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About the Black Dog mask

So Ishida seems to have given quite a few hints already that the Black Dog masked person is Irimi. Not only she seems to know Kuramoto who was fighting against Irimi back at the Anteiku Raid, but folks here also noticed that the line “senses sharpen” was used, which is something Irimi had back at he Anteiku Raid as well. She elevated her senses and with her hearing she could predict attacks.  

What I want to focus here is the mask. So the mask that the person wears in :re is like this:

It very clearly seems to be an old one, it has seen battle since it has scratches and marks all over it, and it`s partially even broken. What is really interesting is that it has a huge on the other side. The normal version of the Black Doper mask has same size eye holes in both of sides of the mask, as we can see here:

What is even more interesting is that Irimi`s mask was broken in a similar manner, like the mask we see the person in :re using

The fracture might be bigger, but I think crack is very similar to the one in the mask we seen in :re, and it`s even one the same side. Looking also more closely at the :re mask, it seems to be also broken a bit in other parts as well, it seems to have been put back and repaired partially. Irimi`s mask was almost broken at the end of the fight, but not to a degree in my opinion that it could not have been fixed:

So what does this means? Probably that:

1. That is indeed Irimi who is using her old mask which has been partially repaired, but still having the same fracture on the right side from our perspective.

2. Somebody else has gotten hold of Irimis old mask, or has copied it or is just messing around. 

Considering all of the other hints, I am leaning more towards the possibility that the person indeed is Irimi, but I guess we have to wait and see how things progress. Ishida might just be messing with us. 

I’m in Dunkin Donuts with friends and we were loudly talking about Overwatch and I was arguing in defence of Bastion, and, I’m not even KIDDING these two police officers walk by and one of them comes up to the table. Stares at us intensely and I’m fearing for my life that we were being disruptive. And he just goes “which one of you is the Bastion main” and the table points at ME and he CALLS ME DISGUSTING and as they’re leaving the store @strivetoinspire yells “who’s your main” and he responds with Mei and I’m. How dare he call ME DISGUSTING.

Tracking down the Black Dober? Thoughts about Hogi`s possible role in the new arc

Hmm, since Tooru is now working with Hogi who was Hachikawa`s former partner, I wonder if we will learn more about her and Hachikawa. It is also interesting to note that this is her second time working with an investigator that has some mental issues. Hachikawa changed after the incident with the Dopers, 

and now Tooru has gone trough a huge change, and is probably mentally unstable. I think it`s not known how long Tooru worked with the Hachikawa squad, but I wonder if it was long enough for Hogi to now realize that Tooru has changed.  

Also, maybe Irimi`s return could be a connecting point with Hogi in the new arc? 

I wonder how Hogi would feel if she saw a person living happily whose gang was partially responsible for Hachikawa`s squad getting killed and his changed, more cruel mindset. As she saw how badly Hachikawa wanted Irimi dead during the Anteiku raid,

I wonder if she will continue that journey, to try and hunt Irimi down now that she has appeared and finish the thing that Hachikawa so badly wanted to do. Ui and Fura were talking about the “ghosts of the 20th Ward” and I guess the information about them could have very well have spread as time went on, so it`s possible that she knows. 

Also, a lot of old enemies and friends seems to be gathering to same places or meeting in this arc. Doves and ghouls are being pulled in to the same meeting table, Akira and Hinami are in a same room and their potential conversation will probably be very interesting, so I think with this theme in mind it would also be fitting if Hogi would cross paths with Irimi.     

The thing about that whole conversation tumblr keeps having about whether society puts down women who do traditionally masculine things or women who do traditionally feminine things, is that you can’t win with misogyny

There is no kind of woman you can be that will give you a pass

People will put you down for being too feminine

People will put you down for being too masculine

So I’m not sure it’s really an issue of what kind of woman society puts down

 Misogyny and patriarchy doesn’t really grant wavers like that

We all suffer from it

None of us are immune, you  know

You can’t win

There is no kind of woman you can be in this society that will give you a pass from the bullshit