First of all I want to say thank you to @inspire_usa @fncy and @ianjayyxguapo for having me at their booth and letting me be one of their models. I have so much love and appreciation to them!

Second I wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and said ello!!! It meant so much to me! Please be sure to hashtag #kayayala so I can see 😁 but anyways if I saw you yesterday! I’ll see you again at Blox! If I didn’t see you yesterday I for sure better see you there!! Haha

Goodnight IGers! 😘

Thank you to everyone who stopped by @inspire_usa’s booth at @spocomnorcal! I had an amazing time! I just updated my blog with all the pics I took on my phone that day including selfies with everyone! Make sure you take some time and check it out 😘

Thekayayala.blogspot.com 💻

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