• Willy y Vegetta
  • Apm 5

V:  Bueno compañero ¿Qué tal tu viaje? ¡Oh! Tienes un huevo ¡Tienes un huevo!

W: Tengo dos realmente.

V: Pero a ver, de, de, de, de, de…¿Wyvern?

W: Ah no, de Wyvern tengo uno.

V: Es que es tonto…

*Willy ríe*


Ay como se nos traba Vegetta eh e.e shdsdysdh me mata cuando hacen tonterías como estas <3

Hoy definitivamente salio vegettaGAYmer en Hitman, osea de verdad, unas bromitas insinuaciones indiscretas que, madre mía, yo la verdad me emocioné, pero también me pareció raro porque normalmente las "bromas" no son tan hardcore, pero no me quejo🌚 Me gusta🌚

Y ese butty que tiene “47” no me deja concentrarme en la partida, y Vegetta también lo notó con ese traje apretadito de masajista🌚 ~💚🐢zWIGETTA⁴🐐💜~

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hes a cutie I s2g

anyway liam was bullied when he was young and that hasn’t really stopped even with being in the band because he always gets the short end of the stick around here lol like he can never please y'all sometimes and he breaks his back to try and never stops trying. and then to tell him you love him after MAKING SURE he sees all the nasty stuff you say about him like no you’re just disgusting haha you don’t deserve like 10seconds of his time tbh

Hope this is enough angst for ya 😉

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“Dean, don’t run away from me!” You barged into the motel room right as Dean threw a lamp. He hadn’t meant for it to happen, but it did. The base of the lamp caught you hard in the temple, knocking you unconscious. 

“Fuck, Y/N, no!” Dean was instantly at your side, turning you from your stomach to your back and cradling you in his arms. He grabbed his flannel from the bed, using it to apply pressure and stop the bleeding from your head. “Come on, sweetheart. Wake up!” 

Hot tears dripped onto your face as you stirred, a small groan coming from the back of your throat. “Y/N/N I’m so sorry.” Dean pulled you to his chest as soon as he saw your eyes open, crushing you against him. “I never meant for you to get hurt. That’s why I ran. You can’t be around me like this.” 

“It’s ok, Dean.” You murmured against his chest, repositioning yourself around him, running one hand through his hair and running the other over the angry red mark on his arm. He tried to pull it away but you tightened your grip, refusing to let him pull back this time. “I’m the only one who can make this better. You heard what Cain said. You won’t hurt me. Not on purpose.” 

Dean pushed you back, looking into your eyes. “No, but I already hurt you. Look at you.” He ran his free hand over the bruise forming on the side of your face. “I can’t do this to you.” 

“It was an accident. I’ve had worse.” You laughed it off, rubbing your hand absently over the mark to calm him. It seemed to be working, his muscles relaxing as you touched him. 

“How did you find me?” Dean questioned. 

“I always find -” Your voice trailed off and you stared straight ahead, eyes fixed on one spot.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” You couldn’t answer and Dean panicked as he watched your eyes flutter and roll back in your head and your body drop to the ground in convulsions. “Y/N!” Dean screamed, trying to hold you down to stop you from thrashing. “No, no, no.” Dean begged you. “Stay with me. Please!” 

After several minutes that felt like hours the trashing stopped and Dean scooped you up, running to the Impala and speeding to the nearest hospital. “I need a doctor!” He screamed, carrying your still limp body through the emergency room doors. “Please! She’s not breathing!” He sobbed uncontrollably, tears streaming down his face, dripping into your hair as he laid you on a gurney and the doctors rolled you away.

Dean Winchester had never felt so helpless as he did the moment you and his unborn son disappeared behind the gray double doors. 

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