kay x jessica

Things that would make me very pleased:

  • SHY(Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri) unit debut
  • Minzy solo debut
  • Hyorin x CL collab stage
  • Minzy x Kai collab stage
  • Brown Eyed Girls comeback
  • f (x) comeback
  • GD&TOP comeback
  • Another Lee Hyori x Rain collab stage
  • Narsha solo comeback
  • T.O.P solo album
  • SM The Performance performing again
  • Luna solo debut
  • Some more J-Hope and Jimin dance battles
  • BIGBANG comeback
  • Kahi solo comeback
  • Ailee x Taeyang collab/ interactions
  • Sunny Hill having a comeback that is more like ‘The Grasshopper Song’ and 'Midnight Circus’
  • The return of MBC Star Dance Battle
  • More Hello Baby seasons
  • Jackson’s parents staying on Roommate forever
  • Bobby laughing and smiling for the rest of his life
  • Jessica taking over the world
  • Giving Bom a hug

Just to name a few.


TL;DR: Due to the previous success of Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s former relationship, Kaistal is being used as a plot device by the publicists of SM Entertainment to ruin former idols’ careers (namely Jessica), and effectively build a large fanbase in Korea and China resulting in more money for their company because they are greedy.

  1. BaekYeon’s Relationship and Members Leaving:

    In Summer of 2014, Baekhyun and Taeyeon were revealed to be dating. At this same time, Kris, Luhan, and Jessica were leaving their respective groups. EXO and SNSD were still able to gain profits from their recent releases (Overdose and Mr.Mr., respectively) and Asia tours due to their overall popularity, as well as support from SONEs and EXO-L’s who were supporting their member’s significant other. This increased popularity and SALES for both groups. This effectively showed that SM can manipulate their members for the sake of money, which is far more important than a person’s health in the Kpop industry.

  2. Jessica’s Solo Career vs. SM Promotions:

    Jessica has recently signed with another company and is making plans to have a solo debut this month, however Taeyeon is scheduled to also have her comeback at the end of this month. Having her solo debut, along with company support, plus tons of OT8 SONEs, Taeyeon arguably has a larger fanbase than Jessica, which will lead to Taeyeon beating out Jessica in what is truly important to SM. Sales. However on the Chinese side of things, Krystal is also promoting and filming in China with the last remaining Chinese EXO member, Lay. Now that news has broken out that she is dating the most popular member among fans, this will build a larger Chinese fanbase for EXO, and the younger Jungsis (and f(x) to a lesser extent). It is known that Jessica (as well as the ex-EXO members) has a large following in China, but due to Lay and Krystal’s upcoming movie, SM can expect MORE MONEY going to them, instead of their former idols. Basically, SM is sending a big Fuck You to everyone who has betrayed them and they are seeking revenge in the form of infiltrating their country and stealing money from their citizens. (i understand that jessica is not chinese but she seems popular over there so just roll with it fam) The true purpose, however, is to build a large fanbase for the upcoming Chinese and Korean subgroups of NCT. By getting the Chinese and Korean Citizens to submit loyalty to SM, they will buy anything the company throws at them, which means more money.

  3. Hiding Homosexuality:

    It’s no secret that the members of several Kpop groups have homosexual tendencies among members and sometimes even outside of their group. This is especially true with EXO’s Kai. He’s part of two very popular ships among fans, Kaisoo with group member D.O., and TaeKai with SHINee’s Taemin. First, lets start with Kaisoo. Kyungsoo is a new upcoming actor and just starred as the lead in a romance movie called ‘Pure Love’ and Kai debuted as an actor in his webdrama “ChocoBank”. To ensure that they keep getting roles like these (and keep raking in the $$$ for SM), they can’t be homosexual as it has not reached true acceptance in Korea, and no moviegoer will want to see their movies. So, by allowing Krystal to date Kai, it gives off the illusion that both of these men are straight, and more importantly it will give them more sales for D.O. and Kai’s solo acting careers. Secondly, we have TaeKai, and as we all know the two of them had a photoshoot with none other than Krystal Jung. These photos are bound to resurface after the news of Kaistal. After fans of EXO and f(x) are reminded of these photos, they will begin to support Taemin, the true third wheel of this relationship. With Taemin’s first album dropping only a month ago, MeU’s and EXO-L are probably hunting for new music after f(x) and EXO has left them dry and fresh out of music for around 4 months. This leads to MeU’s and EXO-L buying Taemin’s album which gives them more MONEY.