kaya scodelario from skins


When I say I had the best weekend ever…I mean, I had the BEST weekend ever. Tumblr influencers aren’t always seen in the same light as YouTubers or Viners but being backstage with Stomzy, Ellie Goulding and the entire Love Island cast felt so amazing when I knew I was there with other influencers like Caspar Lee. 

Highlights of the weekend have to be:

  1. Dancing to Power with Leigh Anne from Little Mix and eating sweet potato fries at the same table as Perrie. Gotta’ love Little Mix!
  2. P!nk zorbing across the crowd just casually mid-song.
  3. Jason Derulo doing a Cardi B/Katy Perry mash up just for the hell of it.
  4. Having Kaya Scodelario from Skins walk up and introduce herself to me after RECOGNISING ME FROM MY OWN BLOG!

yo hey hi !! here are 213 icons of my rl mom kaya scodelario from scenes in skins + interviews !! i only cropped and added a psd to these gifs (( psd creds 2 anttichrist btw thank u )) so yeah !! a like/reblog would be appreciated if u use :~)

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I get told that I look similar to Kaya Scodelario ( more specifically one of her characters Effy from Skins) on a pretty regular basis so I decided to do my makeup based off of her today. Of course I’d never be able to do her justice! 😁