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The thing about that whole conversation tumblr keeps having about whether society puts down women who do traditionally masculine things or women who do traditionally feminine things, is that you can’t win with misogyny

There is no kind of woman you can be that will give you a pass

People will put you down for being too feminine

People will put you down for being too masculine

So I’m not sure it’s really an issue of what kind of woman society puts down

 Misogyny and patriarchy doesn’t really grant wavers like that

We all suffer from it

None of us are immune, you  know

You can’t win

There is no kind of woman you can be in this society that will give you a pass from the bullshit


Bakit kaya sinasabing “aakyat ng ligaw” ang isang lalaki? Nasa taas ba ako? Nasa taas ba yung babae? Tinatangala?
Bakit sinasabing “Mamamanhikan”? Papanhik ka ba? Tataas?

Well napaisip lang ako kung noong unang panahon ba mataas ang tingin nila sa babae(which is taliwas sa mga history lessons) or sadyang may mga hagdan lang yung mga bahay noon at literally kelangan umakyat….

Umm gosh, hey pals!! Don’t mean to bother anyone, but I’d like some help if anyone’s willing! I’m doing a final paper on my topic of research for anthro, which happens to be gamers/folks who play videogames/whatever you want to call it! I’ve been doing my own groundwork and all, but I really feel like I need some more input!

Please, if you play games, casually or HARDCORE or anything, would you mind just giving me a little bit of info about something you think about gaming? Whether it’s what videogames (or better yet, the culture) means to you, or what you think the different categories of gamer are, or what makes a gamer a gamer, or anything that comes to mind! I would sincerely appreciate you just giving a little piece of mind, whether through an ask or just replying to this post or something!! Thank you!!