EXO Waking You Up in The Morning


You’d be woken up by the faint smell of coffee and Xiumin sitting next to you on the bed, softly stroking your hair. You’d look up at him, your eyes swollen with sleep, astonished at how angelic he looked even in the morning. “I have some coffee made, jagi, come down when you’re ready,” he’d say quietly, a small smile on his face.


Chen would wake you up unintentionally with all of his banging around and tired groaning as he made his way around the bedroom. You’d watch him, amused, as he sleepily banged into the door on the way out of the bedroom. He’d later come in to tell you he made breakfast, which consisted of bagels made with pure love.


Becoming even more childish when he’s tired, Baekhyun would jump onto the bed, abruptly interrupting your sleep.  You’d sit up, your hair sticking in every direction, and a beautiful smile would spread across his face. He’d playfully pat down your hair before grabbing your hand and gently leading you down to the kitchen so you could have breakfast together.


Chanyeol wouldn’t even be out of bed before he woke you up, gently prodding you in the shoulder. Your eyes would slowly open and lock with his, and you wouldn’t be able to hide your smile at his bed head and puffy face. He’d pull you closer and you’d end up sleeping another hour in each other’s arms before starting your day.


The picture-perfect boyfriend, Lay would get up before you to prepare a cute, small breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and juice. He’d wake you up with a kiss to the forehead, intertwining your fingers with his. He’d patiently wait until you were ready to head downstairs, watching you with a gentle smile as you stumbled around the room.


A bit of a master chef himself, D.O would’ve done his best to create a hearty breakfast for the day ahead. You’d wake up from the scent of bacon wafting into your room, and when you waddled downstairs you’d see your boyfriend busily cooking, an apron loosely tied around his waist. You’d surprise him with a backhug, causing him to smile and gently kiss your cheek.


Another bed-bug, Suho would wake you up with his shifting around as he buried deeper into the covers. You’d watch him, smiling, as he quietly slid closer to you, under the impression that you were still sleeping. He’d wrap his arms around you and rest his head on your chest, quickly falling back asleep.


As much as Kai would like to stay in bed all day, he had things to do so he’d get up relatively early and get ready. Not one for cooking, he’d set out a bowl of cereal for you before kissing you awake. When you went downstairs, you wouldn’t be able to contain your laughter as you saw the “ornate” breakfast he prepared for you. He’d laugh with you, complimenting himself on how great of a cook he is.


More playful when he’s tired, Sehun would start poking your sides to wake you up. When you did, you’d just look at him, your eyes narrowed slightly. Before you knew it, you and your boyfriend were locked in the tickle fight of the century. When you were both thoroughly red and out of breath, you made your way to the kitchen for breakfast.


kai kept coming over to my side and did a lot of sneak peeks and baekhyun made a lot of eye contact but always looked away so fast when I looked back at him like 👀also kyungsoo didn’t come to my side a lot but whenever he did, he never failed to smile or just make eye contact (he’s such a cutie!!)

how did i survive? i didn’t 😩🤷🏽‍♀️

EXO most to least likely to have experience with girls/dates/etc

This is all my opinion, Beshy helped me too :) @chantenyongs I have my reasons to believe this, might be completely wrong tho. 

Lay: Most of the people think he’s very innocent and such and maybe maybe he is but I do think he’s the one with the most experience. How he treats girls and even boys, how moves, everything he does… He knows how to interact with people and you only do that so easily thanks to experience.

Kris:I feel he had one or two girlfriends when he lived in Canada. Maybe he’s not the “playboy” type but doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced some things. I think that even one relationship is enough to teach him so much because of how dedicate he is. 

Tao: Rumor said he dated eight girls at once before debuting. I don’t know if that’s true (I don’t think so) but rumors always have some sort of true. Maybe he had a few girlfriends, maybe he lived a little more before dedicating his life to his career. 

Chen: he had a girlfriend before and he’s seriously a gentleman. Also when you see him in person you can’t help to notice that he has that spark… he’s a flirt… he’s a god I swear. He knows how to win your heart and probably how to be a perfect boyfriend. 

Kai: He’s a flirt too and cutie pie and seriously, seeing him is like the best thing that could happen to you, and he knows it. I think that more than being the kind of “flirting and making out boy” he’s more into the “I’m going to win your heart step by step”. Might prove he is a good boy and innocent but also shows you it’s not his first rodeo. 

Xiumin: he’s the oldest yet I don’t think he had much time to worry about it. Maybe he had a few crushes or one or two girlfriends and yes he is the sweetest boy in the whole world but he is very dedicated to his career and also very concerned about his self-being. I think that his only obstacle is that he doesn’t think he deserves the world, if not he would be at the top of this list. 

Luhan: leaving his weird songs and his solo life as an artist I think he is actually very shy around people. There are many rumors about him dating or even having a baby but I don’t think that’s how Lu really is. Kinda think it’s hard for him to find the right one, but when he does he gives his all. 

Baekhyun: baek has had some girls, some experience maybe but I also think he’s a little bit immature in the subject. Probably has some experience yes, but nothing too serious. He’s a flirt and also has a lot of energy so I think not anyone could keep up his step and that makes it hard for him to find someone. 

Suho: he’s the one with more years of training and he’s so dedicated to exo that I think he definitely has no time. Maybe he experience something before he broke up wit his girl because he was getting into this media) but that’s it. Not too much, something innocent. 

Chanyeol: him and sehun have the reputation of being playboys yet I really doubt that. Chan was so nervous in his movie where he had to kiss a girl… he barely kissed her tbh. He had a gf before yet when a girl talks to him he forgets he’s the sexiest man alive. Probably he lived some stuff with his ex but up to this day maybe he hasn’t done much with girls. 

Sehun: he’s a baby, a very handsome one but a baby. He lives his teen years in training and exo so probably he had no time to date. Maybe he does now but I doubt it. At least not too much. Not the way people make it seem. Not a playboy at all. He’s a ball of fur

Kyungsoo: Do’s damaged :(. He had a girlfriend in high school and apparently hurt him too much that now relationships are the last thing on his list. Baby is too precious and respectful and I think he’s the kind of boy that only has a few girls before finding the right one. Also being hurt influenced him in putting his career first. He has said it, he’s not ready to have a relationship yet. He wants to live first.