kayazy assassins


as promiced, here is one unit from my 35 point khador army.

here we have the Kayazy assassins, a group of oppurtunistic thugs risen from the merchant calss in Khardic society.
because of their place in society, i attempted to paint them with flair. all have a character of their own, mainly expressed in their cloak. but they still wear a uniform as they are apart of the Khadoran Millitary. their unifrom is a single red tunic and matchign cap. afterall, they must remain stylistic. the underboss wears a different tunic. he does not adhere to millitary rule, so he doesnt wear a uniform. instead he sports a red silk cape.

these jewel encrused, colourfuly doned assassins from the merchant underbelly look great with the rest of the standardised units i own, making them very standoutish.

becuase this is only a minimum unit, i can still have 4 more assassins. what other colours would you like to see painted?