kayak boats


Spectacular boating through eroded limestone, Thailand

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Nā Pali Coast State Park - Hawaii

Na Pali Coast State Park is located along the north-west side of Kauai, the oldest inhabited island in Hawaii. The park is best known for its amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, green cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and deep valleys. Inaccessible to vehicles, the park can be reached by hiking, helicopter, kayak, boat, or paddle board. Camping is allowed in the park, although campers must obtain a permit. 

The coast was famously featured in the Jurassic Park films, as well as King Kong, and The Descendants.


Kayaking into a limestone cave, Koh Hong Island, Phuket, National Marine Park, Thailand. 


I never thought I’d see water skiers in Minnesota in the month of February. We were walking the dogs along the Mississippi River when the ski boat pulled these two guys past us.

We saw several fishing boats and kayakers too. On the way home several motorcycles were on the highway.


Iceland by the light of the full Moon. Just watch this one, this is great. I literally can’t find anything better to say, just watch it.