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old man frerard is so sweet tho like. imagine them in their 70s and pottering around their home being chill rich old guys retired from the music business retired from work altogether so the only things they create, musically, artistically, whatever, is for themselves. (gerard considered continuing w/ DC but he is Tired) so gerard is sitting their drawing decrepit vampires and looks up to find frank staring at him and smiling. he says 'what?' frank says '50 years and im still so in love with you'

i was not prepared for this but boy it made my night

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gerard is terrible about taking care of himself when hes sick because he likes to think hes immortal or smth so frank takes over as official caretaker and forces him to drink fluids and get rest and take cold showers to help break his fever and put the damn sketch pad down for two minutes already and gerards not usually very affectionate because he worries frank might view it as going too fast or w/e but he really likes to cuddle when hes feeling under the weather

sorry for the late answer but Yes i dig this very much 

VIDEO TEASER of a project organized by PH ARMYs and PH fanbases. Near MOA Arena, where the concert on July 30 will take place, we have this huge globe that can play video/ads. This will be shown on the 29th and 30th. All those names in the end are those who donated for the project. You can’t see it much but I had FYEAHBANGTANED placed on there when I donated hehe~ I wanted it to represent our little tumblr community here that works hard and loves Bangtan a lot. ^_^ (©SUGA_PH)