisper this. [freewrite]

in this love 
let our words to be
as harmonic as our moans.

let our promises
spread more muscle 
than our legs have ever known.

we aren’t just satisfied tendons
but the cupping of hearts,
pulses again and again,
a generous wavelength.

our rumbling bodies will rest here—
the shiver of your feet like lullaby,
the ache of my feet the timbre in thunderstorms,
yet every morning, we’ll wake up a new song.

we’ll be an unforgettable hum, living a melody we’ve 
always wanted to dance to
but never thought we deserved.

A few examples of workshops our communities actually need in real life #34

1) Ah, reactionary agreements & the partners who have them.

2) Being vague with tantrums: how to deal with irresponsible polyamory (A master class).

3) How ableism fucks you over: It just does.

4) You can do your art & survive! No, really. It’ll be real cute.

5) Rock with me: a guide on reciprocity for sick and disabled trans & queer people of color.

Food for me is an unquestionably collective act. It’s beautiful. Learning politics has always been centered in pamilya and homies eating food, sharing recipes, and telling stories. My first political meetings and cultural work spaces, in all kinds of movement work, always guaranteed a delicious spread where everyone showed up to feed one another as a subconscious spiritual connection. I find that cultural awareness starts with food and art. I cannot build with a stranger if we bust out with internalized racism or systemic ableism off the bat. People unfortunately find it difficult and abrasive. However, start off with some cute appetizers, and soon enough we can talk about how our families made recipes from backyard gardens or reminisce about the first time we made something from scratch that felt like home. Read more at: http://bitchmagazine.org/article/food-from-the-cusps


—-Kay Ulanday Barrett- ‘Food From the Cusps,’ via Bitch Magazine.

[i want to call and ask you to come over...

you’d say, “of course I’ll be there.” the story ends with your exhale at the nape of my neck, my palms eclipsed to your palms, our legs overlapped in the manner of tree branches, and quiet. that’s all I want with you. the need and the leisure of our blended breath. just the thick delicate shape of us after midnight. that’s not what is happening. instead, you and I are beyond miles. we are rivers and roadways apart. if I think too hard about it, I even start to hate the wind between us. we’re so far, we might as well be strangers. and don’t try to console me with, “well, at least we’re under the same moon.” at least the moon gets to see you beam in person. I wish I was the moon. if I were the moon maybe I’d understand the rise and fall, the variation of us. if I were the moon maybe I wouldn’t be so worried to shift my own shape just to get the chance of you.]

[Description: a brown boi sits with a leather fitted, glasses, back pack, cane, & winter attire on a red tufted couch. A lavish coffee table reflects their image. They look forlorn, but a touch, just slightly amused.]
#previously taken at Brown. Aptly entitled, “Forlorn in Academia… But this couch tho.” Photo by @thesoniag.
#sdqtpoc #sickanddisabledqueers #brownboi #kaybarrett #opulence #qtpoc #genderqueer

[Description: a computer screen shows a black & white portrait of a brown round boi with glasses looking emotionless. Behind the screen is a kitchen area and a portrait of the virgin mary hangs adorned with flowers.] #TBT to @gbrlgrcrmn’s post about my part of his on-going project, #queericons. Excited to see how this brilliance will turn out. Way to honor & counter my ma’s pilipina catholic guilt! #qtpoc #transpeopleofcolor #qpoc #gendernonconforming #qapi #kaybarrett #sickanddisabledqueers

[Performers/teachers/singers/dancers/organizers from Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Freedom School in Eugene, OR. Hosted/organized by @webstersofia! Photos taken by the sweet & mighty, @mightyfemme! So much love for this.] 💜 #apia #qapi #pacificislander #qtpoc #boi #desi #asian #hawaiian #nativehawaiian #pinay #spokenword #Kaybarrett #boihustle #freedomschool #sickdisabledqueers #sickqueertimes

[Description: brown round boi with glasses, hat, & colorful bowtie performs at a microphone.] Performing obligatory moon poems, broken hearted poems, et al. Photo by @emrheenyc, special thanks to @howroadshow, #opentoepeepshow, @makeyrowndanger & @_cebollita_ for hosting & sweetness!

#qtpoc #qpoc #gendernonconforming #poetry #kaybarrett #spokenword #queerart #transpeopleofcolor #brooklyn