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The REAL hockey game is on Friday.

Okay, first and foremost:

Fuck off.

Seriously? The “real” hockey game isn’t until Friday? Way to completely disregard the effort of all the ladies teams. I guess the gold medal for Canada and the silver for the US don’t actually count, then. Why don’t we just remove it from the medal count since it’s not “real” hockey, huh? Shame on all of you. Shame on you for trivializing the women who just medaled for your country, you ungrateful pricks.

Don’t any of you sit there and tell me that this isn’t real hockey. It’s not real hockey because there’s no body-checking? Suck my dick. How, in any way, does the fact that there’s no body-checking subtract from the point of the game? Is there ice? Are they skating? Are they attempting to put the puck in the net? THEN IT’S HOCKEY, FUCKWAD.

Oh, oh, the women don’t play at the same skill level as the men do. Waaaaah. Gee, you know, maybe if we dedicated as much time to women’s sports as we did to men’s, that might not be an issue! If you didn’t modify the sport because, oh, they’re women, they can’t handle it, we wouldn’t be having this conversation! Just let them play, for love of god. And you know what? body-checking could remain out of women’s hockey until the Second Coming of Christ and, you guessed it, it would still be real hockey.

Meaghan Mikkelson played that game with a broken right hand. That’s metal as fuck.

Not “real” hockey. Un-fucking-believable.

If you sit here and tell me that claiming the real game is on Friday isn’t in any way sexist or completely disrespectful of the effort these women have put forth, you need to take a good, long look at yourself.

And then fuck off.